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Self Growth Is Critical Self Life Coaching You Can Find Time To Do Every Day

Self growth is an important part of living a fulfilling life, because growing as a person brings longer-lasting significance and confidence than any new car, new house,  shiny medal or trophy ever could!

It’s satisfying to have someone else proud of who you are, but the most satisfying confidence a person can possibly feel is pride in themselves.

It’s interesting that we talk a lot about self growth but would do everything possible to find our phone if we lost it but when it comes to actually self coaching to a better version we simply put it off and find something else that’s more important.

I love positive affirmations and they totally work to increase our vibration but do they help us to create that future version of ourselves that’s successful? I’d love to hear you weigh in on that question in the comments below.

Positive affirmations are definitely part of a good strategy for improved self growth but as one of my clients says, they are reminded that it was life coaching that put all of the pieces together.

Let’s just take all of the pressure off of ourselves and raise our vibrations with a list of positive affirmations. Also, read all the way at the bottom for some reflection questions to help you work through a stumbling block you may be dealing with. Really great life coaches ask deep questions to help you become aware of your mindset blocks but it’s up to you to go deeper and answer the questions. As your online life coach, I like to provide those reflection questions to get you thinking. Remember, these powerful questions are at the bottom of the page.

Below, I’d like to provide you with another installment of my positive affirmations, this time, about self growth. Begin the journey of a better you with a healthy mindset. Enjoy!

self growth, personal development, self improvement, growth, positive affirmations

I am always open-minded to opportunities that will help me grow. I have the courage to grow regardless of the challenges I might face.

I embrace the many ways I’ve already grown. I see how far I’ve come, and I know how much further I can go.

I am happy to take steps toward my potential, because I can see how good it will feel to get there. I can feel what it’s like to be where I see my future self. I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to get there.

I am patient for my self growth. I embrace any progress that I can make. If I stay committed, I will reach my potential exactly when I should. I feel proud whenever I make another step in the right direction.

I am committed to taking every moment I can to grow. Every day, I can grow by at least 1%. I am committed to making the person I am today an improvement of who I was yesterday.

I am committed to making my own improvement a higher priority than short-term pleasure. My distractions can wait. I feel proud of myself when I put them aside and do something that will help me grow as a person instead.

I realize that my mistakes don’t define me – how I react to them, and whether I choose to learn from them are what define me. I understand that sometimes mistakes are an important part of my learning. I am grateful for opportunities to grow, regardless of what they look like.

I make peace with each of my mistakes, because they are in the past. I accept that I can’t change what’s behind me, and I am committed to growing from it. I am in control of my future.

I am happy to grow in any way I can. I know that my personal growth will bring me a more fulfilling life. Every day, I will look back at my past self, and see that I am better now than I was before.

I know that my growth will help me feel good about myself, and the people around me will feel better about me, too. My growth as a character makes all of my relationships more satisfying. It also inspires others to do the same.

I am happy to help other people grow with me. I am aware that the strength and knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences can help other people who are on the same path. Sharing my successes can lift others up, and sharing my mistakes can protect them.

Today, I recognize that my growth is only limited by how many opportunities I choose to take advantage of.

Self-reflection questions to encourage self growth:

  • What small way can I grow today?
  • Do I surround myself with people who are supportive of my growth?
  • Was there an opportunity for self growth that I let go of out of the fear of pain, failure, or hard work? It’s important to understand that hard work is temporary, but the regret and emptiness of staying stagnant is a permanent pain that will only grow with age.

Stay tuned for more positive affirmations, because there are plenty more, on a wide variety of subjects.

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