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As your online life coach, I help you to get off the struggle-bus so you can ditch stress and overwhelm! Your transformation of happiness, financial independence, clarity and success are just a call away. 

Hi! I'm Sharon Lee - your online life coach.

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Online Coaching Services

I'm a double-certified, international life coachcareer coach, and small business coach. While I am based out of Denver, Colorado, I serve people all over the world. Many people locally know me as a top life coach in Denver. I work to help my clients with clarity, transition phases, and goal-setting to create a better life. We work deeply with the mindset and letting go of the version of themselves that no longer serves them.

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get off the struggle-bus and into success!

I help people who are stressed, overwhelmed and SO done with struggling with not achieving the income, or the happiness in their lives. These are people who want to cut through the B.S. in their lives, business and their minds and finally create more balancefinancial freedom and success, so they can have the confidence and financial independence that they've always dreamed of.

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After working with me, you'll have better clarity and focus on what to do with my step-by-step process, not only in your life but in your career or business you can start, grow or even scale a business to 6-figures and beyond. As your online life coach, I'm passionate about your personal successes.

You're here and that means you're on the search for creating a better life, career or business!

You and I are the same that way. I'm always on the search to create a better version of myself.

As an online life and business coach, my products and services are helping thousands of people level-up their life and scale businesses.

The Problem:

You're lost. You might know the direction you want to move in but you're unsure about the "how to" of it all. Maybe, you feel like you sometimes want to give up and you're tired of waking up every-single day with the same struggle. You wonder why you can't make the money you want and yet, you have a vision of the future you a few years down the way but you just don't know how to get there. You doubt yourself and you want better relationships. You might struggle with wanting better health and balanced life but you just can't seem to make any strides in that direction only to feel like you're back where you started only you have even lower self-esteem. 

The Solution:

That future version of you in the future has the money, the love, a balanced life and you see yourself as someone who's happy and laughs more. Your interested in shaping up all spheres of life because you realize that this is the only life you'll get a chance to like and you want more. You want it all! You want to feel confident, happy but more than that, you want to live your life on your terms. Maybe you'd like to give back to the world in some profound way while going deeper into who you are deep down spiritually. You want to get in-touch with your values and live a life of high-standards without apologizing.

My Story...

life coach Sharon Koenig

I've been an entrepreneur for 25 years and creating online businesses since 1998. I took my first business from a $500 investment and turned it into a half-million dollars in one year.  

Since then, I've worked with top names such as ReMax, State Farm, American Express as well as smaller companies to aid in increasing sales and moral.

My life wasn't ALWAYS full of success, though. 

After being homeless many years ago, I made a promise to God and to myself to change the world. I never wanted another person to experience the fear of struggling financially or to have the baggage and low self-esteem. More than that, I saw that our minds were what keep us living in mediocrity or excelling us to live the life we dream of. 

I'm here to tell you that if I can get out of poverty, stress, and overwhelm, YOU can do ANYTHING

I spent many years lost and living in fear. I did everything from cleaning toilets, waiting tables to answering phones. I worked three jobs at one point. I was exhausted and wondering what my future would be like.

My life has been through some ups and downs and I have had to start my life over a few times like many others. I learned how to use my mind to achieve so much and feel grateful that I can impact so many others' lives in such a profound way through my online coaching services.

The formula that I use to create a strong, winning mindset and the process for growing my business enables me to provide the lifestyle that I want and this is what I help my clients do each and every day.

I am blessed to have three great kids. My life right now is about taking care of my youngest daughter. Homeschooling my kids has been a great gift which I have been blessed to do for 19 years!

I make it a goal to create a life where I mold my business around my family schedule because like you, I realize that spending time with those that matter most are the key to a loving, fulfilling life.

A major focus in my life is my health and fitness. I spent many years competing in various 10k's, marathons, biathalons as well as becoming a Pro physique competitor.

I've been able to apply the same commitment, dedication and focus of being an athlete in my business. I attribute this to being able to have achieved so much in spite of being homeless.

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My Philosophy

Keep it real and NEVER forget where you came from. If you aren't having fun in your life or business, it's time to search for a solution.

Creating freedom, independence and changing the world while staying connected to God and your authentic self is PARAMOUNT.

My Philosophy

Keep it real and NEVER forget where you came from. If you aren't having fun in your life or business, it's time to search for a solution.

Creating freedom, independence and changing the world while staying connected to God and your authentic self is PARAMOUNT.

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What people are saying...

James maruggo


Sharon is a wonderful person to work with. She helped me grow as a professional but more importantly as a person. In just one hour of my time, she gave me a transformative experience that has reinvigorated my passion for life and business. If you are struggling or feel like your life is stuck in a rut, stop waiting and call Sharon.

bruce ogden

online business owner

I never imagine using a life coach, but here I am. I would recommend Fearless Pursuits. Nothing short of life changing.

j. olson


Sharon was awesome to work with. I feel so much more confident about what I'm doing in my career now! Thanks!

j. dixon


Sharon is a great coach. She has a way of guiding me to resolving my issues easily.

teri webb

educational therapist

Sharon Lee is an amazing business, life, and mindset coach. Why? Because she’s created an extraordinary life for herself and her family, is a resourceful business person herself, and understands the function of positive attitudes and beliefs when it comes to success. I am happy to say that Sharon helped me to with all facets of establishing my business—from naming and registering it with the state, to developing business and marketing plans, and social media and networking strategies, to working through the obstacles that came up along the way. She also helped me conceptualize my ideal client, and to fashion my marketing message and materials to that client. Sharon listens deeply and understands what it is to be a woman in business. For that reason, she was incredibly helpful to me as I navigated the challenges that surfaced as I established mine. I not only felt heard and understood by her, but also helped by her ability to see and shift my sometimes-limiting mindset. When I felt overwhelmed, she helped me break down large tasks into smaller doable chunks, and was always insightful and encouraging along the way. I’m very grateful to have been able to work with Sharon, who was consistently supportive while challenging me to do my very best. I highly recommend her to anyone who could use support and direction while designing and establishing their business. She’s fun and knowledgeable and supportive, and you’ll be seen and heard from someone who understands people and business, and the work involved in establishing one’s own.

fabiana estrela

travel business owner

I have absolute gratitude, admiration and respect to Sharon. She is not only a very experienced and knowledgeable coach, but also an incredible human being that can help you achieve anything you want on your personal life or on your business goals. She is an expert in mindset but also in strategic planning and is able to help you scale your business and your life to a whole different level. I've met Sharon through Facebook (a post that showed up on my wall), started following her and reading her honest shared content that resonated with me until I decided to take action and hired her to help me as my personal and business coach. Forever gratiful and will continue to work with her to elevate myself and achieve my next levels in life!

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Online life & business coach serving people all over the world as well as locally in Denver and cities nearby. As your life coach in Denver or wherever you may be on this planet, I make your experience easy and relaxing. 
This makes it easy for locals and people all over the world because 90% of all coaching sessions are online. 

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