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Finding a Denver life coach who's, experienced, certified, and professional who can help create lasting change, happiness, and fulfillment is only a call away.

I've helped thousands all over the world with deep and satisfying transformations in their relationships, careers, and in their overall well-being for 10 years

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Work With A Professional Who Creates Transformation 

You don't have to settle for a mediocre life. When you commit to change, you'll be on the path to a life that makes you feel alive. 

Offering an effective way to improve your life means we'll focus on the goals that matter most to you. As your partner, I'll help you set realistic goals, develop strategies to achieve those goals, and provide support along the way. I've created a system where you can work with me from the comfort of your own home or office. My coaching services are provided to people all over the world using my private Zoom meeting room.

The Results You Can Expect From

Working With Me As Your Trusted Coach 

If you're ready to make positive changes in your life, consider working with a certified professional who creates sustainable change. I work with clients one-on-one to identify areas where improvement is needed and then develop a plan to address them.

I tried, I really did but no matter how hard, I could never get where I wanted in my life and career. Sharon helped me know who I am and move forward creating my life. Together we put together a plan. There were bumps in my journey where I felt like giving up but Sharon helped me see that I was sabotaging my success. Today, I have a beautiful marriage and I'm feeling so confident in my career making more money than ever. Sharon's life coaching services were exactly what I needed.

J. Marina

Sharon is a wonderful person to work with. She helped me grow as a professional but more importantly as a person. Sharon gave me a transformative experience that has reinvigorated my passion for life and business. If you are struggling or feel like your life is stuck in a rut, stop waiting and call Sharon.

J. Maruggo

I had the privilege to work with Sharon of Fearless Pursuits, after all she's selective in the best sense about her clients. Her fierce passion and strong willed determination to bust through blocks and coach people to step into their next level comes from such a deep love of people. Sharon genuinely cares for her clients. her new friends and those looking to find a solution to their life and business past programming/unfulfilling patterns and get them as quickly...

Monica H.

Here's Where You Can See Me Online In Other Major Outlets Too.

What are the benefits of working with a certified coach?

Working with me means, you'll experience so many benefits which can stay with you your whole life and help you to take action in areas you never dreamed you could. When I hear people ask, "why is it so important to have a life coach?" I realize they've never worked with a professional life coach before generally because they don't understand what a life coach does.

The following answers the question, "what does a life coach do for you?"

benefits of life coaching, denver life coach
  • Breakthrough your limiting beliefs
  • Feel more confident in all areas
  • Improve your relationship
  • Manage depression
  • Manage thoughts and feelings
  • Divorce and breakup coaching
  • Boost your career
  • Learn to set boundaries
  • Manage your ADHD
  • Progress towards a dream
  • Get over guilt and shame
  • Get accountability
  • Cope with stress and anxiety
  • Set and reach goals
  • Work through personal and professional issues
  • Learn your values and create standards

How to Choose the Best Life Coach In Denver Colorado

Best denver life coaches

What is really important is, who is the best life coach for YOU

The truth is, there are many options for you and it can be confusing. While qualifications ARE important, it's really about their experience as well as how you both fit.

Working with an empowering professional, one who helps you to uncover your strengths and cultivates inner growth to be the engine that catapults you into the kind of life you never dreamed could happen.

Why Choose Me?

My goal is to help you reach your goals. The first step in the process is being in awareness of what's not working. 

Much like therapy, we'll drill down into what you want, determine the mental blocks as to why you don't have them yet, and create a system with action, accountability, and deep inner work to create the transformation necessary.

Empowering coaching gives you the direction you need to make you feel unstoppable. Now, you can see a life of support with stress, depression, anxiety, and even procrastination.

If you want to begin creating a transformation that fits you and your life, you'll want to start with having a discovery call. This helps you to get to know me better and what it's like to work with me.

Denver life coaching, Denver therapy

Book a session now!

Work with a high-performance professional who knows how to guide you to reduce stress and anxiety, set and achieve goals, cope with transitions, improve relationships, keep you focused, better careers, be a better leader and more!

Let's look at some stats and results. 

When you're Googling "Denver life coach near me", you'll be presented with several choices. You'll be wondering who's the best choice and perhaps begin to feel overwhelmed. You can start by calling those Denver life coaches who have great ratings but when it comes to hiring, you'll want to feel a "vibe" that makes you feel heard.

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Meet Coach Sharon Lee

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Hi, I'm your 5-star, double-certified local life coach in Denver Colorado. My name is Sharon Lee and I provide high-performance coaching services such as relationship coaching, personal life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, ADHD coaching, and business coaching, since 2013.

