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Life coaching online is a great concept. It makes life so much easier than face-to-face especially in light of the global crisis where we’re often staying home. However, it turns out that it isn’t easy to find a Life Coach. I was oblivious to this fact mostly because I didn’t understand how people are searching. It’s a digital world and it’s not going to change anytime soon. If you struggle with how to find a life coach online lie I did, then read on.

In our digital world, people are mostly interested in life coaching online. The truth is, our society wants everything online from food to love. It’s a fast-food mentality where we want everything at our fingertips.

I can’t blame anyone for that but with Google as the #1 place where people turn, why is it so hard to find a professional who offers life coaching online?

I Can’t Find A Life Coach Online!

It must be so frustrating to put a search phrase into Google and not find what you’re looking for. From what I am told, it is utterly overwhelming to find a life coach online. In any attempt to find a life coach in a search engine, you might see ads which are compelling and wonder who to choose. Then you see a list of websites that may or may not be relevant.

lifecoachkeywordsI performed the search myself and the results pulled up a lot of schools on how to be a life coach. If I wanted to find a life coach, I can really see how this would overwhelm and frustrate someone.

The key is to refine your search. If you want to find a life coach online, then you may not care where the life coach is located. It’s simply difficult to choose though. How do you choose when there are so many choices. Ad words to your search string such as, “Law Of Attraction” for example if this is important to you. You could ad “Confidence” if this is an issue for you. What about adding “divorce” as a search term? You can see how specialized you can get and how you can better find a life coach online.

Once you think you have found someone, you need to do your due diligence. Simply reach out to them to schedule a “Discovery Session”. These are meetings usually over the phone or Skype which are ideal for an initial meeting to see you actually “jive” with them or not. Furthermore, it is a fantastic opportunity to see how the coach works to provide any value to you in your situation.

You need to feel as though the person has a strategy for you if and/or you choose to work with them.

Finding and working with a life coach online has tremendous benefits

I Can’t Find A Life Coach In Person Either!

Upon discussing this with people locally where I’m at, as this seems to always come up. I tell people what I do and they inevitably tell me that they have been looking to find a life coach locally but find it too daunting.

Locally speaking, it’s typical and mostly preferred to find a professional through a friend or some referral. If you have ever needed an attorney or chiropractor then you remember that we tend to do business with people who were referred to us by a friend.

It doesn’t seem as though life coaches or therapists for that matter are out networking. Therefore it is very difficult to find a life coach. So what’s a person to do if they want to find a life coach locally? Well, it’s back to Google.

In this case, you will add to your search term the name of the city that you live or work in. The results will show Google Maps in which case you can see an entire list of all of the life coaches in your area. You will need to expand the list by clicking on “More” to see them all.

Certainly you will find under the Google Maps listings of all of the life coaches, the actual search results of life coaches with websites in the area. I really like this so much more simply because you can visit each of the websites.

Many of the life coaches will have all of their contact details which are needed to set up your discovery call.

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Life Coaching Online

My personal experience with life coaching online has been amazing. Yes, even coaches need coaches sometimes. Honestly, if you never work to continually upgrade your knowledge and skill and take help from those who are superior in an area that you aren’t, you will never reach the level of success that you dream about. Everyone needs help in some area or another.

Life coaching online was so easy for me. I was able to research and hire all in the comfort of my home. I have had my life coaching session while my little girl is playing in her room. It made my life really easy. Frankly, I can’t imagine going to someone’s office for a session.

How To Choose A Life Coach

This is by far the most difficult and frankly, time consuming. As one would have a hit or miss experience with trying a CPA, Attorney, or a Plumber, I’m afraid choosing a life coach may very well be the same. The best part however, is you do have the benefit unlike some other professionals, to try before you buy. This truly is the only way to feel comfortable choosing a life coach.

It’s much easier to find a life coach than you thought. With a little sleuthing and an initial time spent on the phone, you will easily find a life coach that best suits your needs and your personality.

How Do YOU Feel About Having An Online Life Coach? Tell me in the comments below.

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