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Benefits of working with a life coach

  • Clarification on your most important goals. 
  • Clear milestones and measures to track towards.
  • Inspiration and motivation to keep you on track.
  • Clarity on what is most important to you.
  • The space to think creatively and intuitively.
  • A sounding board that’s free of judgement 
  • Focus so that you can move into action and get things done.
  • Positive pressure so that you stay accountable to your journey.
  • Help in finding your own best insights and solutions.
  • Avoid procrastination and coping with stress
  • Break destructive habits

To find a life coach or business/career coach that's right for you, knowing what's not working goes a long way to helping create what you DO want.

 Sometimes, clients will say, "I'm just not achieving anything in my life" or "I just feel so stressed at work and just need better habits" and that's okay too.

 Whatever you are struggling with now may seem BIG to you but understand, everything becomes clear as you begin working with a life or business coach.

What's most important though when looking to find a life coach that's just right for you, is an intuitive sense. You know you like someone or "vibe" with them when you meet them in the first few seconds. This is what we'll accomplish as we meet each other on a Breakthrough Call.. These calls are designed for the person who's serious about changing their life for the better.

Together, we'll examine your challenges of your life or business and vision you have. This enables us both to determine if our coaching relationship should blossom and go further so you can 10X your results.

It's easy, empowering and relaxing. 

Monica H. 

Nutritionist & Fitness Coach


"I had the privilege to work with Sharon of Fearless Pursuits, after all she's selective in the best sense about her clients. Her fierce passion and strong willed determination to bust through blocks and coach people to step into their next level comes from such a deep love of people. Sharon genuinely cares for her clients. her new friends and those looking to find a solution to their life and business past programming/unfulfilling patterns and get them as quickly and efficiently to results. I mean her mindset work is beyond amazing and it matches all she is- Amazing."

Your perfect life isn't found...

 It's inside of you

Life can cause you to be STUCK in a mediocre existence, just second-guessing yourself, creating procrastination, and even battling that inner bully who constantly beats you up when all you really want to do is rise-up into an easier, more joyful and successful life or business. 

What if you could breakthrough the blocks and gain the clarity to 

 claim the life you were meant to live?

What if you  could have a mentor to help you create your battleplan to creating a sustainable


 business that grows beyond your wildest dreams?

When you find a life or business coach who knows how to help create transformation, it's a gift you'll be blessed with forever.

Having been a life coach and business coach to hundreds all over the world as well as locally in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado, I’ve seen what stops people from achieving success. Maybe you’re dealing with challenges relating to mindset, not knowing what to do with your life, losses, defeats and are just feeling broken, exhausted and tired of the daily grind. You need to know that your life moving forward doesn't have to be this way. If you're living life without knowing where you’re headed and you want some clarity as well as direction and accountability, this is what I do to help my clients create REAL change in their lives and I can help you too.

You can find a life coach (me) in Denver, Colorado or Colorado Springs if you're local. All sessions are done remotely via the phone or computer when you're ready.


Travel Entrepreneur


" I have absolute gratitude, admiration and respect to Sharon. She is not only a very experienced and knowledgeable coach, but also an incredible human being that can help you achieve anything you want on your personal life or on your business goals. She is an expert in mindset but also in strategic planning and is able to help you scale your business and your life to a whole different level. I've met Sharon through Facebook (a post that showed up on my wall), started following her and reading her honest shared content that resonated with me until I decided to take action and hired her to help me as my personal and business coach. Forever grateful and will continue to work with her to elevate myself and achieve my next levels in life!."

What You’ll Get During This Free Breakthrough Call

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This Breakthrough call is available for those who want to work with a top Life Coach. If you want to find a life coach online who is trained to help people get unstuck and create goals, uncover blocks and stop procrastination by creating a solid plan, this is the call you'll want to make. Together, we'll uncover what it is you want and identify what you need to do to make it happen. Together, we'll decide if we should work together to create transformation in your life. 

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What You’ll Do Before the Call

1. Truly COMMIT to doing the difficult and reach out for help.

2. Click here or press the button below to complete the short application.

What Happens During the Call

1. Be prepared to be in a quiet, private place where you and I can talk about your challenges.

2. I'll assess your situation.

3. I'll provide a roadmap to your solution.

4. Discuss a future in working together.

What Changes After the Call

1. If you've decided to move forward with a coaching relationship, we'll set-up our first appointment.

2. We'll discuss the details of our new relationship and what will be necessary to initiate it.

Life & Business Coach 

Sharon Lee

I'm uniquely trained by the world-renowned Tony Robbins in the Robbins-Madanes Academy as well as trained as a Neuro-linguistic Practitioner. I have over 7 years in the industry and have helped hundreds of people become their best versions by eliminating blocks, overcome roadblocks, get over fears, habits become better leaders, grow amazing businesses and accomplish goals.

I help frustrated people to TRANSFORM their life and business by providing strategies that are proven to work an transform their MINDS so they can go out and create MASSIVE success and happiness in their life or businesses!

I specialize in helping people just like you overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals without the paralyzing fear, overwhelm and procrastination. Although I'm a top Denver life coach, I don't just serve my clients locally. For eight years, I've been serving clients virtually.  

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The Life Coach  For Those Who Fear Change But Want More Out Of Life.

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I knew & worked with Sharon when she was living in OR. Amazing coach. Great listener & just so so full of insight. Makes you feel heard, helped, all the while like you're talking to a friend at the same time. . . :) She got me to stop living in my head with all my silly fears & helped me finally take the leap to start building my dream biz! Would recommend to anyone looking to change their life!!!

joHn o.

Real Estate Developer

Sharon was awesome to work with. I feel so much more confident about what I'm doing in my career now!

I wanted to find a life coach online and I'm glad that I found Sharon.


lorie R.

Customer Service Entrepreneur

I have been working with Miss Sharon for about a year now. With her awesome knowledge and skills, my MINDSET is shifting from all the negative self doubt to one of more positivity and belief in myself.

She has wonderful sustainable plans of action.

She is one of my best cheerleaders, thank I thank GOD for everyday.

"I never thought I'd find a life coach as knowledgeable as Sharon. She's helped be let go of my past, set and actually ACHIEVE goals that I never thought I could reach. I wanted to be a better leader in my career without feeling so stressed out. I can't believe this is my life now. I'm so much more successful than I ever was before."  ~NATHAN T.   Software Eng.

What Are You Waiting For?


Change Your Life!

My clients often say their results are magical. There's no magic happening here, rather it's my client's applying the strategies and mindset work that I teach and creating a better version of themselves. 

When we work together, I utilize the knowledge of how our brains form habits and patterns of behavior for your advantage. The people I work with often see big changes happening very rapidly.

Let's do the same for you!

You might be here to find a life coach online or to find a business coach,'ve officially found her.

Hundreds of people just like you are finally taking control of their lives.

Start seeing the success you deserve, now!

To be completely fulfilled, we shine a light on all areas of your life (career, relationships, finances) and take the needed steps to make sure it’s in line with your vision and holding you accountable throughout. Through guided exercises and consulting, I help you focus on areas that aren’t serving you and form new habits that do. The end goal is to leave you walking away feeling complete and on your way to living an extraordinary life.