Attract Abundance: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

attracting abundance, limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are at the root of where we aren’t in our lives that we wish we could be. When you understand that the first step is to change your belief system, attracting abundance is easy. This may sound like a daunting task, but it’s not as hard as it sounds.

I’ll tell you right now that I’m giving you some homework. Don’t worry, this is easy stuff.

The stories that we tell ourselves in our mind, color our perception of the world and our experiences. These stories turn into… our beliefs. It’s easy to see why your beliefs play such an important role in our success and happiness.

If your beliefs aren’t harmonious with succeeding in life and receiving abundance, it’s likely that you will never live the life you truly want and deserve. Sometimes, we see that our results are falling short of what it is that we’re after.

Attract abundance: Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality

In my coaching, I was able to see my clients’ beliefs from the objective and third-person perspective that they could not. Each of my clients’ beliefs were so often completely inaccurate to reality and blown out of proportion. It was fascinating to me.

Often, talking some of their problems through was enough to make them seem much smaller than before when I brought to their attention the specific words that they were using to describe their situation. With such powerful negative emotion, it’s no wonder they weren’t able to attract abundance!

All of them were in a state of emotional chaos, using dramatic words like “trapped”, “stuck”, and “ruined” to describe their situations, sitting slumped over with their head in their hands or their eyes fixed on the floor. (I speak in more detail about how even their body language itself is sabotaging them, too.)

attract abundance, limiting beliefs, negative beliefs

They weren’t aware of the strong language they were using to tell their story until it was shown to them. They were using these intense words to describe their beliefs, because it became their own personal reality. You’ve probably done this before, too – whether you realized it or not.

It’s no surprise that most of our fundamental beliefs are formed as young children. As adults, we’ve clung to these beliefs for so long that they’ve become habit.

Each of us are always picking up information both now, and likely have been as a child from people who typically are not at the expert level on the subject.

Your parent probably meant well when they handed limiting beliefs to you. For example: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” They thought that, by informing you of the perception that there is a lack of money in the world, they were preparing you to have healthy expectations.

Growing up with a mother who perhaps is bitter from a divorce and talks negatively about marriage may be forming beliefs in her child’s mind. These kinds of limiting beliefs keep us from experiencing abundance in love, wealth and sometimes in our career.

attracting abundance, limiting beliefs, fearless pursuits

Let’s examine one of your own negative beliefs and begin the process of elimination:

  1. First, identify a “negative” belief. Challenge the belief. Suppose you held the belief that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Where do you suppose you got that idea from? Think back and try to remember the source? Do you suppose you read it somewhere or perhaps you experienced it somehow? Maybe it was an idea that you heard a parent, teacher, or one of your childhood friends say.
    • As yourself if the source was reliable. Let’s examine if the source may have been wrong in the past about other things they may have taught you. Is this person an expert on the subject?
    • Determine if you’re using circumstances and people around you as proof for this belief. This is a dangerous habit, and it can make letting go of the belief especially difficult, because it feels real.
    • Determine if you’re clinging to this belief because it feels comfortable to do so. Fear of failure is a very real problem that plagues many people. If you believe that you could succeed, the next step might be hard work of some kind, or just entirely unfamiliar – either way, it’s scary, and it seems more comfortable to keep believing you just simply can’t do it.
  2. Let’s examine now how that negative belief may have limited or harmed you in the past. It would be helpful if you list all the times this belief has directed you down the wrong path or stopped you from taking action in something you wanted. It’s important to recognize when a limiting belief has held you back, and also a necessary step to releasing it.
  3. Let’s create a brand new belief that is healthier and more beneficial for you. You must realize that it’s not enough to let go of a negative belief. It’s essential that you replace the negative belief with a perception from a new angle. Ask yourself, “What would be a better way to think about this?”Using the example above, you might say to yourself instead, “Anyone can attract wealth and abundance.”  This is true, because regardless of where they came from, nobody of great success has ever gotten there without working for it. Anyone can do that.
  4. Now it’s time for the fun part. Visualize yourself living your new and positive belief. Examine how would your life would change? This is really fun to do. Now get in touch with your feelings, how would that make you feel?What would you be able to accomplish if you adopted this new belief? Continue to visualize you living this way and how you feel. This important step to being able to attract abundance in your life needs to be practiced consistently to see results.
  5. Reinforce to attract more abundance. Repeat your new belief as if it were an affirmation. Do this 100 times each day. How bad do you want it? You need to take this time for yourself to truly change a negative belief into a new positive belief. Make time throughout your day to make this a new habit.

Being careful to understand, it’s the consistency of your positive feelings that will ultimately attract abundance. The beliefs in your mind’s eye shape your results of success and abundance for your future.

If you’re dissatisfied with any aspect of your life, begin through addressing your limiting beliefs. New beliefs are actually simple to install in your subconscious as I have shown you here. Practice and consistency will help you start attracting abundance in your life.