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Having confidence is a powerful trait that attracts people to you and is attributed to a greater level of success. Even in the wild, animals look for the most confident to be around, and that goes for mates too.

Your assessment of your self-worth is ultimately what determines your self-confidence. If you are like most people, there probably is a gap between who you are now in your life and who you really want to be in the future.

Having a high dose of confidence enables you do things to help you reach more success. It will enhance your performance in whatever tasks you encounter.

Confidence and Self-Esteem starts within each of us.

I struggled with having low self-esteem most of my life which interfered with accomplishing much of anything. When I finally became aware of how I was sabotaging my own success, I worked at overcoming my fears and gaining more confidence.

I am vulnerable about my experiences in my book Confidence: Transform Your Life Today.

I share my heart and my thoughts as I struggled and what it took for me to overcome my poor confidence to become the strong, confident professional women that I am today.

It’s no surprise that our most influential relationships in our young lives are our parents. It’s said that “parents know best”, that may be for many however in my situation, it was my influential role models who damaged me the most. Children are shaped and molded, and what’s done is done. It’s what the adult does next that can change EVERYTHING!

As I take responsibility for my own life, I am able to let go and forgive. Will I ever forget? I have tried. Sadly, I can’t forget. I am charged to be a gracious but most importantly, realized that my life is now in my own hands.

In this book, you will gain insight on how you can actually take charge of your life to finally take control of being the confident person you were meant to be. You will gain knowledge to help shape your future to help you improve self-esteem once and for all.

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