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Build your engagement.

Show up powerfully and confidently.

Connect with and sell to your soul-aligned clients!

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With Sharon Koenig

It takes a special kind of daring to step into the spotlight...

And when you're frightened out of your mind, knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

It was easy to convince myself that I was doing enough to market myself in the beginning. I was doing 'all the right things'. You're probably doing all the right things too... Wouldn't you like to know what's missing?

Day 1

On day 1, you'll be challenged to create a video discussing what your program or service is about, who it can help and how... and I'll show you how to follow up with everyone interested (minus the icky sales-y vibes)!

Day 2

Day 2, you'll learn how to stop being a generalist and tell people exactly how you'll help them. We'll talk about how to invite people into your business in an authentic and friendly way to call or buy from you.

Day 3

Day 3 will be all about how to work with ONLY the people who light you up, and getting clear on your non-negotiables. Find out how to use polls or Q & A to build a relationship with your prospective clients!

All of this and so much more...

Throughout the entire challenge, you'll be learning everything it takes to be human, heart-centered and likable in your online presence while building meaningful connections that lead to sales! 

This challenge will push you to grow, with the accountability and support from a community of entrepreneurs on the same journey to expand their online empire and reach more of the people they can best impact.

Better yet... Not only will there be hands-on, actionable strategies... but it will be paired with all of the inner mindset work that empowers you to act.


Have a chance to win a scholarship into the brand new, 

"Empowered To Elevate"

A business-growth program for the service-based entrepreneur that answers all the questions on just how to get fully booked with your soulmate clients.

Are you ready? Let's give your business a BOOST!

 I'm so excited to see you there!

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