Our Self Worth Creates Success or Failure

self worth, become the greatest version of yourself

Success is a recipe with many ingredients. One aspect that is a HUGE, yet highly undervalued part of it is your self worth. In order to let go of the limitations, you have to truly believe you’re worthy.

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Worthy of what? You have to believe you’re worthy of seeking out your greatest potential, no matter what time you have to take for yourself. Yes, even if it means asking for what you need of the people who matter to you in order to get there!

It’s all about changing how we see ourselves, isn’t it? This image we have of ourselves actually bears more weight than even the perception other people have of us. That is the secret to really allowing yourself to become the greatest version of yourself.

It’s not easy, but what we need to do is, little by little, strip away the layers. Peel off the layers of self-doubt and the criticism from yourself and others, until you find your true authenticity.

The fact is, we have no control over how people act towards us, or what their impression is of us.  We only have control of how we react.

This is where we find the pearls that live within each of us. You can begin to see that the stories that we tell ourselves is what is holding us back. We have to let go of whatever it is that we believe other people think of us.

Our attitude, and our reactions are the greatest secret! Understand that other people’s opinions of you will always change, however how you see yourself will stay with you forever. Your reaction to what’s said to you will impact how you move forward from it – or if you can.

As human beings, we come into this world with all the tools we need to have the most magnificent existence, however in order to becoself worth, become the greatest version of yourselfme the greatest version of ourselves, we have to ask ourselves every day; “Can I improve anywhere in my life?”

The answer is yes. We know here in this moment that we are nowhere near our full potential right now.

Think about it, from birth we have been living in distraction and thanks to social media it is worse than ever before! We have become programmed to think a certain way, to act a certain way. Many of us we are not in our right minds because of all of the confusion in life.

We are similar to plants, in a way. What does a plant need to grow? Obviously, it needs sun and water. More importantly, it needs to be in the right environment to grow and blossom. We need to place ourselves in the right environment, too. We can only become the greatest version of ourselves once we eliminate all of those distractions that strip away what makes us human.

You will begin to experience a greater self worth once you begin to accept yourself 100%.

This is what is getting in our way a lot of the time in our relationships, in our careers and especially in our health and fitness goals!

You need to realize however, it doesn’t matter what you look like, you have to embrace the totality of your full existence here on this planet while you are alive! This is where you can begin to grow and reach your full potential.

We are all on the same journey, you and I. We simply want an amazing life and we want to feel abundant and happy.

Many people, however, live in blaming other people for how they feel inside. To become the greatest version of yourself, you have to take 100% responsibility for your internal condition.  All of the power lies within each of us even in the darkest of times.

Have you ever thought about something negative that someone said to you for the entire day, or maybe a few hours? Many of us can spend a whole day of thinking about someone’s negative reaction to us.

We dwell on it so long, that it seems to absorb like a lotion that you put on. It lingers there, leeching off of your energy and confidence in the background.

To improve our self worth and breakthrough what is holding us back, we have to think about people that inspire us! In essence we have to think about people that we love or people that are living out the dream life that we aspire to.

This was something that I learned early on. It empowered me make a decision to leave my abusive home as a young child, even though it meant that I’d be living on the streets and homeless at 13 years old.

If you truly want to become your best YOU, then become your own advocate. You have to be the biggest supporter of your beliefs and keep your dream alive. Keep your vision and your focus in the front of your mind.

Whatever you think about you draw nearer to you whether it is love or hate. Being conscious about this isn’t easy so what do we do?

If you truly want to become the best version of yourself, you have to remember that whatever you focus on is what you give energy to.

Now take a moment and ask yourself this question. Are you focusing on what raises your spirit or are you focusing on what strips away your beautiful spirit?

Think about your answer, do you need to change something?

To improve your self worth, you need to focus on what elevates you because whatever you focus on grows, we have to remember that. Remember that whenever you allow someone else to give you value you lose confidence and your personal power. The secret is we have to let go of society’s expectations because there is no way to please everyone. It’s impossible!

It is essential that you connect with fellow kindred spirits. Are you sharing your vision with supportive people? Are these people who understand where you want to go in your life? Will these people lift you up to become a better version of yourself?

Improving Self Worth: Share your vision.

Sharing your dreams with someone that does not have your best interests at heart will open the door to tearing yourself down and decreasing your self worth.

Be careful, because they will take away your dreams. Beware of the energy vampire you’re sharing your dreams with. Even if they love you, they can steal away your dreams unintentionally with the doubt that they inject into your mind. They think they’re sparing you the pain of failure by shooting down your motivation to try at all.

It’s truly a beautiful thing when you are sharing with someone who cares about your dreams. They will push you, they will help you build the vision even bigger in your mind until it becomes a reality.

You can see how powerful this can be when you begin to change your world in essence you begin to see that you are creating your own reality. Becoming self assured allows you to awaken to a world of infinite possibilities!

This old version of ourselves with self-doubts, low self esteem, and living without dreams and purpose is the worst version of ourselves. It is where we see everything in a limited way, it is what is holding us back from realizing our dreams.

You can’t improve your self worth  if you are always looking outside of yourself for answers.

We have to go on this journey within to see that it all lies within us. First, we have to let go of the judgement and doubt the way it has habitually formed in our mind.

self worth, become the greatest version of yourself

We need to step out of ego, and out of the mundane day-to-day doing. From there, move into a level of awareness in order to live more from the heart space.

Understand, there is no perfect time to do anything. Now is your time… your time to create your own future and stop holding yourself back, simply stop comparing yourself to other people. Your life won’t wait for you.

We were born into an abundance, even if we were born into destitution. Even if we were raised with neglect and abusive people around us like me. Abundance is everywhere, it is our natural state. Me must choose to live in abundance forever because it is ultimately what will change this world and help others to end suffering. It is our legacy.

Let go of perfection! Right now is the right time! Never give up to become the greatest version of yourself. You need to persevere as if your life depends upon it.

Perseverance is the catalyst to your excellence! Success in anything is a challenge. So is going from failure to failure without giving up. That’s how I have created my amazing life.

Follow your heart. I hope you realize that every day is an opportunity to become greater, without suppressing your dreams and desires.

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