I'm globally known as an international transformation coach because I help my clients achieve massive results. 

You can see my professional profile in a Top Online Coaching Directory called Noomii to see my other five-star testimonials.

I believe that we can be in control of our lives through our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. You are far more capable than you realize and with the right support, clarity, and focus, you'll be able to shift from where you are now to a thriving, fulfilling, and happy life. 

Why is it important to work with a life coach in Denver?

The truth is, it's a service that's widely known to create powerful change through clarity, eliminating limiting beliefs, setting goals, and creating accountability and I wrote a more in-depth article about what life coaching is here.

Clients will discover their strengths and subsequently be able to effectively take massive action in their personal and professional lives. 

Working together will gradually help tap into your inner emotional and mental strengths and ultimately create a structure for the purpose of taking the action that is responsible for transformation.

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Denver Life Coach Goes Virtual.

Living and working in the digital age means, we can meet in person, however, 90% of all coaching sessions are done virtually via my personal and private Zoom meeting room. 

I have clients in Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Colorado Springs, and other surrounding cities, but I also have clients in Ohio, Texas, and even Australia, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This is what's possible today with all of the digital tools we have available.

I'll help you find your purpose, help you find clarity, and help find your next amazing opportunity to move forward.

Many people are confused about what coaching is. Coaching isn't about "telling people what to do", or about hypnotizing you either. I'll guide you along our coaching sessions so that you can live your life to the fullest and be your best version too!

Sharon Lee business, mindset coach
Life coach in Denver, Denver Life Coach, Life coach Denver CO

Do you have references?

That's a great question and the short answer is yes. A life coach in Denver will help you gain clarity on what's really going on in your life and how to move forward.


I'll also provide guidance on how to improve your relationships, manage stress, improve your health and wellness, career, and achieve goals.

You can purchase chunks of time in the form of sessions that range time such as 90 minutes, one month, three months, six months, and even an entire year.

Here's what some clients say...

"Highest recommendation."

John E. 

Sharon is an exceptional consultant. She has been advising me as I work on a major project. I have done everything from bounce ideas off her to get her guidance concerning certain personal issues that have been impeding my progress. She is insightful and intuitive. She has a talent for reading a situation and give feedback/guidance that is amazingly on target. The sessions build upon each other in a satisfying way. She is able to sense what are my underlying strengths and weaknesses. She effectively follows up on the "loose threads" of the prior sessions. She is always prepared and puts real work into into my case when we are not talking. She provides sincere encouragement. Highest recommendation. As far as I'm concerned, Sharon IS the best life coach in Denver.

Is This The Right Decision For You

Life coaching is often seen as a service that only the elite can afford , but having your own personal life coach is surprisingly affordable.

It has become a key part of many people's everyday lives, you'll always get the transformation you want when you apply the mindset work and the strategies that I present. 

It's often used as a way to get through difficult times like divorce or job loss. This is often called, a Transition Coach. 

life coach in denver, Life and business coach Sharon Koenig Sharon Lee

I'll help you find your true path with confidence so you can become your best version to create that success you've been hoping for.

I can provide insight, goal setting, and accountability. I provide Denver coaching services for all of your needs.

Why Choose Me?

I work with clients one-on-one, providing personalized support and coaching. I believe that my success depends on my ability to understand each client's unique needs and challenges. I am a five-star, coach because my clients get results! I have many Google reviews as well as 5-star reviews in other coaching directories. I'm blessed to work with people all over the world to make a bigger impact on the world.

What You Can Expect From A Session

When considering working with me, it can be exciting and confusing, maybe even make you nervous because it's something you've never done before. Many people are concerned if they'll get results or if they can do the inner work to create change.

I've found throughout the years that most of the answers you're looking for are within you but you can't see them. That's where I come in. My job is to guide you with a very powerful, tried, and true process that helps you transition from being stuck and unsure and instead moves you into confidence, planning, and action well-known. 

My goal is always to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that highlights the solutions and then keep you accountable for experiencing real results. 

My clients tell me they have a new way of thinking after working with me. I like to say that they are simply learning how to see their own hidden but brilliant insights. 

Even though we live in the same city, our coaching sessions will be 100% online in my safe and private meeting room. This is where we connect and meet face-to-face to work through your inner work, develop clarity, create goals, and keep you accountable.


The next steps to your goals aren't solely from clarity and those powerful insights but also from homework items and strategies to keep you moving forward to your next level. I'll help you get the results you've been wanting to help you create more success.

