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Hey there, kindred spirit. My name is Sharon Koenig, and we have a lot more in common than you’d think!

Life Coach in portland oregon, online life coachingBoth of us crave more from life.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck. To see where it is that you want to go, but to not know how to get there. T​o know that there’s more out there for you than this, but to be too scared stiff to go after it.

To see the potential, but not as your own… yet.

Welcome to! I’m a Success Coach, entrepreneur, writer, blogger and single parent of three kids. I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO. and loving it! You don’t have to live in Colorado Springs to hire me because I’m also and online life coach too.

I’ve dedicated my life to living life fully and fearlessly and my mission is to help you do the same through online life coaching that gets results!

My Mission is to empower you to seek greater heights, whether you’re barely just knee-deep in boredom – or even totally drowning in dissatisfied and depressed.

I want YOU to leave this world knowing you left a mark and lived fully. Here on Fearless Pursuits, I’ll help you do just that!

Mastering all areas of my life, and maintaining balance is my personal goal. I’m all about creating ways to simplify my own life. As someone who is currently a single mother, and an entrepreneur all the while… it’s easy to see why I’d need it!

I’ve been completely obsessed with mastering my life since the moment I hit my lowest point in life – when I was 13 years old and homeless. As time has gone on, I’ve helped women all over the world create the success they only dreamed of.

Online Life Coach: Balancing Life Everyday

My experience with balance allows me a greater understanding of what it takes to create that in other’s lives, too.

When you check out the blog, you’ll notice that I write a lot on self-improvement which comes from real-life accounts of my working with clients which are expanded upon for your benefit and ease of implementing into your own life.

It has been a long-time dream to be location free and offer tips, advice and products that enrich your life. It is my wish that you find encouragement, strategies and empowerment through my words and gifts.

Working online and offering digital products allows me to be free to be with my kids much more than if I worked in the traditional 9 to 5 type career. I have been homeschooling my kids for 12 years now. Their home-based education enabled them to graduate from high school early and get an early start on their college education!

Online Life Coaching: Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Being in business for myself seems like it’s meant to be. I started my first online business in 1993. After that, I created my first brick and mortar in 1998. My proudest business accomplishment was taking a business I’d purchased for $500, and building it into a half-million dollar business in under a year!

My many businesses were diverse, giving me experience in a wide range of fields. I managed several software businesses, and a few retail storefronts. In recent years, I’ve been given one more great experience to add to that list: becoming an online life coach.

This decision was always about being independent, wealthy and free to have fun. Above all else, I wanted to be able to spend time with my family. Honestly, I can’t see myself having it any other way.

These experiences and skills allow me to provide a great deal of advice and value to anyone who wants to have either a brick-and-mortar type of business, or an internet business like this one.

Online Life Coaching: Healthy and Dedicated

When I’m not working as an online life coach or being a mom, I can be found running on the forest trails, or pumping iron at the gym.  I’m a retired competitive bodybuilder, biathlete and runner who loves to stay in optimal health.

There’s no doubt that I’m a health-nut. Feeling strong and healthy makes me feel alive!

Experience fearless living with Personal Development Coach Sharon Koenig.

Many life changes and experiences have inspired me to create my online business. I’ve always had a personal constitution of living without fear, and staying true to what matters to me. I find that having a business online allows me the freedom to feed my passions in life, and financially support my family at the same time.

More importantly, I am committed to being genuinely unafraid to try and fail. I never want to live to the end of my life with regrets. Instead, I’ve decided to see what I’ve pushed myself to accomplish, proud and happy that I lived out my dreams.

This website was a long time in the making. A life without knowing love. Homeless at 13, never knowing a closeness of a loved one seemed like a life someone else should be living… not me. But it was me. All of the people meant to be my support system were utterly without emotion of any kind, and they weren’t truly living at all. Something was seriously wrong, and I knew it all along!

Oh Life! There must be more to life!

I found them! This was earth-shattering really.

Online Life Coach: Fearless living really is possible.

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Growing up as a girl with no circle of influence and no hope of becoming anything else, dreams seemed just out of reach for a long time. I always felt like I should have been born in a different era or a different family.

My research about human psychology began in my early 20’s, and later, focused on fear especially.

Intellectually, I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t admit it to myself until many years later. Why? Because I was afraid.

I was scared of everything for so many years, and seeing that I’d spent my entire life being scared was a hard reality to swallow. Sure, there were moments when I went for the brass-ring. In many situations, however, I didn’t do things that I definitely should have because of fear.

I have overcome my fears and have moved to a new level in my life!

Today, my objective is to create a legacy. I want to change the world. Call it world domination. That was a joke… Well, sort of.

It is my hope that this website can teach the many lessons that I have learned, as well as connect with equally passionate people. Join me on the journey to finding more passion for life!

Online Life Coaching: Working To Create Lasting Change

Let’s activate your inner compass that knows where you want and need to go through online life coaching!

Together, we’ll get you the mental clarity, confidence, and direction that you need to start moving forward. I want to see you grow beyond getting by… and start feeling what it means to truly be ALIVE!

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