How to change your life – and make it LAST!

how to change your life, change your life

Hello, Fearless readers! Today, I’d like to talk to you about RESULTS. Specifically, how to change your life – and how to get GREAT results that actually STICK!

Just last week, I made a video on this very thing. I’ll share it with you in a moment, but first, I’d like to elaborate on this a little more.

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen in my clients is a lack of commitment. Having a background of being a personal trainer, I have a unique perspective of this. Clients struggling to lose weight have a lot of the same behaviors as people trying to make any other major change.

It seems like it should be pretty obvious that commitment is a major factor, and a lot of people know it. If it’s so obvious, then why is it so often neglected?

The problem that we’re always fighting with ourselves over is making it important enough. A lot of the time, we haven’t committed to a change because it doesn’t seem important enough to us.

“But I really DO love my wife, and I want to be better for her!”

“But I really DO want to lose weight. I’m done feeling overweight and sick!”

Wanting something is one thing, but being committed to it is another. It’s great that you want these things. To get results, however, your commitment needs to be founded on a big reason. Not just a big one, but one that makes it feel like a “do or die” situation. You want to feel driven and eager to succeed!

For a simple and to-the-point breakdown of everything you need to know, here’s that video I mentioned earlier…

To help you find a big enough “why” for following through, it’s important to visualize how you will feel when you’ve done it. Thinking about how other people will feel when you’ve done it is important, too.

Will you be proud of yourself for losing that weight? Will you have more peace in your home if you’re not arguing with your wife so much?

Beyond thinking about how it will feel, you also need to have a goal to work toward. Keeping one in your mind isn’t enough, because there is nobody to hold you accountable but you. Put it on the calendar. Say it to someone you care about. Shout it from the mountain tops, and be excited!

how to change your life, change your life

Don’t do it because you “should”… do it because you HAVE TO! Nobody who has ever followed through with creating something amazing did it because they thought that they should. They did it because it was the most important thing on their mind, and because they had a vision!

Find out what your big “why” is. Create your new vision and feel it like it’s right there in front of you – because it is! Make these two things your personal constitution, and make beautiful things happen in your life. As soon as you have made amazing things happen in your life, you’ll feel empowered and inspired to make amazing things happen everywhere else!

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