The Life Coaching For Women Program

Is what you need if you’re ready to experience..

There comes a time in every woman's life when they feel perhaps, lost, overwhelmed, lonely, unfulfilled, and know that they need to make the choice to change or stay the same.

Ask yourself these question

  • Do you struggle with stress and anxiety?
  • Do you struggle with negative thinking and low self-esteem?
  • Do you struggle with your weight and your self-image?
  • Do you struggle with destructive emotions and daily stress?
  • Do you struggle with destructive emotions and daily stress?
  • Do you struggle with low motivation, procrastination, and bad habits?
  • Do you struggle with unhealthy relationships and poor communication?
  • Do you struggle with distraction and lack of focus?
  • Do you struggle with searching for happiness and well-being?
  • Do you think about wanting more out of life, your career, or your relationships

Coaching for women is specialized because women have unique experiences and challenges. Women's coaching is specifically designed with the needs women have as it relates to their well-being within their families, their career, and the need to increase their joy, fulfillment, and confidence.

After reflecting on these questions, how are you feeling?
What thoughts suddenly come up?
Do you feel as though you want to do something about it?
Would you like to have support, a plan, and accountability?

The Answer: The Life coaching For Women Program

If you said “yes” to any of the questions above then don’t worry – you're in the right place!

Often the darkest and most difficult times in our lives are the greatest opportunity to make a real change.

I personally had to hit rock bottom before I got support and hired my own life coach to help me create the life that I wanted.

I lived my life believing…
  • “This is just my life and I have to deal with it.”
  • “This is the way things will always be in my life.”
  • “I’ll never find any type of happiness or success.”

Can life coaching be done online?

In some ways, we're blessed to be living in advanced, technological times where we can regularly meet with people all over the world.

As long as you have a PC or a smartphone and a connection to the internet, you can have a private, 1:1 life coaching session with a life coach.

As your online life coach for women, I meet with my clients 98% of the time through my private online meeting room. The sessions are typically 60 minutes where we break down situations of concern, go over the previous week's homework, and create goals, and strategies.

Life Coaching For Women Requires A Coach Who Understands Women's Issues. Working With Women Who Deal With Concerns Ranging From Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Constant Rumination Of Negative Thoughts, Divorce, Health And Fitness, And Not Making Enough Money In Their Career Or Business, Is What I Specialize In.

I Was Homeless Once And Lived In Poverty For Years. I Dealt With Shame And Issues Of Not Being Enough. I Knew I Was Meant For More So I Demanded More Out Of Myself And Uncovered My Passion And Potential And So Can YOU! I Struggled And Worked To Grow My Business As A Single Woman With Three Kids So I Know Only Too Well About The Unique Challenges Of Women Today.

It's Been My Pleasure To Provide Life Coaching For Women To Help Them Get Out Of The Negativity, Stress, And Overwhelm That Often Comes From Years Of Programming, Not Enough Self-Care, Non-Existent Goals, Or Goals Unachieved Or What We Call, Failures.

You Don't Have To Live Your Life Not Feeling Like No Matter What You Do, You're Not Enough. You No Longer Have To Be In Soul-Sucking Marriages Or Careers That Don't Light You Up. It's Time That You Shine!

Women Today Have Unique Challenges That Create A Hurried, Overwhelming Lifestyle Where They Look At Themselves In The Mirror And Hardly Recognize Themselves.

As A Life Coach For Women, I'm Suggesting That You Stop Putting Yourself Last! You DO Deserve To Invest In An Abundant Future.

Make No Mistake, A Man Sure Would But We Women Aren't So Good At This. I've Been There So I Understand Your Many Challenges.

Life Coaching For Women Will Walk You Step-By-Step And Is The Foundation To Getting Clarity, Setting Goals, De-Stressing, Taking Better Care Of Yourself, Improving Your Confidence, Gaining Empowerment To Go After Your Relationship, Career, Or Business Goals, And Learning To Love Herself In Spite Of The Past. Let's Create Your Transformation - TOGETHER!

I'm More Than A Life Coach For Women, I'm A Mom To Three Kids, A Wife, An Entrepreneur For Nearly 30 Years, An Author, And A Former Champion Athlete.

As A Master Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP, And Certified Business Coach I've Been Trained To Create Transformation In Women Who Feel As Though They've Lost Their Way And Want More Out Of All Areas Of Life. Sharon Lee, Life Coach For Women

Why life Coaching For Women Is The Answer

Women Who Are D-O-N-E With A Mediocre Life, Feeling Like There Must Be More Are Who Should Consider Life Coaching For

As Your Online Life Coach Who Specifically Works With Women, I Know The Issues That Face You On A Daily Basis .

What Others Say About Working With Me

As a woman, you may want to know what can life
coaching help with?"

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Never feeling as though you can do the things you want in your relationships, or career stops you dead in your tracks. Not setting goals or reaching them is absolutely crushing to your self-esteem. It's time to work on that!

Stress & Anxiety

Panic attacks, feeling awkward, or having your cortisol through the roof on a daily basis ages you and messes with your hormones and immune system. This needs to stop if you're hoping to eliminate stress and anxiety!

Toxic Thoughts

You ruminate over and over about things from the past, things people say and you KNOW it's sabotaging your confidence, creating a negative vibration, and programming your mind to be stuck. This does NOT serve your highest self!

Feeling Lost

You'd like to ask for more but what? You know you should set goals but why bother, you don't reach them. You'd like more clarity to help you with direction but you feel so alone. Let's stop the overthinking and get you on the path to transformation!

Better Career, Or Start A Business

You have dreams of making more money, a better position, other people thinking highly of you, and even more time with your family or for yourself. It's time you put yourself first and create a future version of yourself that you feel proud of. Massive success and FULFILLMENT is waiting on the other side!

How To Get The Most Out Of Life Coaching
For Women

When you're working with a life coach, career coach, business coach or transition coach, you only have TWO jobs.

  • Being honest about your blocks, even if they're embarrassing to you.
  • Following through on doing the homework.

Life Coaching For Women Is The Foundation That Is Absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL When You Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable And Invest In Doing The Inner Work.

Your Journey To Self-Improvement And Success Will Vary Depending On Your Ability To Show Up, And Do The Work Even Though Some Of The Difficult Feelings That Come Out Of Uncovering And Healing From Past Traumas And Pain. As Your Life Coach, I'll Be By Your Side And Help You Through It So You Can SHINE!

Is It Time To Work With A Top-Rated Female Life Coach?

Let's Work Together To Transform Your
Life And Career!




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Life Coaching For Women - Rates


$450 / one-time

One month of coaching to begin blossoming into that successful version you prefer to be. Working on issues most important to you.


$425 / mo. ($1275)

One month of coaching to begin blossoming into that successful version you prefer to be. Working on issues most important to you.


$400 / mo. ($2400)

Six full months of diving deep into areas of your life, career or business that most need improvement. *Best value

Or if you're not sure and would rather have a chat first...

Main Benefits Of Working With Me As Your
Burnout Coach

Gain clarity and a plan on what to change in your life

Realize the power to change your emotions once you manage your mind

Feel more confident about yourself and your life and stop procrastination

Manage stress and anxiety and realize a more balanced life

Gain the tools to interact in your relationships in a way that feels good

Make more money and become more successful in your career

Set and achieve goals easier and more effortlessly

Experience a healthier body and mind with overall wellbeing

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