Eliminate Limiting Beliefs With These 3 Simple Questions

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Would you like to learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs for good? In this article, I’ll be showing you how to get rid of your limiting beliefs using just 3 little questions. To eliminate limiting beliefs, you need to commit to the inner work first.

It’s not an easy process, because we’re staring at some negativity square in the face. The truth is, if you want to eliminate limiting beliefs, you need to be prepared for the realization that you’re going to get uncomfortable.

There is a process for getting rid of limiting beliefs that’s simple. How easy it is depends on your commitment to the process and creating new habits. After all, habits are the building blocks for long-term success!

Not sure what a limiting belief is? You can find some examples of limiting beliefs here.

3 simple questions to eliminate limiting beliefs

#1: Does this have to be the ultimate truth?

This is by far the most important question to start with if you want to eliminate limiting beliefs, and it’s a simple one. Sometimes, this question is just enough to eliminate negative beliefs that aren’t deeply embedded in the subconscious yet. You can ask it each time you catch yourself stating something negative, right in the moment.

Confront your belief head-on and be honest: is this the way it MUST be? Or, is this just the truth you’ve accepted for yourself?

#2: Am I using circumstances and people around me to prove this belief right?

This is a dangerous habit, and it can make letting go of the belief especially difficult. It makes the belief feel that much more real to you. You have to replace this habit, just as you would with any other.

eliminate limiting beliefs, get rid of limiting beliefs, how to eliminate limiting beliefs, how to get rid of limiting beliefs, what is a limiting belief

Instead of seeking evidence that fuels your belief, create a habit of seeking evidence that it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes, you need to actively look for examples in someone else’s life.

Women who fear that all men are solely driven by sex and incapable of love need to see examples of loving relationships. Men who are afraid that all women are manipulative and cheaters need to see examples of long-lasting, devoted relationships.

Some women believe that it’s a man’s world. There’s no room for her among the men to achieve great success. This woman needs to seek out female role models who have risen above limitations and obstacles.

Try to think of some ways that you can disprove your beliefs a little more every day.

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#3: Am I clinging to this belief because it feels comfortable to do so?

Fear of failure plagues so many people. Just as much, the fear of success does too.

What? You can actually fear success?

Yes, it’s true! You can fear success if you’re giving success the wrong meaning. You give success the wrong meaning when you’re afraid of what comes afterward. Ask yourself: What does it mean when you succeed? Are you scared of what comes next?

eliminate limiting beliefs, get rid of limiting beliefs, how to eliminate limiting beliefs, how to get rid of limiting beliefs, what is a limiting belief

If you believe that you could succeed, the next step might be hard work of some kind. Or, it’s just entirely unfamiliar territory. Whichever the case, it seems more comfortable to simply accept that you just can’t do it.

Often, people believe that succeeding means they have to keep it up. If keeping it up is your fear, you’re going to have to confront it. What’s leading you to believe you can’t keep it up? Is it because you’ve never been able to keep up any change that mattered to you?

You may just not know what it takes to stick to your goals and see them through. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible for you, it just means you have to learn the process. If that’s the problem, I highly suggest giving this a read. 

What limiting beliefs are you willing to release today? Let me know in the comment section, and tell me what abundant truth you’ve chosen to believe instead. 

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  1. I see many people clinging onto belief’s as they don’t want to accept change and come out of that cover which they have been surrounded with. It is so important and a high time for them to not use circumstances to prove their belief’s right and come out and see things clearly.

  2. It’s interesting you talk about people sometime fear success. I agree because there is always the thought that the higher you fly, the bigger the fall.

  3. Sometimes familiarity and not shaking things up is what holds people back. I definitely think identifying these moments and really questioning our beliefs and motivations can really help us understand why we behave the way we do, and ultimately help us to learn and adapt.

  4. I really feel your article, especially the third point you’ve mentioned. I know that great things are often out of our comfort zones, but it’s just hard to have the faith in myself that I can actually succeed outside my well known little world and routine.

  5. Change can be pretty scary to some people out there, while others thrive on it! I say it’s good to have beliefs because it can help you think before you act, just as long as it’s within a healthy range! (for yourself and others!) The only limits we have are the ones we build ourselves!
    interesting read!

  6. This is a very interesting post! Most of the time it’s the people you surround yourself with influence your beliefs and that’s why it is important to be around positive people. I have personally experienced such things.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Do drop by my blog as well : http://styleovercoffee.com 🙂

  7. These three questions are so important to understand ourselves. We all have a belief system that guides us in every decision we make and it is imperative to get rid of limiting beliefs. Loved this post!

  8. Claire

    I love the questions 2 and 3. I think keeping a habit to ask questions to yourself really pushes you and be aware of the reality.

  9. I think so too, a lot of people cling on to beliefs because that’s the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of courage to break from what they believe is true and accept reality/change.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  10. Fab post. Great questions to ask oneself every now and again. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.

  11. I know sometimes it’s difficult to believe in one’s self. But success begins with thinking about one’s self in positive terms and in what you can accomplish. Moving forward begins with believing in one’s self.

  12. Wow. This some great points here. I must admit that it really applies to me. Sometimes I say I won’t be able to do something based on other people’s failures. I should learn

  13. That is really interesting post and made me thing a lot about the way I react or the way people react to certain situations. The best thing is to ask the questions yourself and learn about new possibilities. I always try to keep my mind open

  14. Blair villanueva

    If we dont believe to ourselves, then how can others believe us?! Believing that you can get what you want will give us positive results.

  15. Ut Minh

    I like the question “Does this have to be the ultimate truth?” yours. You really like an expert. I need to get rid of my positive thoughts to grow up.

  16. I needed this article. Limiting beliefs is are our death. Because of them we remain stuck and remain at the same mediocre stage.
    I’m trying to get rid of my limiting beliefs, but it’s very hard. I’m aware of them, I’m saying it’s not the truth, but the subconscious strikes again and you notice that you have not evolved at all.
    how to change a belief, but from the subconscious level?

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