How to Drastically Change Your Life

Ready to learn how to drastically change your life? 

My name is Sharon Koenig, and welcome to Fearless Pursuits.

This is my personal corner of the internet - and your resource for all the tools you need to master every area of your life. 

Let’s make the best from every moment of today, and build your abundant future! 

I’ve been completely obsessed with mastering my life since the moment I hit my lowest point in life – when I was 13 years old and homeless. As time has gone on, I've helped women all over the world create the success they only dreamed of.

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We have a lot more in common than you'd think. 

Both of us crave more from life. I know what it's like to feel stuck. To see where it is that you want to go, but to not know how to get there. T​o know that there's more out there for you than this, but to be too scared stiff to go after it.

To see the potential, but not as your own... yet.

My Mission is to empower you to seek greater heights, whether you're barely just knee-deep in boredom - or even totally drowning in dissatisfied and depressed.

Let's activate your inner compass that knows where you want and need to go!

Together, we'll get you the mental clarity, confidence, and direction that you need to start moving forward. I want to see you grow beyond getting by... and start feeling what it means to truly be ALIVE!

Like so many people today, maybe you can't seem to keep the passion alive in your relationships... and now you're afraid they won't last.

Sharon Koenig, Coach

Or, you're already chained down with a mundane 9-to-5 job that emotionally drains you and leaves you little time to yourself.

You have dreams for more than this, but they're big dreams that leave you lost and overwhelmed. 

You want a business of your own, but you don't know where to begin - or IF you can begin.

You could be losing the battle against depression. Maybe you're done fighting with yourself to reach your fitness goals. Whatever the case, you've been stuck where you're at, and you're tired of it.

It's time to change that. Let's create a life and business you can look forward to. If you're ready to conquer your crap, and finally take control of your life, you're in the right place!

You have the power to choose to create an EPIC LIFE! Here at Fearless Pursuits, you'll find everything you need to learn how to drastically change your life.

It's up to you now.

Are you ready to put your foot down and take control of your life? Ready to be unstoppable? Do you want to fall in love with your life? How bad do you want it?

How To Drastically Change Your Life: You Have More Power Than You Know. Let’s Bring it Out!

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Like you may have, I’ve spent far too much of my life settling for less than what I deserve. Why? Because of fear, of course!

Fearless Pursuits is about growth, change, and the commitment to a dream… despite all odds. Despite every fear. It’s about being done with playing small, and finally being ready to level-up!

My determination to grow and thrive despite fear led me to investigate how we as humans tick.

I had to know why, despite how badly I wanted to be and do more… I was still holding myself back. This problem plagued my family, too, and I couldn’t bear to see my own children live life in a way that was less than to the very fullest.

I’ve learned from countless books by the masters, and through my certification in the Robbins-Madanes coaching school.

Join me on the journey as I pursue the mastery over every aspect of my life, and show you how to do the same.

Ready to stop playing small and level-up your life? I want to show you that the one person with the most control over getting that is YOU!

how to drastically change your life, how to dramatically change your lifeLearn how to drastically change your life, and begin your own journey in fearless living now!


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We’re going to dispel the myths you tell yourself and the “truths” that you’ve adopted as your reality. Then, and ONLY then can you start advancing. Fear is the very driving force of whether or not we actually do reach our life potential.

It’s rewarding enough to live a lifestyle that lets you do what makes you happy. Not only that, but maybe you’ll be the motivation for someone else to do the same!