Life Coach For Entrepreneurs: Helping To Create MORE PROFIT

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A Life Coach For Entrepreneurs Helps To Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential To Gain More Profits

Working with a life coach for entrepreneurs is the very foundation for sanity, purpose, and achieving your goals.

One of the biggest problems most entrepreneurs have is getting out of their heads and into action. Entrepreneurs have a unique job and it's to look into the future and be one step ahead of the trends and the needs of their clients.

 As an entrepreneur, you realize that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that's intertwined with your family and your ability to design freedom.

The Problem

Every entrepreneur will make decisions and mistakes. Often our decisions are emotional, based on our mood, our relationships or, our health. This can cause many negative chain reactions in all areas of our life and business if we're not careful.

So if you want to...

  • Know all about an entrepreneur coach
  • How life coaches for entrepreneurs help
  • Learn about the benefits of hiring a life coach for business
  • See examples of the benefits of life and business coaching

Then you'll love the detailed information in this guide for entrepreneurs and executives who sometimes feel like they're stuck and want to know how to get back on track. 

You'll learn what it takes to be a better entrepreneur, executive or leader with high-performing concepts to create results and success.

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Often the answer to our problems is easier than we think but we get stuck in our heads. We often feel so confused and frustrated which makes us feel like we don't know which direction to go in.

This reminds me of a recent client who was fired from her job during the recent pandemic. She worked in corporate who experienced things and began asking herself some pretty deep life questions like; do I want my life to be involved in this bureaucracy or do I want to truly help people? 

She felt as though her hands were tied in every direction when she was asked to look the other way with some important issues.

Everyone has their own truth and we all have to live by it.

She realized her passion for the industry she was in, was dead and it was time to move on. She knew that the only way that she could have more control over her future, her schedule and, her finances was to become an entrepreneur. 

She came to me with an idea but didn't know the first thing to do to make it a reality. She needed strategy but she was also incredibly worried and stressed because she didn't have much savings left.

My job was to help her as both her life coach and her business coach.

What is an Entrepreneurship Coach?

Entrepreneur coaching is for the person who is dedicated to creating a lifestyle of abundance which includes their personal life and the success of their business. 

Many people believe that an entrepreneurship coach only deals with the business but that's usually not the case. As I mentioned above, being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle and it always means they want to create a life of freedom.

An entrepreneur coach can also be called a business coach and they are interchangeable. We're always helping clients put the focus on high-performance habits and goal-setting

We're helping the client to evaluate what's working and put it into action to change what's not working.

Entrepreneurs typically want to focus on personal growth as well, this means they tend to want more skill and a better life and are willing to do what it takes. They tend to have a lot of ideas and struggle with staying focused and productive. 

Many entrepreneurs believe they struggle with ADHD and working with a coach that understands how to stay focused is a major priority.

What do Entrepreneur Coaches do?

An entrepreneur coach is an expert who knows all about successful business growth strategies and the mindset downfall stemming from confidence and self-doubt that can come from running a business.

A life and business coach for entrepreneurs are often consultants too and share their experiences as well as tried and true strategies to help their clients grow. It's all about goals, focus, accountability, and, strategies as far as the entrepreneur coach or a life coach for entrepreneurs is concerned.

Working with an entrepreneur coach means you'll have your very own expert providing personalized advice to help you stay off the struggle bus. 

You may have questions about your marketing strategy or your business plan, and working with your own life and business coach means, you'll never be left alone to worry and stress, rather, you'll have expert consultation from years of personal experience as well as having helped other entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses.

Want to know more about entrepreneurship and how to have more success?

Why do Entrepreneurs Need Coaches?

There are many levels of entrepreneurs but the one thing they all want is; success. The difference is, some entrepreneurs want a higher level of success than others and this is where the rubber meets the road.

If you're asking a person like me who just happens to be a life and business coach for entrepreneurs then I'd tell you that everyone needs a coach. 

Why would I say that?

I've seen massive transformation and it's due to the client-coach relationship where the coach knows how to create clarity and the client does the inner work to create a strong mind, control their thoughts, increase their level of confidence as well as follow through on the strategies of creating a better life or business.

When a person like me who's seen the results is asked this, of course, I would highly recommend working with a life coach for entrepreneurs. 

Why would an entrepreneur need to hire a coach? Because any entrepreneur or small business owner who really wants to create a lifestyle they love, a fulfilling, passion-driven life, and plenty of profit a coach knows the techniques and the strategies to cut the learning curve.

When you want transformation, you'll pull out all of the stops, invest, dive in, and do the work necessary to make your goals a reality.

What is the Average Cost for Entrepreneurship Coaching?

This can vary depending upon the years of experience your coach has. Most new coaches for entrepreneurs begin their practices only charging $20 per hour. 

For the more experienced coach, you'll likely see fees ranging from $75 to $300 per hour. This is true for a life coach for business or a business coach. 

Many of my clients are coaches themselves and I can tell you that the average cost for coaching typically ranges from $75 to $150.

