fearless living series

The fearless living series was created in a way that breaks down the aspects of basic human struggles to provide actionable strategies.  The goal is to breathe courage to the readers in order to create a more empowered life!

Ask yourself this: “What would it take for me to have a life that’s happy, comfortable, confident, and without fear?”

If you don’t have an answer right away, or if you do but you feel a little stuck, that’s what this series is here for. To motivate, to inspire, to relate with you, and to empower you.

Use the fearless living series much like a textbook, in the way you would learn in a class. Read and learn from each of the posts included here, take notes, and reflect on what you’ve read for as long and as often as you can.

Pursuing an empowered life means taking risks and getting uncomfortable. This sometimes relates to the Spheres of Life such as work, relationships, and money.

When we aren’t reaching fulfilling potential in our lives, it is obvious that being happy in a balance way is impossible.

Working towards taking chances in life, enables us to have achievement beyond our dreams.

Enjoy the fearless living series, I truly hope that you get a lot out of it.

Making Mistakes In Life: The University Of Mistake and Failure

Making mistakes in life was always something that made her feel judged, my client intimated to me. Here’s this seemingly simple beauty sitting before me, her honey colored hair falling in her face as she looked down. It was as if she were acting out a new scene in a dramatic movie. Suddenly, she is “doing” […]Read More »

Living in Fear | The State of Your Life Series: 01

Living in fear is an experience nearly 90% of all humans experience on a daily basis for most of their life. Fear is the very driving force for most of us to take action in our lives and sometimes living in fear does exactly the opposite. We create patterns of procrastination and made up stories in […]Read More »

Adventures in Vulnerability: Fearless Living Series #5

Vulnerability is something that every relationship needs to thrive, but we’re often sabotaged by the fear of what other people would think if we showed our true selves. Would they still like us? Would they treat us differently? Yes, this even includes psychiatrists, therapists, counselors and even life coaches. Just because a person happens to […]Read More »

Overcoming Fear and Worry: Fearless Living Series #4

Overcoming fear and worry wasn’t something that came easily to me for most of my life. After living this life for a few more decades, I’ve learned a few things along the way. That, and being blessed with the opportunity to learn more about the psychology behind worry through my training. In this fearless living series, I’ll […]Read More »

I'm Still Conquering Fear, Too: Fearless Living Series #3

Each of us, every single day, to varying degrees are conquering fear – or, at least wanting to. You may even find yourself paralyzed with fear about something right now. We’re gathered here today because there’s something you and I both know that you need to be doing right now that you’re not doing. Yes, that’s […]Read More »

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