How to Manifest What You Want: The Complete 5-Step Guide

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Learning how to manifest what you want is simpler than it sounds, but there’s more to it than just wishful thinking! Below, I’ll explain how the Law of Attraction works, and a few ways you can get started with this powerful tool for yourself.


What is the Law of Attraction?



You may have already heard of it by watching or being told about the groundbreaking film, based on a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

In both the book and the film adaptation, she explains a concept that has been known for centuries, yet has been mostly left long forgotten in today’s world: “What you think about, you bring about.”

The meaning of this phrase is as simple as it sounds. When you want something, thinking about it and directing your energy in its direction will bring it to you.

You may be wondering now, “how do I use the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance?

The movie, while having done a fine job at explaining the basic core concept, does leave some questions about the process unanswered. (Yes, there’s an actual process involved!)

So if you’re ready to learn just how to manifest what you want, then let’s get started…

Learn how to manifest what you want by applying these three key elements while using the law of attraction.

1. Clarity. This is THE most important rule.
You may already have at least a vague idea of what you want. You may even know that you’d like it to happen pretty soon.

This is a good start, but if you want to look at the universe figuratively as a powerful genie, just as the movie portrays it, you can’t leave too much to his imagination. If you do, It may not come to you in the best possible way.  

I can assure you, it isn’t like those children’s stories; you won’t have to worry about the genie being a conniving prankster who twists your wishes in a way that backfires. The genie has your best interest at heart, but he just needs you to explain it well enough.

You have to be absolutely clear about what you want, HOW you want it, and WHEN you want it. 

“So does this mean I can ask the universe to give me a million bucks… tomorrow?” No, not necessarily. Why?

Because this goal most likely isn’t something that sounds realistic and easily attainable in that time frame to your subconscious. Anything IS possible, but will your subconscious really, truly believe that? Without a shadow of a doubt?

If there is any doubt in your subconscious at all, not only will it make it more difficult to remain consistent with your vision (see below), but the universe will doubt right along with you that it’s possible. Set goals that you can believe, and the universe will believe you, too.

The best way to make this easy on yourself is to think about how you’d enthusiastically explain your goal to a best friend. Talk about it as though you’ve thoroughly planned out exactly how it will be. Include all of the dreamy “what ifs” and “wouldn’t it feel so amazing” thoughts that would come with it.

(Actually talking to a best friend in this same way helps immensely in making it feel that much more ‘real’.)

You may notice that setting larger goals will become easier and easier with the more payback you see on your smaller goals. This is a liberating feeling, because with time, you will be able to set more ambitious goals for yourself and they will still be believable – all because you’ve had a taste of what the Law of Attraction can do.

2. Consistency.
A million bucks is not 100% guaranteed to fall into your lap any time soon if you simply want that to happen really, reeeally badly right now.

Sure, you might want it right now, and you might be thinking about it right now, but what happens to the thought when you come back to real life? You don’t have to think about it and obsess over it constantly, but you do need to return to the thought at some point to give it more focus.

Stay consistent with the process, and you will likely collect your first million much sooner than if you hadn’t. You get closer to what you want by embracing the ways you already have it, or how you are closer to it today than you were yesterday.

By taking notice of when you or your circumstances have made steps in the right direction, however small that may be – you will continue to see more progress.

Be patient, and always have a keen awareness of how things are already working in your favor. If you linger in how far away you still are, or how much work you have left to do to get to the goal, the focused energy in that direction will only bring more of that to you in some way.

3. Emotion.
It’s important to have the right mindset when working with the law of attraction, because the depth of “You get what you give” is so much more profound than you may realize.

Asking the universe for money while wringing your fists and crying out in desperation is not the best way to bring an abundance of money to you, because you are coming from a place of urgency rather than one of desire and love for having money. Urgency and desperation breeds more of the same.

If you’ve ever heard the cliche, “It’s not what you say – it’s how you say it”, this principal is also true for when you want to manifest abundance.

