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There's no escaping that the bulk of your income is probably made from trading dollars for hours.

The same is true for nearly all service-based businesses, in any specialty. That's just how the industry works, after all.

But that doesn't mean it's not frustrating, right?

You've probably bumped up against an income ceiling you didn't like, or suffered with a serious income drop every time you wanted to take a vacation. Again, that's often seen as just the nature of the business.

Unfortunately, in this business, it also means...

Increasing Your Income As An Online Entrepreneur Often Comes Down To Two Choices...



Again, working more is really only an option in the short term. You might be able to pull off a few weeks or even months of nose-to-the-grindstone work, but eventually, you'll hit a wall.

Everyone does.

And yes, you could raise your rates. In fact, you're probably due for an increase right now, if you're like most online entrepreneurs, but that will only take you so far, too.

Your market has a limit, and once you reach it, there will be no more hourly rate increases until you reach super-star status that is.

But there is another way...

Turn Your Unique Passions and Skills Into a High-Quality Online Course People Will Buy.

If you’re feeling burnt out by your services-based business or 9-5 corporate j-o-b and dreaming about leveraging your skills so you can transform more lives & experience more freedom…then you're in the right spot

Question: Have you ever thought about creating an online course but don't know where to start or have some idea but feel stuck around the launch?

Let’s get real: If you’ve been in online business any length of time, you’ve witnessed a colleague promoting their own–or someone else’s–online course.

Maybe you’re even a course junkie yourself, snapping up every course on every topic you have even a remote interest in.

It feels like everyone’s all:“Launch a course!” And you’re all:“…But how?” But here’s what’s different about you…

You don’t want to create a course just for course creation’s sake. You want to create a course because you truly want to provide more people with the level of transformation you already provide your 1:1 clients.

Which means? You want to make sure your course is high-quality, makes sense in your overall business plan & can provide you with long-term, semi-passive income…not “flash in the pan” overnight success.

  • What's the first step?
  • How do I choose a name that inspires buyers?
  • How do I price my course?
  • How do I promote my course?
  • How do I outline the lessons?
  • What platform should I choose to host my course?
  • How do I choose what subject to base my course on?

On one hand, it all seems so complex and overwhelming.

I mean…will it really be worth all the time & effort? (You don’t want to hustle harder than you already are, after all!)

Do you really have a big enough audience to pull it off?

And can you really somehow create a course that stands out from your competitors, when everyone and their business bestie already has one?

(Let’s be honest: You DREAD the thought of creating a course that ends up in someone’s digital junk drawer!)

Well, here’s the good news.

You CAN Craft an Online Course That Makes Ideal Clients All “Take My Money”–Even If You’re Not a Tech Guru, Mega Influencer or Anywhere Near an Expert!

There IS a proven and EASY formula for creating a profitable online course that delivers exactly what your people want, in exactly the way they want it…and I’m here to share it with you today!


About the Creator

I have been an online entrepreneur for nearly 30 years and have expertly taught entrepreneurs just like you all over the world. I wanted so much to be able to stay home with my kids while making money and impacting people's lives positively. It was through selling products online in my first business that I discovered that I could make a passive income. 

Then later learning through various brick-and-mortar businesses that I could create a better life for myself and my children if I could teach people how I've been able to make money while living the lifestyle of choice and freedom and now I'm sharing just how you can create your very own digital course and sell it!

"Freedom comes at a cost. It's the amount of desire, persistence, and focused actions that ultimately creates it."

Sharon Lee

Mindset & Online Business Expert | Digital Creator

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What will we be breaking down in the Online Course Academy?

