You want to learn the strategies of how to get clients online right?

When you're in business or just starting a business whether it be in freelancing, contracting or coaching, you know that you need clients, right? 

You're smart and savvy and know that you want to leverage all the tools and tricks of the trade but what are they? We see the gurus online looking so successful and we KNOW that we want a piece of the pie. 

Get off the struggle-bus and learn how to get more leads, more sales and MORE clients.

 Once you learn what I'm going to teach you, you'll be UNSTOPPABLE!

How To get coaching clients online

The BIGGEST issue that coaches have is, that they don't like the marketing aspect or the sales aspect of running a business. This is a HUGE mental block that's keeping them from having success in their coaching business. This is a mindset shift that has to happen BEFORE we discuss the actual "how" of getting clients online. First, you need to understand that there are TONS of ways to get clients, we just need to know which avenues will work best for us, our lifestyles and our personality. 

Next important aspect is learning sales, specifically I'm talking about having the dreaded "money conversation" where you actually have a discovery call and "close" your prospect. It sounds daunting but ohhhh, so necessary. 

If you're fairly new to business or even if you're not, I'm about to share with you the ULTIMATE guide to help you become more successful in your business by getting clients online.

I'll go into detail to help you hit new heights in your business that you've never seen before so you can get clients online! Best of all, it's TOTALLY FREE. 

Why am I giving this away? Because I believe in helping entrepreneurs kick traditional financial teaching of go to school and get a good job, and hope you have the time and money to live the freedom lifestyle you want. Entrepreneurship is really key to being wealthy. 

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What People Are Saying

Sharon nailed it with this guide. I was able to hit the ground running right away and start getting discovery calls. These were techniques that I didn't think of and they work! This is why I decided to start working with her. Her strategies and her mindset work that she's provided me has helped me grow my business quicker than I imagined. 

S. Megalin - Spiritual Life Coach

How To Get More Online Customers

the basics

  • Do the market research for viability
  • Know your customer or client's biggest struggle 
  • Brand and position yourself as a solution provider
  • Create your marketing messaging
  • Master the money conversation
  • Build your email list
  • Learn to scale and automate over time

When you want to learn how to get clients for online business, you'll need to learn all of the aspects that goes into growing the business but you need to start somewhere and this is where The Client Getting Guide comes in.

A lot of entrepreneurs want to know how to get clients online for free but is this really possible? The short answer is, definitively YES! There are recommendations of using Craigslist, joining professional organizations, or even using Twitter. While these do work, there are MANY other ways that are far more powerful.

One thing you'll need to remember is that where ever you are connecting with people, you may forget about this important aspect. I wrote about this a while ago but it still holds true.  

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What I teach, is what I have used myself to get clients online and how my clients and students are making BANK and now you will have lifetime access to this blueprint yourself. 

It's the complete ULTIMATE guide you NEED right now if you want to succeed in your freelance, consulting or coaching business.

  Grab The Client-Getting Guide for FREE right now!