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About this course

Hello and welcome! I’m super excited to share this course with you, it’s the BEST online, step-by-step coarse to help you create wealth, freedom and confidently get fully-booked in any online business.Once you apply the information that’s in this course to your own business, you’ll be able to promote yourself online confidently, become that version of yourself you prefer to be, convert more sales AND have a better relationship with money through completing the wealth consciousness module.
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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Start Here - The Daily Shift

I've created a goal-setting tool that combines journalling and self coaching to help you set and achieve your goals. This is your tool to use forever and will make all the difference in helping you to not simply achieve but to help you see what you're capable of which will create unstoppable confidence. 

The Daily Shift Practice Guide


Use this guide every day to help you shift your mind and your energy so that you can reach your goals, have more abundance and attract wealth. Use this alongside the video to guide you with you're brand new daily practice. 

  1. Set a monthly goal
  2. Script as if you HAVE it ALREADY
  3. Write a list about the “real” objections your mind has for having it
  4. Journal comfort - Your future self is comforting you to help you see it’s possible
  5. Actions - What actions can you take today to move you closer to your goal
  6. Own what happened - Take responsibility for your vibe, your confidence, your mindset, your beliefs, your procrastination
  7. Model the outcome

Worth & Money Connection [Exercise]

Your job here with your business is to create thoughts that create value. When you DON'T value yourself, your clients (treating them like their a number) or value your program or services, there's no way you'll embody that version of yourself that attracts money to you at the level you desire.
  • What can you believe about yourself and your products/services.
    • i.e. "My product has tremendous value and is worthy of the fee that I'm charging"
  • Create a separate post with your new thoughts.
    • It's important to get the support you need and by being vulnerable by sharing, you're setting yourself up for being accountable and this is where you get your biggest breakthroughs. 
3 Lessons

Client Clarity & Goal Intention

  1. First exercise is to go into the group (for accountability) and post what your intention (goal) is for the following week ahead.
  2. Now, download the Wheel Of Business and mark where you are in each of the areas.
  3. Go back to the group and share with the other CEO's who your 5-star client is and WHY you chose this client to work with. 

Who's your 5-star client? What do they need? Are you being true to yourself, your goals, and desires with the clients you are willing to work with. 

As we start this course, we're building a solid foundation by learning EXACTLY what WE need as well as what our soul-mate clients need too. Without this, you'll get lost in your journey and maybe even forget your passion. 

You'll see the homework under the video training and should be completed before the next training.

Go back to the group and share with the other CEO's who your 5-star client is and WHY you chose this client to work with. 


JOURNAL PROMPTS- Get Clear On Your Identity, Message And True Power

THIS is the groundwork for everything branding, messaging, tone of voice, remembering and
owning your truths. Showing up like YOU, the best, highest you, in the most powerful, magnetic
and impactful way.

You can use this process for tuning into high clarity around all the above. NOW.
But you can also use it every time you want to get reconnected to your soul, your power.
And/or start serving your tribe AND selling your offers and work powerfully.

So, please grab your journal and, before writing, make the conscious decision
to open yourself up to the new understanding, guidance and inspiration
that will be coming to you just by asking the question and making the intention
to receive the clearest and truest answer.

1. Who have I always known I am?

2. What was it always meant to be about?

3. What have I been lying myself about that I can’t possibly have, even if I KNOW that it is
meant and I’m just scared to admit it….?

4. Even if sometimes I feel wishy-washy or spinning, if I knew for sure what the most powerful
message I’m here to share, it would be…….

5. If I could do any work my soul desires in this world and making LOTS of money out of it was
guaranteed, that work would be…….

6. Who’s the old version of me that would pay me for that work?
What is she being challenged by?

What is she searching for?

7. What would I help her with?

8. More exactly, how would I help her with?

9. What qualifies me to do this work?

10. What happens if she never meets me?

Or… what would have happened to that old me if she never got to where I am today?

11. If I could see my soulmate clients, what do you know they’d feel about my work?
(think what that old version of you felt about this work when she discovered it….)

12. What is the transformation my soulmate clients get through this work?

13. How does that transformation impact their families, communities, etc?

14. How would I like to see this transformation ripple out and impact the world?

15. If my higher self / God / the Source could talk to you right now, what would she tell me that I
NEED to remember now?

16. Now, knowing ALL that, what do I KNOW that I am here for?

17. Who am I?

Aligned Branding & Getting Clients [Video Training]

Your brand is about you teaching the world WHO you really are and what to think and feel about your work, your mission and what you are here to do. You can't do this if you aren't clear. This is what will help you to have a powerful online brand. Your business is your soul-driven work and it's driven by your passions. There's literally no border between who you are and your brand. In this new world, the old rules of branding don't apply.

