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Eliminate limiting beliefs holding you back from creating a life that happens for you - instead of just letting it happen to you.

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Hi! My name is Sharon Koenig.

Fearless Pursuits is about growth, change, and the commitment to a dream… despite all odds. Despite every fear. It’s about being done with playing small, and finally being ready to level-up!

Change your beliefs to change your life. It’s a simple recipe, but I didn’t say it was easy! Here at Fearless Pursuits, you’ll find free powerful articles to help you eliminate limiting beliefs to live a life without boundaries. Additionally, you can find products that will boost your progress and take your results to the next level.

My determination to grow and thrive despite fear led me to investigate how we as humans tick.

I had to know why, despite how badly I wanted to be and do more… I was still holding myself back. This problem plagued my family, too, and I couldn’t bear to see my own children live life in a way that was less than to the very fullest.

I’ve learned from countless books by the masters, and through my certification in the Robbins-Madanes coaching school. I’m also NLP certified through Dr. Steve G Jones.

Join me on the journey as I pursue the mastery over every aspect of my life, and show you how to do the same.

Ready to stop playing small and level-up your life? I want to show you that the one person with the most control over getting that is YOU!