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Build & Scale Your Service Based Business

Go from $0 to $500K
Build & Scale Your Service-Based Business

International mindset business coach, Sharon Lee teaches how to go from brand new business to thriving business making $500K+. Gain access to this free mini-course of 4 videos where I dive deep in several subjects which factor into you building a million dollar business!

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I'm a mindset business coach for driven female entrepreneurs who want more freedom and money to live life on their terms. 

Having the time for what matters to me while making money is what I've accomplished... and it's what I want to show you how to do, too.

Do you feel like your business isn't growing fast enough?

Or maybe you're constantly feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and in self-doubt about what you're doing in your business and it's starting to interfere with your personal life.

I've been there and I can tell you that you DON'T have to live this way. This is what I help my clients avoid and I've been doing it all over the world since 2014!

I help frustrated entrepreneurs to TRANSFORM their life and business by providing strategies that are proven to work an transform their MINDS so they can go out and scale their businesses!

Just as much as you want strategies for marketing, copywriting, messaging and finding your niche... you also understand that your mind is just as important as any other piece to the puzzle.

I'll help you with BOTH!!

Working with a mindset coach that knows business means having someone to guide you through finding the answers that were already in your head, moving past your own self-imposed limits, then to get you OUT of your head.

I'm here to help you move out of your own way, get unstuck, and start building a business that works FOR you... instead of the other way around.

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Sharon Lee, Mindset Business Coach

Online Business-Growth and Mindset Expert for female entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur and mom myself, I found that I had become overwhelmed, lost and frankly, I wasn't making the money that I wanted. 

I answered a calling which was bigger than myself and that is to step out of my own fear, become visible and do the work that I'm most passionate about and that... is helping other entrepreneurs make 5 to 7-figures in their businesses so they can have the freedom to spend time doing what matters most.

I've been your crash-test dummy and learned how to run this online business thing to MASSIVE success and now, I'll teach you too!