There Is Never Enough Money: Why Time, Money and Love are Scarce In Your Life.

never enough money

If you have ever said, “there is never enough money” or time or love, then this post is for you. Straight away I’ll warn you that there is something lurking in your life which is the root cause.

People I work with are never ready initially to learn this but some, over time, WILL eventually open up to try to resolve this. When there is enough pain in someones life, when they are simply fed up with their circumstances, THEN they are ready.

Why there is never enough time, money or love in your life? Let’s get to the root of the problem.

Whether we want to realize it or not, EVERYTHING in our life is all about energy, focus, and whether we love, hate or FEAR what we want. When I work with people, I hear comments about how there is never enough money so we can begin to dive a little deeper to uncover what is REALLY going on with this person.

When we go down the path to breaking it down, I ask “what sort of feeling do you have when you say this?” They usually respond with saying that they feel some negative word. When asked why they feel there is never enough, it usually goes into a discussion about how they are working hard and can only take care of their basic needs with nothing left over.

So if the laws of the Universe are related to energy, focus and whether we love, hate or FEAR something as I stated before, it’s so obvious that this person, and to be quite honest with you, most people are putting negative feelings about not having enough money.

There is never enough money: The story of their life!

The root cause isn’t that they aren’t working hard enough or that they aren’t spending enough time at work or that they don’t have the right strategy, formula, or skill. The crux of the problem is simple but not easy and because people aren’t willing to first recognize that inner work needs to be done and actually commit to doing it, they will be trapped by the “story of their life” FOREVER.

never enough money

How many times have you heard someone say,
“Welcome to my world.”
“That’s the story of my life.”
What they are REALLY saying is…
“I accept my fate”.

There are several issues at work here.

  • These comments come prepackaged with internal dialog we’re not always aware of. Suddenly, we’re working on a subconscious level with the supercomputer of the mind, and in the worst possible way.
  • They’re breaking the laws of the Universe and communicating by the negative “feelings” and internal dialog that they don’t really want money or time or love.
    • Broken laws: The Law of Reciprocity, The Laws of Sufficiency and Abundance, The Law of Resistance
  • To make matters worse, oh yes, it DOES get worse; they are living in an ego state and completely living without spirituality.

There is a direct correlation between your success in ANYTHING (wealth, fitness, health, and relationships) AND your spirituality. Notice, I didn’t say religion. Let’s get this out of the way: religion is NOT the same as spirituality. Some people recognize this while I have worked with people who do not. Your practice with your religion has NOTHING to do with your spirituality.

People will say how they are committed to their God and their faith, but they don’t live their life that way. The Bible even teaches to have faith that there is an abundant world. It further states that we simply need to ask, and what we want will be given.

“There is never enough money”: Why aren’t we getting what we want?

The basic steps to living an abundant life so that you will always have MORE than enough are simple.

  • Recognize the calling that you are misaligned. 
  • Identify the FEAR and call it out. Be fearless to face the truth.
  • Accept that you MUST do the inner work
  • Face the feelings in all their painful glory. Go into and under and through…
  • Touch the compassion in your heart and speak to that inner YOU who is in pain like you would a child who is hurting.
  • ASK! Ask your God or the Universe for wisdom, power, understanding and love to help you get to the other side of this.
  • OWN it! Know what part of the situation is all on you. Taking responsibility is important so you can move on.
  • Your healing is happening now. Feel and make way for all of the miracles coming.

Your whole life is all about love. If you’re living life hating, being angry, resentful, bitter and frustrated that you never seem to have enough, well, I can’t say it’s going to change any time soon.

never enough money

Are you still angry at your ex husband for not loving you? You might be feeling unlovable, and bitter. Now how will you welcome love into your life like this?

Are you still upset that your business isn’t as financially successful as you had originally hoped for? You might be feeling burned out and fearful. How will money flow to you when you are breaking The Law of Resistance?

Are you always running around feeling overwhelmed and saying that you never have enough time? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you’re not following practices that bring organization and peace, aren’t you harboring negativity all day long? How will you feel happy and fulfilled about what you DO accomplish if you live this way? You won’t. Simply put, you are living in judgement which is not loving yourself. Now, you say, “I am not enough.

You can change your life drastically once you begin to face what isn’t working. You can truly bring more abundance to your life by doing the inner work. Facing it is the very reason most won’t. Once you master this with daily practice, you will never again say… “there is never enough money.”

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  1. I love your blog post and yes i agree with everything you said. Being attached to our pain points and stories only creates more of it. Lovely to meet a like minded soul 🙂

    • It’s wonderful to see you here Ange and so happy you enjoyed my blog post.

  2. great! I like asking the question “what sort of feeling do i have when saying this?” … for anything, really! 🙂

    • That’s perfect Amanda! Then take it a step further to ask if the feeling serves you. 🙂

  3. Carrie C

    Love this!! The words we speak say so much about where our emotions are at and it’s so important to look into the subconscious! Love the actionable advice you give.

    • Thank you Carrie! It’s true and so difficult if not impossible for some to believe that we create our our world almost solely by the thoughts in our mind. We need to simply ask if what we are telling ourselves is the “ultimate truth”.

    • Glad you liked it Deborah!

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