Coaching Technique And Types

When you're thinking of working with a life coach in Denver, you should know that there are many different types of coaches and each will provide you with a different type of coaching.

What coaching services are available to you?

  • Wellness Coach

  • Success Coach

  • Lifestyle Coach

  • Executive Coaches Denver

  • Online Motivational Coach

  • Entrepreneur Coaching

Each of these types of coaches has some sort of specialty and most have a certification.

What you may want to know before setting up your free breakthrough call with me is that I'm certified in many areas.

For over eight years, I've loved helping people become their best version, have more success, and reach their goals in all areas of their life and as a Denver life coach who works with people all over the world, you can be sure to get the same red carpet treatment too!

This is what has driven me to study endlessly all of these years and receive many different certifications and specialties to help my clients in many areas of life.

My favorite two certifications are my Strategic Interventionist certification from nonother than the world-renowned Tony Robbins.

The second is my NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming certification from the amazing Dr. Steve G. Jones.

My years of experience and many areas of expertise are what make me stand out from other coaches and it's what makes me one of the best. I'm in this career for you to help you create results.

Since you searched for a "life coach near me" because you're looking for a Denver life coach, I want you to know that whether you're looking for a life coach in Denver or if you stumbled on this page but don't live in Denver and still need a virtual life coach, you're in the right place.

I serve clients in Denver, Aurora, Highland's Ranch, Littleton, other areas near Denver, and across the pond in London, Alaska, and even Dubai. People contact me from all around the world to create transformation in their businessescareers, and personal life.

Locally, I'm known as one of the top executive coaches Denver because I help facilitate rapid transformation.

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Your new life is... waiting.

Set up your breakthrough call with a professional and certified career and life coach in Denver, today.

Denver Life Coach: What Services Do I provide?

Proffessionally trained in:

  • Overcoming anxiety and stress in work or relationships
  • Helping to reduces anxiety and stress
  • ADHD coaching
  • Increasing confidence in all areas of life and career
  • Eliminating self-doubt when it comes to hitting your goals
  • Overcoming fears that block you from success
  • Working with the subconscious mind to identify blocks and releasing them
  • Work-life balance
  • Setting-up a business
  • Growing a business with a plan and marketing strategies
  • ...and more

As your life coach in Denver, you probably want to know what others are saying about working with me.

Sharon is a great coach...

J. dixon

Sharon is a great life and business coach. She has a way of guiding me to resolving my issues easily. 

When I'm Looking For a Life Coach In Denver, I Think About What Makes A Good Life Coach. I Think About How Do I Find One That's A Good Fit For My Needs, Goals, And Personality?

When I'm out meeting people personally or professionally in Denver, I get asked this question a LOT and it's a great question to help people do the investigative research to find the right life coach.

Finding a life coach in Denver can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It should be no surprise that I see into procrastination and excuses with my prospective clients and the clients that I work with.

We, humans, are typically afraid of making mistakes in our lives. It's no different when we're on the search to find a professional for anything we may need.

This innate lack of confidence in ourselves is what causes procrastination and doubt where you might second-guess yourself.

Don't let your fear of making a mistake interfere with doing your research.

Whether it's a professional to help you update your kitchen or a tax professional to help you get those taxes done, you may find yourself mulling it over in your mind to the point of not making a decision at all.

When it comes to the idea of transforming your life or career, this sort of procrastination could be catastrophic, and working with your very own life coach in Denver will help you to reach more success.

Your goal should be finding a peak-performing life coach in Denver who can help you achieve your goals in a way that creates results.

Your goal should be finding a peak-performing life coach in Denver who can help you achieve your goals in a way that creates results.

First, make sure that the person you are thinking of becoming your life coach in Denver has experience.

There are a lot of new coaches and there's nothing wrong with being new, it's ideal however to trust this personal relationship with an experienced life coach.

There is no replacement for experience. This is the deal-breaker that you'll want to examine as you're considering a coach to work with.

Denver life coach in your area: Do I have to live in Denver to hire you as my life coach?

No. We live in amazing times where we can meet people from all over the world thanks to technology. Obviously, we can have our sessions on the phone but for those who want to have that deeper connection and relationship, we meet in my private Zoom meeting room. This is an application that I use and have the ability to send a one-click link to "log-in" and see my clients.

All you need is a smartphone or a PC with a camera and audio. Most computers these days have the ability to allow you to use your camera and audio so you see, it's really quite easy to work with a life coach online whether you live in Denver, Colorado or if you live in Florida, or even Spain. As your professional life coach in Denver, I regularly meet with my clients from all over the world in my Zoom room every week and I'm happy to meet with you too.