This is really foundational. Your brand is based on who you truly are. Do you like to color your hair purple? Are you a little goofy? Are you "outdoorsey" like I am. People connect and resonate with you when you are BE-ing who you truly are and most importantly, you'll turn off people who you wouldn't want to work with anyway.

When you allow people to see you, they will resonate with you then they become really interested with your offers. It becomes really easy for them to say yes and buy into your offers.


New Life [Exercise]

This is your homework PDF click here to access it.:
1. Complete the questions. (There is space provided)
2. Post in the group (here in this thread)
3. Critique each other's "brand story" and tell them if the branding on their FB profile is aligned with their messaging/content that they've been posting.
7 Lessons

Organic Marketing

This module has many aspects with regards to the various ways that you can promote yourself. Watch the videos and do the appropriate exercises then take advantage of the supporting PDFs to help you organize your content and become more visible online.

Joy Marketing [Exercise]

This week’s challenge is to write our content using only the pleasure side of what our 5 Star Clients want.
First to continue with gaining as much clarity as possible around our messaging, your homework is to write out your “Intellectual philosophy”.
Watch the video first to understand what that is. Then post yours in the group.
Your challenge is to write two Joy marketing posts.
  • One using their desire first followed by their pain connecting the two with, “so that” as your hook
  • One using the 10 Certainties (questions they are asking themselves as they read your post). This post is an actual “sales” post where you’re actively selling your “thing”.
Here are the 10 Certainty question prompts to write from
  1. How is this different from everything else
  2. What’s in it for the buyer
  3. How do i know it’s real (testimonials)
  4. What’s holding you back (takes too long, won’t work for me, answer their objections... ahead of time)
  5. Who is to blame for their current situation “it’s not your fault”
  6. Why is now the time (why take action now- scarcity really does work if you need to use it).
  7. Why should I trust you (case study & testimonial or I’ve been in your shoes before).
  8. How does it work (show them the benefits)
  9. How can I get started (CTA -click the link, message me)
  10. What do I have to lose (risk reversal - money back guarantee)

SMS Post Structure [Exercise]

What is an SMS post? An SMS post stands for; small, measurable, specific.
Here are the rules for posting it:
  1. (Small number) 3, 5, 7 (positive adjective - avatar) who want (X amazing result) in (X days- no longer than 45 days. Comment ( or gif) below for details.
2. It MUST fit on a color background
3. It MUST be removed/deleted within 24 hours or when you are ready to post again (hopefully you are posting every day).
4. This should not be overused. Consider using this on a monthly basis or every 45 days.
  • I’m looking for 5 motivated coaches who want to 10X their mindset so they can be confident online and make 7K in the next 45 days. Drop a gif below if you’re in.

What to do now. 

Your exercise here is to think about what you're selling, and how you want to word your SMS Post. Let's work on it together in the group. *Post your SMS Post in the group so that we can tweek it. Our goal here is to make sure that you get as many responses as possible.

Facebook Page Audit

When it comes to how we're presenting ourselves, there's always room for improvement. In this lesson you'll have access to the Facebook profile audit that I did with a member of this program.

Follow the link below to watch the video (recorded live).

Content Prompts PDF

This is a lead magnet that I am using to build my email list and I'm posting it here for you because I believe it's valuable for giving you ideas of what to post about. Click here to access your Content Prompts.

Social Media (Group) Posting Schedule PDF

This schedule is used for those people who are attracting their 5 Star Clients in other people's Facebook groups. Click here to access your Social Media (Group) Posting Schedule. 

9 Lessons

Simple Selling

In this in-depth training, you'll learn the structure of having a sales call that sets you up for higher conversions.

Call-Structure [Exercise]

Click here to access the Call-Structure exercise.

Sales Script [Exercise]

Click here to access your Sales Script exercise. 

Pre-Consult Grounding Form

Use this Pre-Consult Grounding Form to help you be 100% present for your client or prospect in a sales call. You can access it here.

The Follow-up Script

You can choose to use these or not, it’s completely up to you.

These very simple statements can be used when you are at an impasse with your prospect and they say, “I need to ask my husband” or “ I need to think about it”.
Hopefully, you’ve gone for the courage to “coach” them with this “mindset” but if for some reason, they are still thinking they need to get someone else to help them make the decision or just sleep on it, the following statements will help you.
“I understand you need to speak to your husband” or who ever they need to talk to.
You could also say, “I just want to let you know hat a big reason I try to get you to a yes or a no is because it’s a very normal human response to leave this call and have the doubt set in, the fear, the worry, and all sorts of analytical thinking.”
“So this is what we’re going to do, we’re going to have a conversation within the next 24 to 48 hours.
When do you have 15 minutes to have another conversation? Whether you’re moving forward or not, I always close relationships one way or the other to tie things up. So even if you’re a no, I like to close that out over the phone. Even if you’re a 100% yes, I like to celebrate you on the call. So we’re going to get on the phone in the next 24 to 48 hours and have another conversation for 15 minutes, when do you have availability?
If they say, well they need to check their schedule, you say...
“Surely you know of a 15 minute window, early morning, early afternoon?? When is it? What if we decide on what you think you have available and if something comes up we can just move it”.
3 Lessons

Clean Selling

The term clean selling has been around for a while and it relates to having an underlying objective. This is really key to understand because as humans, we really do pick up on underlying tones and vibrations. Everything is frequency whether we recognize it or not and so is our directive. Watch this training and learn how you can adapt clean selling for more conversions of clients to create a greater impact. 

