Weekly Affirmations: Independence

independence, financial independence, weekly affirmations, self reliance

independence, financial independence, weekly affirmations, self reliance

Hello again, Fearless readers! I’m here today with the second installation of my new series of weekly affirmations: Independence.

If you missed last week’s affirmation, you can find it here.

Being self-reliant is something that’s always been important to me, and a common desire I hear about from my clients. Join me today in this affirmation for gaining and embracing your independent spirit!

It makes me feel happy and empowered to know that I am in full control of the habits and decisions that bring the life to me that I want. It brings me considerable peace to realize I determine my own life’s journey. Because I am self-directed, I am strong enough to know that whatever trial faces me, I can navigate it successfully.

When I believe in myself, the world becomes less frightening and more exciting. I am confident that I can depend on myself. Even as I embrace the support of others, my own drive is enough to propel me toward any goal that I desire.

I understand that the first step toward growth is to change my habits. I am eager to grow, and determined to become independent. My desire for growth fuels my ambition to create habits that improve my life and bring me closer to my goal of self-reliance.

When I make decisions, I have the strength to resist the negative opinions of others. Everything I decide to do with my life is influenced only by my own thoughts and desires. With knowledge, strategy, and commitment, I am capable of anything.

I have a great capacity for dealing with life as it happens, and I adapt easily to my circumstances. Beyond just adapting, I am able to thrive in the face of adversity. In my independence and my courage to be my authentic self no matter what, I find confidence and inspire others to do the same.

Today, I know that I have the power to decide what I want to do with each moment, and I can make a new step closer to my goal every day. Each day, I embrace the inherent freedom I possess to choose the kind of life that I live.

I take pride in my self-reliance. Being independent gives me the all of the confidence and encouragement I need to dream bigger. I accept my role as the sole ruler of my life, and I am committed to doing anything it takes to achieve what I want.

I gain satisfaction from being able to accomplish tasks and goals on my own, and I am admired by my peers for my independence. I surround myself with the people that on the same path to gain their own self-reliance, and I inspire those who need it most to stand tall, put their foot down, and seize back control over their lives.

I understand that what other people say I am, what people tell me I can or cannot do, and my circumstances are not what defines me; I am in complete control of who I am and what my destiny is. The only thing – or person – that can define me… is me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What small habit can I add or change in my day to take a step closer to my dream?
  2. Who can I look at as an example of success in the same direction as my goal?
  3. If I have not taken a step closer toward my dream today, what else did I place as a priority over it? What could I have done to make the time to take that step anyway?