What should you look for when you

want to hire a Denver life coach?

As your five-star rated life coach in Denver, I'm always looking for ways to improve my own skills and also help my clients succeed in their lives. This is at the core of what makes a great career and life coach but here are just a few other aspects to look for in your search. 

 1. Beware of people who claim to be experts in a field they have never tackled before.

2. Be aware of people who make lofty claims but cannot back up their claims with testimonials. 

3. Understand that the most effective coaches may be a bit more expensive. 

4. Look for someone who you have a good connection with in the initial discovery call.. 

5. Find a coach who has the credentials that show professionalism and expertise. 

6. Look for someone who is not trying to sell you something but rather someone who seems interested in your problems.

You'll learn the answers to whether or not a particular coach is a good fit for you or not once you've had the discovery call.

Nothing short of life changing.

B. ogdon 

I never imagine using a life coach, but here I am. I would recommend Sharon with Fearless Pursuits. Nothing short of life changing.

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Denver Life Coach Services For Employers Too

Did you know that life coaching is a great benefit to offer to your employees?

Many of your employees know what a life coach is and they'd love to have access to one. I've worked in a corporate setting to provide employers with my life coaching services as an added benefit for their employees.

I have many certifications and one is as a Small Business Coach. I've been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have helped businesses create more revenue as well as create happier, more productive employees.

This means that as your professional life coach in Denver, Colorado, I can help you in many areas within your business too.

Look at how this works...

Benefits of life coaching for the Employee

Reduce procrastination - Coaching is effective in helping people reach their goals and reducing procrastination in the workplace.

Overcome challenges - Coaches help us "break away" from unproductive habits and provide motivation when we encounter obstacles.

Increase emotional intelligence - It is a new way for coaches to recognize behavior patterns that we may not know and manage emotions in our relationships with ourselves. Coach talks about how it can help you to develop and grow.

Benefits of life coaching for the Employer - Life Coaching Helps To Have More Engaged Employees

Coaching plays a vital role in helping organizations achieve people's strategies, especially leadership development and employee involvement.

Improved performance and productivity - Eighty percent of coached people report high self-esteem, and over 70% benefit from better job performance, more effective relationships and communication skills. Eighty-six percent of companies have declared that they have recovered their investment since coaching.

Adapt to change - Almost 70% of change programs fail to reach their goals, primarily due to employee resistance? The coaching gives employees and managers time to elaborate and think about how to adapt to changes.

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As your certified, professional career life coach in Denver, I'm ready to help you kick-start your career, business or life today so you can finally start living the life you dream of.  We'll talk about how we can work together to move forward. You'll also learn more about me and my background.

If you're looking for a Denver life coach near me,

or live in another nearby city, the following are cities and other areas that I service.

Englewood, CO

Thornton, CO

Greenwood Village




Lakewood, CO


Highlands Ranch, Life Coach

Golden, CO

Colorado Springs Life Coach

Castle Rock, CO

Castle Pines, CO

Pueblo, CO

Lincoln Park

North Washington

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Twin Lakes




Wheat Ridge


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Sharon Lee

Life Coach Denver, CO

Certified Strategic Interventionist

Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Business Coach

NLP Certified

Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to work with a preferred life coach in Denver or maybe you live in the surrounding areas, I'm the life coach people choose when they want RESULTS.

As your professional life coach in Denver, I know that you're likely excited and ready to stop the frustration, overwhelm, feelings of self-doubt, and lack of confidence, and create the life you REALLY want... it's time to work with a certified, professional career and life coach who is in the business of transformation. 

Take the first step...

How To Hire My Own Life Coach


Step 1 - Set-up your free breakthrough call

Click on the link below to select a date and time to talk with me about the biggest challenge you're having so you can hear my prescription.


Step 2 - Check your email 

I'll send you an email to ask if you'd like your consultation to be on the phone or if you'd like a more personal meeting in my private Zoom meeting room. 


Step 3 - Show up and relax 

This is a casual meeting where we learn more about each other. I'll learn about your challenges and goals and you'll discover where to go from here to start creating the results you want.

The question people often have is; 
"How do I improve my life, and have a fulfilling career?"

The Answer:

It might be time to consider working with a professional Denver life coach who's certified and experienced. You want to choose a life coach who knows the techniques, and strategies to help you improve your life and career but most importantly, create LASTING change. 

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