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The Sales & Confidence Mastery

This is a digital course in sales for coaches, consultants and freelancers. You'll get the training to convert more sales, feel more confident and have a wealth consciousness.
Included with this sales coach for coaches is weekly LIVE coaching sessions in our private Facebook group.

Sell With Soul

With this class, you can master the art of making the sale - from the ideal mindset to start with, all the way to closing in the end.

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Get Clients from Facebook Groups

Learn how you can get clients without spending a dime on ads… just by being a social butterfly in Facebook groups!

Ditch the Rat Race Game-plan

Everything you need to know for kicking your 9 to 5 and beginning your journey into entrepreneurship.

How To Create A Sales Page That Converts The Course Planner

Coaching Forms For New Clients

12 Month Social Medial Marketing Plan

Gear for Go-Getters

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I’m Making HERstory T-shirt (Black)

Hey, #BossBabe! This “I’m Making HERstory” tee shows the world that you’re determined to make your mark and add a little more HER to history.

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Entrepreneur-ess T-shirt (Black)

If you’re a butt-kicking self-employed woman who owns a heart-centered business that’s destined to change the world, and a proud diva all the while… this tee is for you.

Powered By Plants T-shirt (White)

If you're a lean, green vegan machine, wear it with pride on this adorable and trendy "Powered By Plants" print. 

I’m Making HERstory T-shirt (White)

Who doesn't like options? You can find the "I'm Making HERstory" print on a crisp white background instead to wear with your favorite black jeans.

Fearless Pursuits Logo T-shirt (Black)

Whether you want to show off YOUR fearless journey to building your dream biz, or you just want swag to support the brand - this stylish logo tee is the way to go.

My Work-At-Home Uniform T-Shirt (White)

We both know you didn't shower until AT LEAST 3pm today... a Facebook Live in the morning, and technical difficulties in the afternoon. This shirt will get an approving nod from fellow business owners who get it.

Sharon Lee

Life Coach & Business Growth Expert

About Sharon Lee...

Just like you, I'm an online entrepreneuress... but first and foremost, I'm a Mom - and that's what drew me to the freedom that an online business can offer. 

My dream is to show you how you can have it ALL - a thriving business built on your soul-aligned purpose, designed around your LIFE instead of the other way around, leaving you with time and money for everything that matters to you. 

I offer business coaching for frustrated female entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau - or don't even know where to begin... starting with mastering their mindset first!

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