Hi, I’m Sharon Koenig, founder of Fearless Pursuits and your personal success coach. If you’re ready to make a radical change in your life right now, then you’re in the right place.


  • Ever feel as if your life is out of control, and you simply don’t like the direction that you’re going in?
  • Do you want more out of life, but don’t see how to go about getting it?
  • Do you want to achieve your own definition of success and have a more abundant life?
  • Do you want more passion and love in your life?
  • Are you scared of taking chances because you fear failure?
  • Do you want to make money online like I do, so you have more time for living?

I know the feeling all too well, so you’re in good company. You should never have to settle for anything less than greatness.

Staying where you feel most comfortable will leave you with that nagging feeling that something is missing in your life. If you move beyond your comfort zone and dare to ask for more out of life, the long-term satisfaction far outweighs any temporary discomfort.

My objective is to help you succeed in every area of your life: Personal growth, fulfilling potential, meaningful relationships, making money online, and learning to use the law of attraction to manifest abundance.

Here on Fearless Pursuits, it is my goal to provide straightforward, life-changing strategies to improve the quality of your life, as well as helpful and inspiring stories from clients that I’ve worked with.

Sometimes, I’ll even be vulnerable and share some stories of my own personal failures, struggles and successes, so that you can find bits and pieces that you may personally resonate with or be able to learn from.


This page has everything you need to begin your journey to achieving your best self, and to finally experience the joy of fearless living. Let’s get started!



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Thank you for your support, and have fun on your journey to fearless living!

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