However, the top-level coaches, either life coaches or entrepreneur coaches can charge as high as $3500 per hour

what is the average coast of coaching

You can see that there are a variety of fees as it relates to coaching in general.

You'll also expect the minimum time to work with a coach is three months. This is due to the fact that anyone wanting to have a breakthrough of any kind either in their life or in their business will likely need several weeks to create goals, new habits and put specific strategies into place. 

Sometimes the client is dealing with attitudes and limiting beliefs that block their success. This happens all of the time around money. You may be shocked at how many entrepreneurs have money blocks.

How does it all work?

Many coaches for entrepreneurs simply meet once per week and provide homework. This is where you can see that there's a great deal of value for the price. I one-up them though in my coaching programs. I provide the weekly Zoom meetings, the homework but I also provide, "office hours".

What this means is, you have access to me during the week as well in between the Zoom virtual coaching sessions via email. When you're stuck on something, working through something, or just have a question, these office hours are perfect to get you moving and into motivation and feeling more empowered.

Price is one aspect but as it is with everything, it'll always be about value and this is why I provide so much access to me in my coaching programs.

The Top Reasons to Hire a Life Coach for Entrepreneurs

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1. Stay On Track - If you're an entrepreneur then you'll probably not be surprised by the fact that it can be lonely. Many entrepreneurs feel isolated and working with a life coach for entrepreneurs can help to have a partner who's there to help you with all of the crazy ideas you have.

My clients need a sounding board and help them to reason-out if an idea will work. A good life coach will be a great listener and help their clients stay motivated and stay out of their heads which we all know is "no man's land" when it comes to following through on taking action. 

2. Helping You Work In Your Zone Of Genius - Entrepreneurs have a tenancy to try to do it all. That is one of the reasons for all of the stress and overwhelm that entrepreneurs deal with. When entrepreneurs work with a life coach, there's a phase when clarity becomes the focus. After all, there's no way to know what needs to be changed until we uncover what's not working.

You need this clarity to realize that you're often spinning your wheels when you're doing it all. A life coach for entrepreneurs who specifically knows all of the ins and outs of running businesses, will help you to stop all of the nonsense and help you to do what you love so you can feel more fulfilled and make more money too!

3. Create High-Performance Habits To Reach Your Goals - As an entrepreneur, you can't just "wing it". You'll need to learn new habits so that you can level up your skills and the routines that help to create the level of success you want. There's truly no way that you can become that version of yourself that you prefer to be as a successful entrepreneur until you're honest about your habits. 

4. Gain The Confidence And Eliminate Limiting Blocks - Let's face it, no matter who you are, if you're a male or a female, you've likely had doubts about what you're doing in your business. Working with a life and business coach will help you to identify what is holding you back and help you to move past the blocks. 

Aside from strategy, limiting blocks are at the root of why an entrepreneur fails. This is an aspect that we deal with to help you reach your goals and dreams. 

What is a Life and Business Coach?

Like it is already stated, a life coach is a person who will guide you through the tough times and when you are having doubts about yourself, family, friends, or even your job.

That's why entrepreneurs are a very vulnerable group and they need guidance from entrepreneur coaches. Only they know how difficult is to start the job from the bottom and maintain the balance between personal and professional life. 

Every person needs harmony in life, but that's sometimes very hard to achieve. That's why you can always seek help from a life and business coach

You can decide which one you need more, but you can also consult Sharon Lee who is a double certified life and business coach. She will help you to overcome every obstacle in your life, no matter how hard you think it is.

There is no problem that you can't fight off. You need to put faith in your life coach or business coach and listen to the advice you'll get.


I hope you enjoyed my guide on life coaching for entrepreneurs.

How do I Work with a Life & Business Coach?

By now, you're wondering how to find a life and business coach who specifically works with entrepreneurs like you.

You'll want a life and business coach who...

  • Understands all facets of business (including planning and marketing)
  • Create goal setting
  • Assist, manage and eliminate mindset issues
  • Understands human psychology and can help you stop being you're own worst enemy.
  • Has a system to keep you accountable

It's not easy to find a life coach online. I say this because there are so many choices, also because of the noise online with everyone trying to get your attention is sometimes out of control.

Choosing a coach to help you means you'll want to start with a consult call. This is where you'll have the opportunity to ask questions to help you make an informed decision.

Now I'd like to hear from you and what you have to say;

Which aspect from this guide for entrepreneurs is most important to you right now?

Do you see an area in your life and business that you'd like to design more through coaching?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

All the best,

Sharon Lee, Your Online Life & Business Coach

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The great thing about Life Coaching is it’s all about collaboration. I show up and meet you right where you are in life providing you with the tools and support.  My clients say it's life-changing and I'm honored to share in the journey with you.

Come open yourself up to the possibilities.

My dream is to show you how you can have it ALL - a thriving life and business built on your soul-aligned purpose, designed around your LIFE instead of the other way around, leaving you with time and money for everything that matters to you.


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