How To Visualize Effectively: 5 Powerful Visualization Techniques

Learning how to visualize was something that I once thought wasn’t important. I went through my day just getting by with very little results until I started studying the brain.

I learned about Cognitive Dissonance and began understanding the way the human brain works and why I wasn’t accomplishing everything that I wanted in life. If you have been reading very much of my blog, then you know that I am a HUGE believer in rewiring the brain to reach the lifestyle of my dreams.

This is what I will help you with in this blog post but you need accept that learning how to visualize is far more important that you realized.

Now back to Cognitive Dissonance. To help you to understand it better, think of like it’s a feeling of unease or discomfort when there is a conflict between one’s beliefs, and the behaviors or actions of others.

I’ll give you an example.

In my mind, I’d created a figurative blueprint of how my marriage would be. He would smile at me, hold my hand all of the time, want to hug me, laugh with me, as well as talk about hopes and dreams for the future.

When the marriage quickly went cold, I was conflicted and sadly disappointed.

Frankly, I was miserable, confused and began to take it personally as if there was something wrong with me. He dove into work and I rarely saw him and when I did, he hardly gave me any loving attention. We were roommates.

For yourself, let’s get you to start thinking about your own blueprints. These can be any definitive ideas that you have in your mind about the different areas of your life. This can include things such as your financial situation, your level of physical fitness and health, or maybe your own intimate relationships.

So let’s start with a question to get you thinking…

What is not going as you want it to in your own life?

How to visualize: the easiest guide you’ve ever seen.

Alright, now that you have an idea of what you want to change or improve, you need to have an idea of what it looks like for a reference but let’s get into guiding you to learn how to visualize effectively to help you reach your desired outcome.

I’ll explain in a nutshell how it works, and what the benefits are. Better yet, I’ll provide you with 5 visualization techniques you can start using right away. Let’s step up your Law of Attraction game!

As someone investigating visualization techniques, you’re likely familiar with the idea that you attract what you focus on. Not only that, but where you direct aligned energy is where you’re most likely to succeed.

Visualization seems to be something a bit too whimsical and childish for most people to take seriously. They don’t see it as something important to make use of.

how to visualize, visualization techiques

What they don’t realize is that visualization is not something meant to benefit only those making use of the law of attraction. If you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, you can still benefit.

Visualization encourages the brain to release dopamine and noradrenaline, which are both important for improving your performance. Many athletes make use of this knowledge by visualizing the medal that they want to win, the feeling of pride from winning it, and the pride of loved ones for their achievement.

I know this first-hand when I won first place in my last Physique Competition. There where times when I got in my own way and got off track but I must say, it was this visualization technique that helped me SEE my results unfold BEFORE they actually happened.

How can we use this principle to attract abundance, success and joy in your own life?

1: See it in action:
You need to sit quietly and think about what you want. See the story unfold in your minds-eye exactly the way you would want it to in the most perfect situation and outcome.

To have a better vision of what you want, find as many examples as you can of other people who already have it.

how to visualize, visualization techiques

2: Don’t just visualize the finish line. Visualize the journey.
In my example of the Physique Competition, I knew that I would be tired and hungry needing to train more frequently and live day-to-day on a caloric deficit to lose the fat. Having already planned ahead of time what my stumbling blocks would be, I visualized how I would deal with them. This is ultimately what helped me to turn the corner when times got tough and I wanted to give up.

3: Feel it.
Your mind is such a powerful tool, research proves this and yet we know that so many of us do not use this amazing tool to it’s full capacity. The thing is, as powerful as this tool called our mind is, the heart is even MORE powerful. We have to combine the feelings that our heart creates with the story we hold in our mind.

4: Align your lifestyle.
So you have this idea in your mind of what you want. Are you taking any kind of action to create it? Have you even made the space in your lifestyle for what you want? Are you really aligning your life to accept what it is you want?

If I hadn’t created a time-slot in my life for all of the training I would not have succeeded. If I hadn’t done research to know what to eat, when, and how much to eat I wouldn’t have to visualize, visualization techiques

My life changed drastically when I decided to compete. Being a busy mom of three, homeschooling was only one complexity but I had to juggle a business too. In our busy lives, we need to take the time to align our lives with our dreams or we simply will NOT reach them.

5: Play the part: Imagine how successful a marriage would be if the couple did not go on dates. Imagine how cold the relationship would be if there was no laughter.

If you want something bad enough, you must play the part. You can’t simply say you want something then not act accordingly. It makes zero sense.

In this example, you would learn your partner’s love language. Look into their eyes, and make them feel significant.

Taking physical and tangible steps toward your goal can help immensely in bringing it to life. Learning how to visualize effectively is proven to work. If you perform these exercises, then you will achieve results.

If your heart is in it to win it, you will be simply UNSTOPPABLE!

I can understand that it might make you feel silly to “play pretend”, call it “wishful thinking”. The bottom line here is, these are concrete steps that work and they WILL keep you on track on your journey even when things get tough but only if you practice them.

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