Denver Business Coach Helps Local Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Increase Profit WITHOUT The Overwhelm.

Are you a small business owner, coach, consultant, or entrepreneur? Are you just getting started in your business? Do you know which direction to take your company in? Get an actionable plan, strategy, and an accountability partner in your goals. As your Denver Business Coach, I'm here to help you grow and PROFIT!

Denver Business Coach - The Plan For Success

Are you stuck in a a lack of growth or maybe you aren't really sure which direction to take with your marketing? As your business coach in Denver, Colorado I can help by coaching you through planning for success. Through our one on one virtual and private meetings, we will go through a process to identify what's not working and ultimately  holding you back from the kind of growth you want. We'll continue on the journey to explore the areas of growth potential from marketing strategies to employee management and even develop a company culture designed from your own values. 

What is Small Business Coaching?

It doesn't matter if you're in Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs, or in Spain for that matter, I offer coaching for all size small businesses. You have unique challenges, and with nearly 30 years of helping small businesses grow, working with a business coach is a great decision to help you stay out of the overwhelm mindset.

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Business coaching is a good option for those who want to explore their current business too. Working with a business coach can help you to learn new business skills as well.

 Maybe you've had the opportunity to work with a life coach. Although life coaches help people with their day-to-day life, business coaches help with the day-to-day operations, through the implementation of strategies and mindset. 

As your Denver business coach, I'll offer critical feedback on personal and professional performance. This is invaluable for those who are looking to improve their businesses as well as themselves as a result. Anyone who's ever worked with a life coach, transition coach, career coach will attest that there is a LOT of personal growth that happens and interestingly enough, the same is true for working with a business coach.

Business coaches can help companies and entrepreneurs identify and address their challenges both professionally with issues of confidence, mindset but also with strategies for a business plan, business structure and of course marketing too.

As your business coach, I can help to build self-awareness and self-confidence, improve leadership skills, and teach people about personal development and even in with sales and your marketing message to attract your future customers or clients.

Business coaching has been on the rise for the past decade and is currently a $9.4 billion industry. Business coaching helps individuals and organizations develop new skills, increase productivity, and achieve their personal goals while also improving their lives.

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Sharon Lee

Denver Business Coach

"Passion, creativity, and resilience are probably the most over-looked and under-rated skills that a business owner should have. If you’ve got those, you'll be ready for the wildest journey of a lifetime."

Is Your Business Suffering? You Need to Find a Peak-Performing Small Business Coach!

I may live in Colorado and help businesses in Denver, and surrounding areas but I've been helping businesses start and grow businesses all over the world. It's a wonderful world we live in where I can provide coaching services virtually and get RESULTS!

I am a business coach who helps entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses. If you're new in business, I'll help you set and achieve your goals and dreams by finding your true calling and identifying the perfect path forward. 

  • I have been a business coach for years, helping people just like you start and grow their own small businesses not just locally here in Denver but all over the world. I've helped lots of startups just like yours get to where they want to be — including turning a profit, finding a work/life balance, and building a profitable business! I know what it takes to get to the next level. 
  • I'm on your team, and I've got your back. Whether you're an established business owner or an entrepreneur planning for your first launch, I'll help you discover the best way to manage your business. Whether it's helping you achieve your sales goals or boosting traffic to your website, I've got the tools that will help you boost performance.
  • You'd be hard-pressed to find a small business owner in the world who's not interested in learning how to run their business better. And if that small business owner is you, then I'm looking forward to working with you! As a small business coach, I'll equip you with expertise and knowledge to help your business run smoothly and achieve higher performance.
  • As your Denver business coach, I'll show you how to 'go for it and start your own business or grow the one you have! You'll learn about effective and proven techniques, tips, and strategies that will help you succeed in whatever business venture you pursue. I've been building my own online businesses for years now. And while I'm by no means Elon Musk, I know what it's like to be a startup entrepreneur.

As your business coach, I'll even hold your hand for a little bit if need be with step-by-step strategies and mindset techniques that get my clients results.

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Your new life with a successful business is... waiting.

Set-up your breakthrough call with a professional business coach today. 

Five questions to ask yourself before
 hiring a small business coach

If you're thinking of working with a business coach, here are five questions to ask yourself before hiring someone:

1. What is the coaching style and process?

2. What outcomes is possible?

3. Who do they work with?

4. What experience do they have?

5. Is there a track record for success?

What some people have said about working with me...

I'm so grateful for the...

S. Montoya

 I can't believe where my business is today compared to just 12 months ago. I'm so grateful for the work we did together.

Start using a Small Business Coach today to Grow Your Entrepreneurial Skills & Increase your Success!

Hey entrepreneur, you're a special breed! I know this personally because I've been in business for many decades.

Are you thinking that you want to be your own boss? Do you want to start your own business? Are you tired of struggling with self-doubt and procrastination? If so, as your Denver business coach, I'll help you to cut the learning curve and start making serious strides towards your small business success. 

I am a professional small business coach that living in Denver and have helped many people just like you over the past few years have thriving businesses.

I'm a life and small business coach serving the Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas such as, Littleton, Boulder, Aurora, and Colorado Springs.


As your business coach, I won't just tell you what to do or what works — I'll teach you how to do it all! You will be able to take a deep breath and experience a sense of relief knowing that you don't have to figure everything out by yourself. 

...Sharon helped me with all facets of...

T. Webb

Sharon Lee is an amazing business, life, and mindset coach. Why? Because she’s created an extraordinary life for herself and her family, is a resourceful business person herself, and understands the function of positive attitudes and beliefs when it comes to success. I am happy to say that Sharon helped me to with all facets of establishing my business—from naming and registering it with the state, to developing business and marketing plans, and social media and networking strategies, to working through the obstacles that came up along the way. 

Sharon Lee - Denver Business Coach

Now that you're excited and ready to create the life and business you dream of, take a moment to schedule your Breakthrough Call.

Denver Business Coach

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