Your Thoughts Around Selling - The Grounding Form

You'll need to connect with your thoughts around selling BEFORE you get on that Zoom call... BEFORE you get on the phone with your perfect prospect. 

Use this Grounding Form to connect... to anchor your thoughts and emotions to where the NEED to be beforehand. 

Click here to view the Grounding Form. Please see it's power and how you can ground yourself into the client instead of ego.

16 Lessons

Money Mindset Training

Truly becoming wealthy means we need to dive deep into the forces of our universe as well as the energy in our psyche. In this training, I'll take you on a journey that will create shifts in your energy when you truly grasp the internal energy that you need to embody as it relates to wealth. 

The Energy of Money [Exercise]

>> Twice a day, practice feeling how you would feel if you already had what you desire.
>> Take note of and disprove any limiting ideas that come up.
>> Hold the feeling of the desire already being yours for two minutes.
>> Become the observer of your life. Notice what energetic states you are in throughout the day and what you attract.

Clearing The Financial Past [Exercise]

*Write out all of your money memories. Childhood. Teenage years. Young Adult. Adult.
* Journal out these memories.
*Notice what these instances taught you about yourself and money.
* We are looking at these stories with the intention to release and reframe.
* Let’s choose to see this situation through the eyes of love.
*Pray: I am willing to see things differently. Help me to shift my perspective.
* Ask yourself: Is the belief I picked up around this memory ultimately true.
* See what new positive ideas begin to emerge.
* Go through these memories and begin to write a story that feels better around each one.
(Keep in mind, it is safe to forgive those who hurt us. It has happened. It is in the past. there is no need to hold on to it longer.)

The Art of Increasing Your Money Temperature [Exercise]

  1. What ideas have showed up in your mind today that have told you you can’t have what you want?
    • Take a moment do the homework we have already established more quickly than before.
  2. If anything were possible for you, what would you want? Really really want. Deep in your heart.
    • What ideas tell you, you can’t have what you want?
    • Are those ideas ultimately true? (Hint: They never are.)
    • What is a more positive perception I can choose to believe.
    • The polar opposite of the negative belief is often a solid new belief.

Wealth Consciousness - The Awakening [Exercise]

The Nine-Step Formula For Manifestation

  1. Clarity: Be clear about what you want and WHY you want it.
  2. Gentle Observation: Observe what mental blocks/limiting beliefs come up (you could never have that/who are you to have that)
  3. Recognize & Reframe: Know the thought is a lie and pick a new though
  4. Think the new thought. (change your mind) Say it, write it.
  5. Believe the new thought. (continually shift)
  6. VIBE with the new thought – Own it. Be it. Believe it. This is you feeeeeling it and visualizing it.
  7. Release. This or something better.
  8. Be led. Know guidance is coming. Take inspired action
  9. Receive what you’ve been asking for.

To Do

1. Begin the process of getting clear…
  • What are your financial desires?W
  • Write them out.
  • Pick one financial goal to focus on for your first time through this course.
2. Observe your funky beliefs?
  • Remember: You are not your thoughts.
  • What CRAZY beliefs are telling you, that you can not have what you want?
  • Notice your beliefs. Be the gentle observer. Write them down.
3. Explore the root cause?
  • Where did this belief come from?
  • Process that experience
  • Forgive.
4. Begin to write a new story…
  • What more positive thoughts support your financial desires?
  • Write down that thought.
  • Think that thought.
  • Say that thought aloud.
  • Notice how you feel when you tell this new story.
  • Program your new thought into your phone as a reminder.
5. Make a forgiveness list.
  • Make a list of every negative financial experience you have ever had.
  • Forgive the person/memory/experience.
  • Possible Mantra: I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.
6. Clear Space.
  • Forgiveness and healing the past CLEARS SPACE for your new desires!
  • You can also clear literal space
  • Clear out things that no longer serve you to make room for the new.

