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Sharon Koenig Sharon Lee Mindset Business Coach Expert

I'm looking for 20 motivated coaches, healers, spiritual leaders or consultants who want to make their first 6 figures in their business.

Course Enrollments close on October 5th 2020


Be prepared to be fully-booked... CONSISTENTLY!

If you're interested in making your first 10K month and become limitless in 60 days, this program is for you! This is a complete, comprehensive training to start making SERIOUS money in your service-based business! 

Are you...

  • Frustrated with not knowing what to do every day in your business?
  • Frustrated with not having enough money to pay for your living expenses?
  • Tired of being in debt?
  • Confused about how to promote your business?
  • Feel confused about how to brand yourself, do launches, create digital programs, group programs or even how to build an email list?

  • Tired of not knowing how to even book a discovery call?
  • Uncertain about how to convert someone on a sales call?
  • Feeling frustrated because you have low confidence when it comes to your marketing efforts?
  • Frustrated because you KNOW you have money blocks but can't seem to bust through?
  • Just over the whole hustle and being tired and overwhelmed?

Introducing the REVISED...

Limitess Wealth!

Starting October 5th, I'm doing a LIVE revision of my most comprehensive and complete program. This program was originally invented for those service providers who have been riding on the struggle bus but want to learn the PROVEN marketing & sales strategies, the confidence, the wealth mindset and improve their self worth to create an unstoppable global impact so that they can grow their bank account. 

*Special offer! Enroll now and get it for 1/5 of the price when it goes public in 2021! Just $500!

This program was my baby (I put so much into this program) and has helped HUNDREDS of other service providers and online entrepreneurs create wealth through organic methods, as well as a new and better version of themselves.

The BEST part about this updated version is, because the online space keeps evolving and marketing keeps changing, you get to learn the tried and true strategies along with the latest techniques that work in today's online landscape all without paying for ads AND have access to me for Live Q&A Coaching Sessions.

This program is going to be completely revamped with BRAND NEW CONTENT and when you get stuck, you just hop on one of the Live Coaching Calls and get your answers instantly.

Can you imagine having your own hybrid group coaching AND weekly coaching sessions? This is going to be AMAZING!

There's room in this program for 20 motivated entrepreneurs who want to go through this content LIVE with me for a fraction of the cost. It's a no-brainer at just $500.00. 

When I launch this program to the world in 2021, the price will quadruple so when you commit to joining me in this program (before October 5th), you'll go through it LIVE with me in exchange for your feedback. It's that easy.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This paragraph here is to explain how your online course works. Tell them what exactly will happen after they sign up. Do they get access to all of it straight away? How much time will it take them to complete the course? What result will they get at the end?

The Lessons

Live lessons on marketing, visibility, sales, wealth mindset, self worth, limiting beliefs & embodiment (the lessons will always be available for later viewing).

The Coaching

Live Q&A Coaching Sessions every-single week.


Marketing critiques and assessment from yours truly (this will NOT be available in the public version next year).

You 2.0

Work on your confidence, manifestation and that future you who creates limitless wealth.

Here’s what people are saying...

Emma G.

Body Image Coach

Working with Sharon has been such an eye-opening experience! Sharon knows so much about building a coaching practice and really optimising all of our actions so that they yield the results we want!

I was amazed by how much I didn’t know with regards to social media marketing and even just little tips that help could help propel my business to the next level.

Desiree W.

Life & Business Coach

Sharon blew my mind!, My business is growing and I've had a mindset shift that helps me apply what I've learned and make more money

I’m thrilled we were able to work together and I would definitely recommend her for anyone who is looking to dive deep into understanding what’s holding them back in business.

Patrenia D.

Personal Finance Expert

She challenged me each week to be bold in my offerings and to get rid of the fear I had of being “seen”. Each week left me feeling encouraged, excited, and motivated to continue on with my business plans.

I had many “firsts” with first successful webinar including the pitch, my first Facebook Live, and my first successful course launch. Sharon has a way of meeting you where you are and supporting you as she’s pushes you to where you need to be. 

Thanks to Sharon, I'm thriving personally and professionally.

This program is designed for coaches, healers, consultants and any service-based entrepreneur.

Here are the deets...

You'll get anytime access to real-time and pre-recorded PROVEN lessons and Live coaching sessions that will help you grow your six-figure business and position you to be limitless!

How to create a mouth-watering offer

Your launch plan

Group coaching plan

List building strategies

Grow your strong mindset

Your webinar plan

Your signature program

Find the "right" pricing structure

Branding & positioning

Messeging & marketing

Getting discovery calls

Convert your prospects on a sales call

Eliminate limiting beliefs

Wealth mindset processes

Lead magnet & copywriting

Get on podcasts & blogs

... and so much more!

This investment is a one-time purchase of $500!

The price tag on this when I re-launch and go public in 2021 will be $2500. The weekly coaching sessions and the marketing assessments alone are valued more than that!

About Sharon Lee

I'm an online business coach for entrepreneurs who want more freedom and money to live life on their terms. I'm an entrepreneur like you, but first and foremost, I'm a Mom - and that's what drew me to the freedom that an online business can offer. 

Having the time for what matters to me while making money at the same time is what I've accomplished... and it's what I want to show you how to do, too.

I offer business coaching for frustrated entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving business, but more than that...I help them to TRANSFORM their life by helping them transform their MINDS, their energy and help them "skill-up"!

Just as much as you want strategies for marketing, copywriting, messaging and finding your niche... you also understand that your mind is just as important as any other piece to the puzzle. I've got'chu covered!

Sharon Koenig Sharon Lee
Sharon Koenig Sharon Lee Mindset Business Coach

Getting fully booked doesn’t have to be hard.
What I’m going to teach you will change everything.


Waking up to a calendar full of your perfect dream clients. 

 Your group coaching program being all the rage.

Having the freedom to do the things you want.

Having the money to create the lifestyle you dream of.

It's all possible for you!

Remember we start October 5th but this offer is ONLY for people who are motivated to create limitless wealth!

This container is has a very limited capacity because of the one-to-one weekly coaching and the marketing assessments so as soon as the spots are filled, I'm closing the cart.

Course Enrollments close on October 5th, 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Yup, that's right! If you've applied EVERYTHING and don't see results, I'll return your money! Crazy I know but seriously, THIS program changes lives and I'm SO confident that when you work the program and do everything that I tell you to do, you'll have limitless wealth!  You won't find this guarantee anywhere!

Don’t wait! Get your seat now!

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