The Ascension Academy

Hey, Boss! You're done wondering where your next client will come from, aren't you? 

That's why I've created the complete course that will teach you how to...

  • Make strangers into fans, and fans into clients
  • Create a steady flow of income, so you can restore passion and peace of mind in your business
  • Give the highest value possible, make an impact, and enjoy the process

You're GREAT at what you do. You KNOW you have a lot to give and that you deserve to make good $$$ with it... if only other people knew it too!

You're tired of not reaching your monetary goals.

Done being clueless on when and where to spend your energy to attract potential clients, make sales, and get where you want to be.

BEYOND ready to see this business take flight, and to be FREE of your financial stress!

I've got your back, lady! I've been in your shoes once. Now, you can benefit from my years of trial and error, with all the strategies that I've learned along the way. YUP! I've been the crash-test-dummy on your behalf for years, and now I'm dishing it all in my updated 2019 version of The Ascension Academy.

My zone of genius is helping you say NO to hustle and overwhelm. 

Instead, you'll learn to make the money you need to create the freedom in your life you became an entrepreneur for, while creating the purpose-driven and heart-centered business you've always wanted.

Let's get to work and kick-start your new and exciting life of success!

Are you ready?

Here's what you'll learn in 90 days...

Master your mindset

  • Shift your mindset around money from one of lack to one of love so you can receive abundance!
  • Kick fear to the curb and eliminate limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back from stepping into your power
  • Clear away all energetic blocks keeping you from creating the best results
  • Learn strategies to keep your head above water during difficult times of life, marriage, business, and all other personal drama.
  • Master the art of kicking butt without an overwhelming #hustle mindset.
  • Destroy self-doubt and gain the confidence in yourself that you need to feel ready to take on anything.

Productivity + clarity

  • Get clear on your best money-making activities specific to your business, so that you can be productive instead of just 'busy'.
  • Identify precisely what is most important to focus on when there's too many things that seem important to focus on.
  • Learn to manage your time wisely so that you can get the most out of the energy that you spend.
  • Get to the REAL root of procrastination - and finally put an end to it so you can make REAL progress instead.

Work smarter, not harder

  • Master all of the behind-the-scenes technical details for running a thriving business - like email lists, payments, landing pages, membership sites and more. 
  • Know which legal aspects matter most and how to tackle them, including contracts and protecting your rights.
  • Learn the tools you MUST have to run your business efficiently, productively, and to maintain a groove you can easily fall into.

Know who you serve + how

  • Who do you want to help? What is their biggest, glaring problem? Together, we'll get you crystal-clear on the answer.
  • Do you know where to find your clients? Let's dive into this and determine where your soul-aligned buyers are waiting for you.
  • Score your very first client without asking for the help of friends and family!
  • Get consistent paying clients and get awesome testimonials to elevate your reputation and make serious $$.
  • Learn how to align yourself as an expert in your industry through the content you share, so that people are just dying to get more.
  • Ensure your content and your marketing efforts get seen by the right people - and create a following of loyal, raving fans!

Price + package it right

  • Find a comfortable price point that pays you what you deserve and doesn't scare away potential buyers.
  • Learn how to package your offers to provide the value your clients expect and crave from you.
  • Bring an end to the doubt about whether people will want to buy what you have to sell.
  • Discover the secrets to making the amazing value of your courses and coaching believable and enticing.
  • Get pointers on how to settle on an awesome name for your programs that will get people from curious to converting.
  • Learn the best way to structure your signature package to deliver the most value for your time and their money.

Bold + beautiful branding

  • Build a distinct and recognizable brand that will help you to stand out, attract your people and make bank.
  • Design an attractive and inviting website that will bring in traffic, keep their interest and make you money.
  • Master your understanding of writing killer sales page copy that converts.

Online marketing + funnels

  • Know what to do to stand out and show your uniqueness among a sea of other people in your industry - and convince your clients that you're the BEST option for them!
  • One step at a time, learn what it takes to launch an online course and fill it with paying clients every time.
  • Find out how to write inspirational content that's both personable and relatable. 
  • Discover the secrets to making the amazing value of your courses and coaching believable and enticing.
  • Get pointers on how to settle on an awesome name for your programs that will get people from curious to converting.
  • Find out how to build your email list with prospects so great they can't help but convert.
  • Create your very first kick-ass sales funnel that tempts people to sign up with you - and keeps them there.
  • Discover all the ways you can easily implement passive income into your business model.

Getting visible

  • Create a winning social media strategy to be seen, heard, and noticed - even if you're terrified of it.
  • Get in front of the right people without spending a fortune on ads, features and boosted posts.


Making the sale

  • Discover the hidden meaning beneath what a prospect or client is actually saying with their responses.
  • Convert your prospects to clients during or after the initial discovery call.
  • Learn how to deal with rejection tactfully and skillfully, to turn it around completely or even simply just leave both parties feeling good.

Every week, you'll get...

  • A LIVE Video Masterclass
  • Worksheets
  • Personal accountability
  • Unlimited Voxer chats with me during all 90 days
  • A 1-on-1, personalized 60-minute coaching session with me 
  • 100% access to ALL masterclass video replays

Join the waiting list now! 

Eliminate the #hustle, and become the leader that you've always dreamed of being. Create the freedom and time to do what you want to do, and make money doing it!

Sharon Koenig Mindset Business Coach

About Sharon Koenig...

Just like you, I'm an online entrepreneuress... but first and foremost, I'm a Mom - and that's what drew me to the freedom that an online business can offer. 

My dream is to show you how you can have it ALL - a thriving business built on your soul-aligned purpose, designed around your LIFE instead of the other way around, leaving you with time and money for everything that matters to you. 

I offer business coaching for frustrated female entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau - or don't even know where to begin... starting with mastering their mindset first!

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