In the Online Course Academy, I’m going to walk you in detail through how to create a quality course that sells. From picking a topic to creating valuable lessons, this course will teach you how to craft a transformative online course so it’s highly desirable, highly memorable, and highly likely to gain you repeat clients, referrals & more business over the long term.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Create a quality course that stands out from the competition (step-by-step blueprint)
  • Pick the perfect topic and name for your course
  • Establish yourself as the ultimate authority on your course topic
  • Outsource parts of your course to conserve your energy for what you do best
  • Keep students interacting with (and buying from) you long after your course is over–over & over again!
  • Learn about the launch strategies and choose one that fits your needs

Sound great? Here’s exactly what goodies you’ll find packed into this group coaching online course…

  • Identifying a desirable topic students will rush to pay for–yep, even if it’s “been done before”!
  • Figuring out who your paying audience is–and where to find them.
  • Going beyond demographics–and the secret audience data you can’t ignore!
  • What you should–and should not–promise as a result of your course
  • Cultivating lifetime fans who will click on (and snap up) your offers–just because they’re yours!
  • The technical aspects broken down so you know the process and avoid making mistakes.
  • How to create sales pages that convert so you can actually make money.
  • How to create a course name that practically sells itself–plus the 4 must-haves to include in your title to instantly communicate value!
  • 5 tiny tactics to spice up your course titles–so you can avoid boring course names while still being clear and descriptive.
  • How to take naming your course to a higher level–even if you think you’ve nailed it!
  • The secret naming ingredient you MUST include to create a name that sings and zings!
  • The secret method the pros use to make course design easy-peasy!
  • Going deeper with promoting your course to take the weight off of your mind so you can start selling.

  • Step-by-step blueprint to designing your successful course!
  • Identifying your strengths–so you can play them up!
  • Why skill and talent don’t matter when it comes to quality course content–and the one thing that actually does!
  • The main difference between great courses & confusing ones–plus the 3 must-have components for a course that truly transforms.
  • The key to a stand-out course and feeling confident in your content–even if you’re a first-timer or not as polished as your competitors.
  • How to create lessons that sound natural and conversational–even if you’re never “taught” a thing before!

  • Learn the different launch methods and design your own launchpad!
  • What tasks you should always outsource–and what you can do yourself.
  • How to choose–and use–the best teaching platform for you (do this right & you’ll make your launch about 1000x easier!)
  • The #1 person you need on your team to stop you from veering off in wrong or confusing directions!
  • 3 easy ways to keep your business growing while you’re busy teaching your course!
  • Who to hire to make you more money and make your life easier–even long after your course is over!

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Get the training AND coaching you need to create and sell your online course.

  • 8 video Live video trainings
  • Videos accessible anytime 
  • Live weekly Q&A and coaching sessions
  • Worksheets, checklists, and PDFs
  • Private group: get answers & mastermind

*Our first day of training begins October 25th at 4:00 PM MST

The Work That We'll Be Doing Together. 

You'll have eight Live video lessons which will be recorded and added to your course dashboard so you can access them anytime

You'll have access to worksheets, PDF summaries, checklists, homework, audio files,... to make sure you've got every angle covered.

Bonus 1: You'll have access to LIVE weekly Q & A sessions which are basically coaching sessions to ensure your success when you need more clarity.

Is This Course Right For You?

This course is not for everybody. 

Who is this for

  • When you have an idea but don't know where to start
  • When you want guidance and structure
  • When you want Live consulting and coaching
  • When you want step-by-step instructions and clarity on how to create and sell your course

Who is this not for

  • You already have a course  
  • You don't need help selling your course
  • You don't want the ultimate "how to" curriculum for course creation and sales
  • You don't want Live coaching or to have your questions answered

>>Bonus Section<<

Are you ready to make out like a Bandit with my bonuses? Not only are you getting the early bird bonus but scroll down to see what else I'm offering with this program.

Bonus 2: Access to a private Telegram Group

In between sessions you'll have questions. This private group is where you'll be able to mastermind and get answers to ensure your success!


Included: LIVE Q&A = weekly conference call

This is an AMAZING offer and is worth the price of this course all on its own. Each week, sign up to have your 1:1 coaching session to get you moving passed a stumbling block. For those who don't make it to the "hot seat", you'll be able to watch Live and benefit from the coaching as well!


Bonus 3: Swipe Email Newsletters

Yup, this is included too! Steal my Swipe email newsletter templates which are valued at $297 and you get it F-R-E-E with this course. This is an amazing resource that you'll need as you're building and nurturing your own audience. 

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