Learning to change habitual negative thought patterns will help you see more results. Adding a genuine, positive emotional experience to thoughts you choose will take your results to the next level.


4. Action!
The way the universe brings you what you want is a little different than just handing it to you.

Instead, when you ask for something, the universe hands you the OPPORTUNITIES that you need to get it, and puts the odds in your favor once you take advantage of them. 

It’s up to you to walk through those open doors when you see them.

One of the most important parts of effective goal-setting is to have strategies in place to move closer to it. The universe will be happy to help make things easier for you, but it will not do all of the foot-work on it’s own.

Want a million dollars? Think about how you want it to come to you in a way that’s believable. Is it from a sweepstakes? Enter a sweepstakes once a day, every day. 

Want to make that million dollars yourself, and to keep making it every year? Learn what it takes to start a business, and ask the universe to hand the opportunities to you that you need to get it started quickly, and to succeed with ease.

After thinking about what you want, when you want it, and how it will come to you, all you have left to do is to walk in the direction that brings you closer to it, without fear of the few challenges or difficulty that working for it may or may not bring you.

When it comes to learning how to manifest what you want, it’s important to have one fundamental belief… Believe that, no matter what challenges you may face on the way, the universe is conspiring to bring you everything you want.

5. Energy.
Stating what you want, and coming from an optimistic mindset about it is one thing, but without any actual energy given to it for longer than the moment it takes to say it, you’re not likely to see dramatic results.

“Where your focus goes, energy flows.” This profound quote has been credited to many people, including Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and Les Brown, but regardless of its true origin, it’s another important rule to remember when learning how to manifest what you want.

Practices and habits can be added to your daily routine to help you to raise your emotional state, put you in the right mindset, and give more focus and energy to your desires.

The best ways to give more energy to manifesting abundance in your life is to involve other senses, such as through touch or sight. Including the other senses is a great way to feel what it would be like to have what you want on a much deeper level.

Feel like you’ve learned enough about how to manifest anything? Here are some great ideas for some simple new practices you can do each day to enhance your results:

  • Meditation. Spend some time in solitude to focus on what you want. Envision what it would look and feel like to have what you want. Think about small steps you can take in that direction, and concentrate on how good it would feel to make that progress. This time can even be taken during your commute to work, or in the shower.
  • Create a vision board. This amazing resource starts with a simple board mounted onto the wall, with printed pictures of what you want pinned or taped to it. Throughout the day, spend a moment admiring and reflecting on the images. Make the vision board a part of your meditation.
  • Be creative about how you can experience a little of what you want right where you are now. If you want a career in public speaking, practice speaking to yourself, your family, or your friends. Make the experience that much more “real” by dressing for it! If you want to manifest love, practice courteous habits you’d like to make for living with another person.

life coach Sharon KoenigI remember when I began to start making use of the Law of Attraction to manifest money and financial success. I didn’t see it in the beginning, but as soon as I learned to be more aware, it was almost uncanny how abundance found its way into my life, right under my nose.

When I first started my business, I sent my middle daughter to the grocery store to pick up something quick for dinner, as it was a late night working that left me with too little time to cook.

When she returned, she had twice as much food as I expected to see, and a crazy story right along with it!

She called our order ahead at the deli to pick it up, and because they goofed up on the order, they not only refunded the money… they also gave her a second order for free – all without her even asking!

This event immediately reminded me of just a few days before, when I went on a date with my boyfriend at the time, and had free food handed to me by a kind, rich, and very much drunk restaurant patron.

I encourage you to take a look in your past. What ways has the law of attraction already worked for you? Maybe you haven’t made your first million yet, but you’ve received a small sweepstakes prize, or maybe you had an unexpected raise at work recently.

It’s easy to see how the world is fully prepared to give you anything that you ask for – good, or bad. Only you and your thoughts can decide which it will be!

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