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What People Are Saying About Using My Life Coaching Services And Online Business Coaching

Here are just a few testimonials of recent clients.

Sharon is a wonderful person to work with. She helped me grow as a professional but more importantly as a person. Sharon gave me a transformative experience that has reinvigorated my passion for life and business. If you are struggling or feel like your life is stuck in a rut, stop waiting and call Sharon.

JAmes Marrugo

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I tried, I really did but no matter how hard, I could never get where I wanted in my life and career. Sharon helped me know who I am and move forward creating my life. Together we put together a plan. There were bumps in my journey where I felt like giving up but Sharon helped me see that I was sabotaging my success. Today, I have a beautiful marriage and I'm feeling so confident in my career making more money than ever. Sharon's life coaching services were exactly what I needed.

j. marini

J. Marina

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Quick-links To Your Questions About Life Coaching Services And Online Business Coaching

What does a life coach or a business coach do for you?

Whether you're needing a life coach or a business coach, you'll benefit by having more clarity and a solid strategy. As well as the accountability to reach your goals, and deal with confidence or issues of overwhelm and stress.

- Get Clear -

Understand your values and your goals. With this sort of clarity, it's possible to move forward to the next step.

- Define A Strategy -

Having clarity is gold but if you don't have the mindset and the strategy, you're going nowhere fast. Feed confidence and focus with a strategic plan.

- Take Action -

Working with an online life coach helps you identify the action needed to create change. Gain confidence with every step and stay focused and accountable towards your


The high-performance life coaching service and online business coaching with a "whole-istic" system to help you become UNSTOPPABLE in your life, career, or business.

Want some 1-on-1 Coaching with a Pro?

GLOBAL Online Life Coaching services including relationship coaching, career coaching & online BUSINESS COACH

What type of life coaching services and business coaching do you offer?

That's a great question. When you want to find a life coach online (because we know a virtual coach is so much more convenient), you may need a transition coach for a lot of reasons.

If you're getting a divorce, if you aren't feeling motivated, or if you're just not doing as well in your career as you'd hoped for.  

When you want to build a life you love, you may be thinking about having a successful, thriving business.

My online coaching services encompass many aspects such as small business coaching or entrepreneurship coaching. I'm double-certified which means I'm trained and proficient in business, as well as in sales increasing revenue, marketing, and a wealth mindset.

How do life coaching services help you reach your goals?

People talk about goals but rarely achieve them. In my life coaching services, my clients go through the "Ascension Method" which is a process that's responsible for a transformative personal coaching experience that when applied to their life, career, or business, they're able to FINALLY achieve MASSIVE growth. 

Why you might need life coaching services or business coaching services?

The Problems Most Of Us Have

You feel like your life, career or business isn't going the way you want it. You're stressed, anxious, sometimes lack confidence, and maybe even confused about what to do, and don't make the money you want.

You dream of achieving more in your life but don't know how to do it all on your own. You're tired of struggling and feeling like you don't have the success you want.

 Sometimes you doubt what you're doing and you just want to have someone to guide you and keep you on track and accountable.

The Solution To Those Problems

Creating wealth, health, feeling love, and having faith and confidence is yours when your mind, energy, focus, and personal identity are aligned with success instead of fear. 

It's time for some clarity, planning, some action, and some accountability from your own online life coach.

What Is A Life Coach and Why Do You Need Personal Coaching

Working with your own high-performance life coach and online business coach will help you to crush your goals, maximize your focus, and keep you accountable so that you can finally get off the struggle-bus and into a passionate life that's successful and joyful!

Life coaching services provide the kind of personal coaching that everyone needs if they truly want more happiness and success.

What types of life coaching services might be helpful to assist you in getting results?

A personal coach or sometimes called a life coach, is important to have when we feel stuck, unhappy, and just plain sick of our lives.

 There are many types of coaching for example if you've heard of the term transition coach, it's often likened to a life coach but deals with difficult transitions such as changing careers, or a divorce.  

Considering your financial path and where you may want to go with regard to your career, requires a different type of coach.

Working with an executive coach, mindset coach or business coach will help you create success as you've never imagined before.

 This is a level of coaching which provides high-performance thought-provoking sessions designed to create the kind of success that can literally change the world.

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Online Life Coaching Services Designed For Transformation

These are the types of coaching services that many people seek to create change in their lives although, there are many entrepreneurs and business owners who want support too.

A small business coach is an absolutely important resource when financial growth is a priority. Online coaching is a process that creates transformation and success no matter what your goal is. 

Most of us have dreams that seem so unrealistic that they just couldn't come true unless a fairy waved her magic wand over us. In other words, it seems that most of us doubt that our dreams will come true.

The main reason for this is because we tend to see the problems and all of the reasons we can't succeed.  We picture our friends, our family, and all those people who might tell us we're crazy for wanting what we do.

