Wealth Consciousness: The Keys To Being Wealthy

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I was thinking about wealth consciousness after a discussion that I had with a friend recently. I was very surprised at the belief system that my friend had when it came to money.

Ideas of lack and limitation of any concept in life turns any amount of abundance away from us. The world is full of abundance. It’s everywhere, yet we choose to gravitate towards thoughts of “there’s not enough”.

If money doesn’t come to you easily, or if it doesn’t seem to stick to you, then it is likely that you need to change your beliefs about being wealthy.

What are your beliefs about money? You’re not alone if you believe that having money makes you greedy or evil. Some people even believe that a lack of money is a spiritual issue, with ideas like “God wants me to struggle” or “God must not want me to have money.”

If this sounds like you, then your mindset about money is in dire need of a change. To attract and create more wealth for you and your family, you have to unlearn thoughts of lack or limitation, then learn how to live a life of consistent wealth consciousness.

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Wealth Consciousness: I’m Not Worthy

Success means different things to different people. However, having wealth in our lives allows us to take better care of the people we love most, as well as ourselves.

In order to expand your wealth consciousness, you have to believe that you can have wealth in your life. Anything is possible for you, and you MUST believe this!

When it comes to building wealth, we have to have the ability to see ourselves becoming more and more wealthy. It doesn’t matter how smart or talented we are, or whether we’re sitting on top of the best business opportunity to come along in our lifetime.

When we don’t believe we can create wealth because of who we are or where we are in life, we’ll have a hard time building it.

Wealth flows to those who believe they deserve it. It flows to those who envision it in their hands, their bank accounts, and their lives.

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”   ~Zig Ziglar

Wealth Consciousness: The Mindset and Identity


Like many of you reading this, I was brought up in a poor family. I remember being taught that you had to get an education, learn a trade, and work hard for money. Even while still in my childhood, I’d already developed a negative relationship with money.

My belief system wasn’t an abundant one, to say the least. As a young adult – and for many years later – my mind wasn’t open to the idea that my potential to have wealth in my life was limitless. I thought it was impossible to create wealth of any kind with the cards I was dealt.wealth consciousness, money consciousness, wealth mindset, attract wealth

Knowing that our mindset about money can be shaped from such a young age, how do you think that yours was? Have you believed for a long time that money couldn’t come easily to you?

Limiting beliefs are taken a step further when we make them a part of our identity. Do you mostly identify with a poor or middle-class family? Many of us can’t even imagine what it would be like to travel to exotic places and hang out with rich people, because that’s “just not who we are.”

What about your mindset about others who are wealthy? It’s a common misconception that wealthy people are stuck-up, mean, or judgemental of the poor. It’s no surprise that believing something like that about rich people might stand in the way of you actively pursuing wealth – even if only on a subconscious level.

Wealth Consciousness: Do You Want To Be Wealthy?

Now you understand what is partially responsible for getting in your way of creating wealth. Next, ask yourself if you are ready to change your belief system about money.

Do you feel ready to look at your mindset and the limitations that you have imposed on yourself? Sometimes, when we look in the mirror at our own mistakes or handicaps, we don’t like what we see. Rather than using your anger to attack or shame yourself, use that energy in a way that’s productive.

Having a positive mindset about creating wealth will ensure that you continue to do what feels right – even when life springs surprises at you, and your world unexpectedly becomes chaotic. When no one else believes in your goals and dreams, you’ll still be able to take inspired action.

Having a clear wealth consciousness, and constantly moving forward is the only way you’ll ever able to have all of the money and abundance you rightly deserve.

Understand this however, none of this can happen unless you begin with a clear vision. You have to see yourself with the wealth and abundance you desire and deserve. Each day, take a moment to find a quiet place and see yourself with the financial freedom, flexibility, and life you desire!