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Enjoy self improvement products and Ebooks to assist you in your own personal growth and development available here at Fearless Pursuits.

Congratulations on your commitment to your own self improvement journey! Welcome to Fearless Pursuits where you will find advice, tips, articles, self improvement products as well as online life coaching! Life Coach Sharon Koenig’s passion for life is to live with courage, and to help you create your own epic life. Here at, you’ll find everything you need to start your journey to fearless living, with powerful tools such as downloadable self improvement courses, worksheets, and ebooks!

Self Improvement Ebook and Products: 

Achieving Your Dreams Without Fear

self improvement courses, Achieving SuccessEven those who consider themselves traditionally “successful” have fears to overcome. Fear prevents growth, leaving you stagnant and feeling stuck. This self improvement Ebook bundle will help move you beyond fear so you can push ahead to accomplish your dreams. Here’s what you’ll learn in this self improvement course:

  • How To Achieve Your Dreams During This Economic Crisis
  • The 6 Core Principals for Combating Recession Fears
  • How to Become a Self-Talk Master
  • A Step-By-Step Plan to Defuse Fear and Achieve Peace
  • How to Transform Failure into Resounding Success

You’re about to learn how you can transform your fears into an unstoppable force! You will gain the wisdom and skills to manage setbacks, struggles, and suffering during this recession and beyond!

Self Improvement Ebook and Products: From Social Anxiety To Social Butterfly in 90 Days – Bundle (Book & Worksheet)

  Severe social anxiety may require professional assistance, but there are many things you can do to help yourself. You learned to be fearful in social situations. You can also teach yourself to be more comfortable in social settings. Plus, with the accompanied worksheet effective plan , you can erase years of social anxiety in 90 days.  


Self Improvement Ebook and Products: 

Productivity Worksheet – FREE

Productivity WorksheetI created this productivity worksheet to help my readers and my clients become more productive in their own life. This tool has been so helpful in my own life and I know that if you are diligent and use this worksheet as it was meant, you too will see the benefits your productivity level skyrocket! I feel that this productivity worksheet is so important to becoming more productive and I believe that you will benefit so much that I have decided to offer it for FREE. Enjoy! Get your FREE copy NOW!  Click here –>>  Download Now