Wealth Consciousness - Growing in Your Money Frequency [Exercise]

. Become intimate with your money!
  • If money was your friend, how would you treat her?
  • How would you respect, appreciate, and love her?
2. Make a MONEY gratitude list each day!
  • How has money supported you today?
  • What are you thankful to have purchased?
3. Make a MONEY desires list!
  • What would you like to purchase?
  • How will it support you?
  • How will it feel to receive it?
  • Get clear on your goal, why the goal is of service and how the goal will feel when it is received.
REMEMBER: Hold on loosely. All you have to do is like the thing you desire. Express love and excitement for it daily. Do not get desperate, forceful or attached. Let it be easy.
4. Make a literal budget.
  • How much do you usually make?
  • Where does it usually go? (Get out your bank/credit card statement and check it out!)
  • Are you short? What do you have left over?
5. MAKE AND IDEAL BUDGET – This is so much fun to do!
  • Play around! Dream! Have fun!
  • How much do you desire to bring in next month?
  • Where would you spend it? How would it feel?
  • How would that support you and your heartfelt work or purpose?
NOTE: The ideal budget does not have to be the amount you bring in next month or the month after. But it can be. The purpose of this exercise is to expand you, help you think bigger, show you the possibilities and help you feel financial freedom. Be in the energy of this budget being your real life. Feel it and stay with the feeling. It's coming.
6. Track your money
  • In a calendar, spreadsheet or your journal jot down how much money you receive each day.
  • Express gratitude for each day.
  • Notice that you are moving closer toward your goal with every dime.
7. Clean up your money leeks!
  • What is unpaid that you need to pay/dispute/follow up on/take care of? Examples: parking tickets, toll road bills, etc.
  • What random unnecessary autodrafts happen that you don't feel good about? Cancel them or change how you feel about them.
  • We are removing any worry/franticness around money your mind/energy
8. Keep your frequency clean
  • Observe what it feels like to be in and out of the place of knowing there is enough for you.
    • When you get out… how can you move back in, quickly?
    • What things help you get back to that place of feeling abundant/wealthy/deserving?
    • Do whatever you need to do to get back in the place of receiving with ease. (make a playlist, go to a fancy story, make a gratitude list, etc.)
🔥 Pay, tip, donate from an energetic place of more than enough this week! REMOVE GUILT!

🔥 Feel good about each and every dollar circulated.

🔥 Feel good around how you use/spend money!

Wealth Consciousness - Manifesting Goals & Self-Worth [Exercise]

  1. Go buy something special that’s normally out of your budget. Something really nice.
  2. Go and try on some super fancy clothes and take a selfie. Visualize you wearing these kinds of clothes.
  3. Decide that you won’t believe the negative stories
    1. Be the gentle observer. Notice all discomfort.
    2. Dissect each story and decide whether it is true.
    3. The problem is in your mind. Luckily, you can change your mind.
  4. Do a little thinking or deep introspection around any remaining funky blocks you may have identified around having more money? (Example: Rich people are_ _ _ _ _, or making more money will hurt my relationship with x,y,z, etc.) List what you find.
  5. “Rich” is a good trigger word for most people. It can help reveal when there’s some underlying negative association around wealth. For some reason, other words don’t seem to trigger us as much as “rich” does.
    1. What feeling do you get when you use the word rich? Or more specifically, what does it feel like when you say you want to be rich?
  6. What do really need to believe in - or strengthen your belief in - when it comes to what you have to offer others?
    1. People are waiting for your solution.
    2. Your product/program/service is amazing.
  7. What lifestyle, what amount of money, what career, what job or whatever serves your highest desires? What do you want your days to look like? What would support you most in living your dream life? (Not ‘the’ dream life, because it’s different for everyone, what do you need for ‘your’ dream life?)

Next-Level Manifestation [Exercise]

Decide that you will let it be easy.
  • No matter what desires emerge, you will allow the effortless beautiful solution to emerge.
  • There is nothing spiritual about spinning your wheels and working really hard with no gains.
2. Decide that you won’t believe the negative stories
  • Be the gentle observer. Notice all discomfort.
  • Dissect each story and decide whether it is true.
  • The problem is in your mind. Luckily, you can change your mind.
3. Decide to be wealthy
  • Decide that money comes quickly and easily to you.
  • Decide that the world is working with you and that all that is good wants you wealthy.
  • Know that you desires are endlessly supported.

Next-Level Energetic Standards [Exercise]

Write your own rules

>How do you desire for the Universe to work with you?
>Do things come easily or are they hard?
>How do you know it’s working
>You can take my rules and tweak them/make your own

If you’re ready, set your energetic minimums:

>What is the lowest dollar amount you are available for?

>What is the lowest standard of living your available for?

>What would be one step up from where you are right now — without energetically having to strive and reach very hard?

>What is the big goal you would like to push toward in the future?

>Make an affirmation around what you are available for:

>I always earn between ___ and ____. I always attract situations and opportunities that feel _____. I easily create a life that is full of ____, ____ and ____.