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Looking for a certified, professional life coach in Denver?  If you're ready to make a change in your personal or professional life, then working with a life coach will help you reach your goals, stop procrastination, help with confidence and so much more.

How to Choose the Best Life Coach In Denver Colorado

live in denver and ready to hire a life coach? Read on to learn more.

Hi, I'm your local career and life coach in Denver Colorado and my name is Sharon Lee. I've been in business for eight years and love providing career and life coaching services to people living in Denver and the surrounding areas. 

Even though I'm a local life coach in Denver, I am globally known as an international transformational coach.

I serve clients in Aurora to Highland's Ranch to Littleton and across the pond in London, Alaska and even Dubai. People contact me from all around the world to create transformation in their businesses, careers and personal life.  

Although we can meet in person, 90% of all coaching sessions are done virtually via my personal and private Zoom meeting room. 

I'll help you find your purpose, help you find clarity, and help you find your next amazing opportunity to move forward.

Many people are confused about what coaching is. Coaching isn't about "telling people what to do", or about hypnotizing you either. I'll guide you along our coaching sessions to live your life to the fullest and be your best version too!

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Sharon Lee

Denver Life Coach

"Your desire for growth must be bigger than your fear of it. Find a reason to drive you forward instead of the defeating reasons that stop you."

Why Life Coaching May Be Right For You

Life coaching is often seen as a service that only the elite can afford , but having your own personal life coach is surprisingly affordable.

Life coaching has become a key part of many people's everyday lives. 

It's often used as a way to get through difficult times like divorce or job loss. This is often called, a Transition Coach.  

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As your local life coach in Denver, I'll help you find your true path with confidence so you can become your best version to create that success you've been hoping for.

As your personal life coach, I can provide insight, goal setting, and accountability.

What To Expect From A Life Coaching Session

When considering working with a life coach, it can be scary and confusing. Many people are concerned if they'll get results or if they can do the inner work to create change.

As your coach, I've found throughout the years that most of the answers you're looking for are within you but you can't see them. That's where I come in. My job is to guide you with a very powerful, tried and true process that helps you transition from being stuck and unsure and into confidence and planning. 

My goal is always to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that highlights the solutions then keep you accountable for experiencing real results. 

My clients tell me they have a new way of thinking after working with me. I like to say that they are simply learning how to see their own hidden but brilliant insights. 

Working with me as your local Denver life coach and the surrounding areas means you'll be working with a popular and well known professional with a reputation for creating results. 

The next steps to your goals isn't solely from clarity and those powerful insights but rather from homework items and strategies to keep you moving forward to your next-level.

How To Chose A Professional Life Coach In Denver, Colorado?

So, just how do you choose the best coach for YOU?

There are many different types of coaches and each will provide you with a different type of coaching.

Here are a few different types of coaching:

Each of these types of coaches have some sort of specialty and some even have a certification.

What you may want to know before setting-up your free breakthrough call with me is that I'm certified in many areas.

For over eight years, I've loved helping people become their best version, have more success and reach their goals.

This is what has driven me to study endlessly all of these years and receive many different certifications and specialties to help my clients in many areas of life.

My favorite two certifications are my Strategic Interventionist certification from nonother than the world-renowned Tony Robbins.

The second is my NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming certification from the amazing Dr. Steve G. Jones.

My years of experience and many areas of expertise is what makes me stand out from other coaches and it's what makes me one of the best. I'm in this career for you to help you create results

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Your new life is... waiting.

Set-up your breakthrough call with a professional and certified career and life coach in Denver, today. 

Sharon is a great coach...

J. dixon

Sharon is a great life and business coach. She has a way of guiding me to resolving my issues easily. 

What Makes A Good Life Coach And How Do I Find One That's A Good Fit For Me?

When I'm out meeting people personally or professionally in Denver, I get asked this question a LOT and it's a great question to help people do the investitive research to finding the right life coach.

Finding a life coach can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It should be no surprise that I see into procrastination and excuses with my prospective clients and the clients that I work with.

We humans are typically afraid of making mistakes in our lives. It's no different when we're on the search to finding a professional for anything we may need. This innate lack of confidence in ourselves is what causes procrastination and doubt where you might second-guess yourself.

Don't let your fear of making a mistake interfere with doing your research.

Whether it's a professional to help you update your kitchen or a tax professional to help you get those taxes done, you may find yourself mulling it over in your mind to the point of not making a decision at all.

When it comes to the idea of transforming your life or career, this sort of procrastination could be catastrophic. 

Your goal should be finding a peak-performing life coach in Denver who can help you achieve your goals in a way that creates results.

First, make sure that the person you are thinking of becoming your life coach in Denver has experience. There are a lot of new coaches and there's nothing wrong with being new, it's ideal however to trust this personal relationship with an experience life coach.

There is no replacement for experience. This is the deal-breaker that you'll want to examine as you're considering a coach to work with. 

What should you look for?

As your professional life coach, I'm always looking for ways to improve my own skills and also help my clients succeed in their lives. This is at the core of what makes a great career and life coach but here are just a few other aspects to look for in your search. 

 1. Beware of people who claim to be experts in a field they have never tackled before.

2. Be aware of people who make lofty claims but cannot back up their claims with testimonials. 

3. Understand that the most effective coaches may be a bit more expensive. 

4. Look for someone who you have a good connection with in the initial discovery call.. 

5. Find a coach who has the credentials that show professionalism and expertise. 

6. Look for someone who is not trying to sell you something but rather someone who seems interested in your problems.

You'll learn the answers to whether or not a particular coach is a good fit for you or not once you've had the discovery call.

Nothing short of life changing.

B. ogdon 

I never imagine using a life coach, but here I am. I would recommend Fearless Pursuits. Nothing short of life changing.

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Life Coaching Is An Employee Benefit Too!

Listen up Employers! Many of your employees know what a life coach is and they'd love to have access to one. I've worked in a corporate setting to provide employers with my life coaching services as an added benefit for their employees.

I have many certifications and one is as a Small Business Coach. I've been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have helped businesses create more revenue as well as create happier, more productive employees.

This means that I can help you in many areas.

Look at how this works...

Benefits of life coaching for the Employee

  • Reduce procrastination

    • Coaching is effective in helping people reach their goals and reducing procrastination in the work-place.

  • Overcome challenges

    • Coaches help us "break away" from unproductive habits and provide motivation when we encounter obstacles.

  • Increase emotional intelligence

    • It is a new way for coaches to recognize behavior patterns that we may not know and manage emotions in our relationships with ourselves. Coach talks about how it can help you to develop and grow.

Benefits of life coaching for the Employer

  • Life Coaching Helps To Have More Engaged Employees

    • Coaching plays a vital role in helping organizations achieve people's strategies, especially leadership development and employee involvement.

  • Improved performance and productivity

    • Eighty percent of coached people report high self-esteem, and over 70% benefit from better job performance, more effective relationships and communication skills. Eighty-six percent of companies have declared that they have recovered their investment since coaching.

  • Adapt to change

    • Almost 70% of change programs fail to reach their goals, primarily due to employee resistance? The coaching gives employees and managers time to elaborate and think about how to adapt to changes.

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