This is where online life coaching services come in.

Is a life coach worth it?

Turning our dreams into reality isn't easy otherwise, we'd have done it by now. That's a tough reality for us when we look at our lives and question why we don't have a happy, successful, fulfilling life.

Types of Life Coach

When you work with an online life coach, small business coachtransition coach, motivation coach, spiritual coach, or career coach, the one thing you can be sure of is that you'll experience progress and get RESULTS in the area you desire most!

The Support Is All You Need

There are some unicorns out there who can do it by themselves but typically, we all just struggle. We have a tendency to return to familiar patterns and behaviors despite the fact that we understand these habits are at the root of our troubles.

As your virtual coach, I know that without support, most people risk being stuck in judgment, self-doubt, stressed out; and even depressed.

The honest truth is, that we are most often our very own worst enemy. This being the case, most people have difficulty setting and achieving goals and continue living mediocre lives.

Why Is It Important To Have An Experienced Life Coach?

Here's what my past clients will tell you. You don't have to battle life's difficult issues alone. An experienced online life coach can help you stay off of the struggle bus heading to Mediocre Drive. 

As your online life coach and online business coach, I'll help you clarify your goal, experience new insights, and take action you never thought you could on your own.

This is what my life coaching services and online business services will help you with when you commit to going after your next-level version of yourself.

Online life coaching services with mindset coach Sharon Lee brings you professional, high-performance personal coaching services that are affordable and flexible.

Want some 1-on-1 Coaching with a Pro?

GLOBAL Online Life Coaching services including relationship coaching, career coaching & online BUSINESS COACH

Online Coaching Services For Entrepreneurs

Resources for the entrepreneur who wants online business coaching with strategies, and a plan...

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Be educated + supported

Get free training, tips and advice for becoming a better version of yourself to building an online business.

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Meet your double-certified life and business coach, Sharon Lee, CPLC, CBC, NLP.

As your online life coach, I help empower people to transform their lives and businesses with a vision of fulfillment and SUCCESS.

I'm passionate about helping people with high-performance habits by working deeply with the subconscious mind and strategies that WORK!

We do this together through online coaching services. Success coaching, mindset coaching, executive coaching, or business coaching is ideal for those individuals who really want to grow and create happier, successful, and more balanced lives.

Even if you're a CEO, a manager, or a business owner, the need for online coaching will often come out of being dissatisfied with where you are in your life or in your career.

Maybe you see a vision of where you want to be and need help getting there. Online coaching will give you the clarity, direction, and accountability you need to achieve ANYTHING! 

A very specific strategy is the prescription and an absolute MUST when we become dissatisfied with our life, or career, personal growth, and goal-setting. This means if we truly want more, we'll have to seek support, accountability, and empowerment.  

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Sharon Lee, Your 5-Star, Online Life Coach

 And Motivation Coach Offering Life Coaching Services Online Since 2013

Life Coaching Services:

Online Life Coach | Business Coach | Executive Coach | Spiritual Coach 

High-Performance, Online Coaching That's Flexible and Transformational.

Working with an online life coach will completely change your life. 

International & Global Online Life Coach

And Small Business Coach Providing Life Coaching Services Virtually

The life coaching services that I offer include: transition coach, career coach, personal coach, mindset coaching, and small business coach and it's what sets me apart from all other coaches.

Online life coaching services are just as transformational as the in-person coaching services of the past.


I've been pursuing certifications and training to help people transform their lives for 8 years. My skills and education are superior but it's my ability to help facilitate change that people come to me for.

Even though I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and am known as a TOP life coach in Denver, I have been an online life coach globally by providing my services virtually all over the world since 2013.

Also a top coach in the coaching directory, Noomii.

Online Coaching With An Expert Coach Not Only Helps You To Master You Mind But Also, Create RESULTS By Achieving Goals!

Working with a small business coach who offers online business coaching will help you to create more freedom and money to live life on your terms without all the stress. 

Having the time for what matters to you while making money is what you'll accomplish when you work with me.

Do you feel like your business isn't growing fast enough?

Or maybe you're constantly feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and in self-doubt about what you're doing in your business and it's starting to interfere with your personal life.

I've been there and I can tell you that you DON'T have to live this way. This is what I help my clients avoid and I've been doing it all over the world since 2013.

I help frustrated entrepreneurs to TRANSFORM their life and business by providing strategies that are proven to work and transform their MINDS so they can go out and scale their businesses!

Just as much as you want strategies for marketing, copywriting, messaging, and finding your niche... you also understand that your mind is just as important as any other piece to the puzzle.

life coaching services, mindset business coach Sharon Koenig Sharon Lee

I'll help you with BOTH!!

Working with a small business coach that knows business means having someone to guide you through finding the answers that were already in your head, moving past your own self-imposed limits, then to get you OUT of your head to move into ACTION!

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