The Burnout Coach, stress management coaching, stress coaching, burnout recovery coach, stress reduction coaching, life coach to executives
The Burnout Coach, Stress management coaching, stress coaching, stress coach,

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Meet The Burnout Coach 

Sharon Lee

As your Burnout Coach and, let me help you manage stress, manage your thoughts, eliminate overwhelm, and become more productive so you can become more successful. Burnout turns to lackluster production for you and for your employees or sales force if you're a boss.


Stress Management Coaching and high-performance, behavior improvement for Professionals, Executives, and Business Owners. Prevent burnout, make more money, be more productive, and become more fulfilled in your life, business or in your career.

"I just need more time..."

Do you say this to yourself... on a daily basis? Do you just wish you could have more time for family, for fun, or to even take better care of yourself?

My clients were convinced they just needed more time to tackle the daily to-do lists or buy a new planner to manage their time... maybe a class on time management might help. 

No matter all the years trying and trying "all the things", including working long hours, nothing changed. You still feel stressed out and buried under the weight of deadlines and not able to be who you need to be to DO all the things you need to do.

So... you just cancel plans because you simply have too much on your plate. You continue to wake up early and work late because you actually believe that if you just work harder, you'll get it all done, make more money, and finally be happy.

Heck, even your "higher-ups" would be happy with you too and all this approval would make you more successful.

As your Burnout Coach helping you with stress management coaching, all this needs to stop. You can't continue to live this way.

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The Burnout Coach - Sharon Lee


Helping Professionals and Executives With

Stress Management Coaching

Online life coach

Hustling more isn't the answer!

I've tried and it simply doesn't work. My clients have tried and some ended up in the hospital, divorced, overweight, and totally unhappy in their lives. If this sounds a little too close to home, listen up.

As your Burnout Coach, all of this trying and banging your head against the wall will always amount to stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and lack of direction, and in some cases without the benefit of stress coaching, it could end in health problems and a lack of confidence in other areas of your life

Stress Management Coaching, better habits and behaviors, and learning to train your mind is the solution!

At the end of the day, the answer is what I call "mind management". Trust me, it's not a new planner, what you really need is a brand-new PLAN!

Imagine a plan where your overall well-being was your priority, NOT your work-load.

Does this seem impossible?

I've already been proving this over and over with my clients for the last seven years and when we work 1-on-1, you'll begin seeing less stress and overwhelm in your life and start experiencing more fulfillment too.

As your Burnout Coach helping you with stress management coaching, I want you to know a secret. When you have a plan, train your brain to see things differently, you'll be amazed at the chain reaction of benefits that you'll have. Your mind becomes clear, your emotions become more balanced and stable, and you suddenly feel as though you've become a new version of yourself that is able to set and achieve goals. Your personal life gets better and you become that overall healthy person that you see in your mind's eye when you work with your own life coach.

Main Benefits Of Working With Me As Your Burnout Coach

Gain clarity and a plan on what to change in your life 

Gain the tools to interact in your relationships in a way that feels good

Realize the power to change your emotions once you manage your mind

Make more money and become more successful in your career

Feel more confident about yourself and your life and stop procrastination

Set and achieve goals easier and more effortlessly

Manage stress and anxiety and realize a more balanced life

Experience a healthier body and mind with overall wellbeing

Let's Work Together To Transform Your Life And Career!

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What Others Say About Working With Me


"I can't say enough good things about working with Sharon. I truly believe this coaching experience will change my life. I started out frustrated - I didn't have clarity on what I wanted to do in my career and felt blocked from inspiration. I was also somewhat skeptical, but I knew that my old way of thinking was not working and so I decided to trust the process..."


"Sharon has been an incredible help with creating direction and clarity on how I want my business to grow, how I want to grow as a CEO, and how to prioritize my self-care. She really helped me understand the value of taking care of myself, which was a major struggle that was holding not only myself back, but the growth of my business back..."


"I thought I would never be able to change. I thought I'd never be able to fix my life. I went from a stressed-out lawyer who was overweight and miserable, to a person who has the tools to feel in control and able to do anything.  She not only provided coaching sessions but gave me meaningful work to do in between sessions to dive deeper..."

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As an experienced life coach and business coach for a decade, I understand the unique challenges faced by executives and professionals. I specialize in providing tailored coaching solutions to address the pain points commonly encountered in high-pressure environments. 

Whether you're based in Denver or Colorado Springs, my expertise in both life coaching and business coaching enables me to support individuals in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life while maximizing their professional success.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or on the brink of burnout, my coaching services can empower you to regain control, overcome obstacles, and create sustainable strategies for long-term success. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of your personal and professional life, helping you thrive in your career and find a renewed sense of purpose.

Experience the transformative power of coaching with me as your secret weapon to success and your trusted partner on the journey to a happier, more fulfilling life.