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Hey there fellow coach,

Unless your name is Robert Bly (or maybe Don Draper) you’ve probably experienced this confidence-crushing scenario:

  • You have a fab program your students rave about
  • You’ve posted glowing testimonials on your site
  • You even have a proven track record with your clients—and the case studies to back it up

And yet...

Your Sales Letters And Emails Get Zero Traction!

Sure, you might make a couple of sales, but only after personally speaking to potential clients, and while that helps, it’s simply not sustainable. 

You need sales copy that:

  • Engages and entertains
  • Shares your story (and why you rock!)
  • Compels readers to take action
  • Works for you continually, without your constant involvement

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? After all, other coaches have sexy, compelling sales pages and other content. 

Here’s what they know that you may not…

The Sales Process Begins Long Before The Buy Button Appears.

And that’s the problem for lots of folks (just like you) who spend lots of time and energy crafting amazing sales pages, only to discover it’s not enough. 

Your potential clients are jaded. They need more. They want to know that you’ve got the goods and that you can help them achieve their goals.

Your blog, your podcast, YouTube channel, and even social media accounts all feed into this sales funnel that leads inevitably towards a buy button, and when you get all those other pieces in place and looking sexy, you’ll instantly increase conversions on those all-important sales pages.

Now if that sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. Here’s help:

HOT COPY: How to write SIZZLING Sales Messages to get more clients to say YES!

Unlike other courses that focus simply on writing sales pages and crafting calls to action, this 5-day self-study course looks at your sales copy for what it is: a comprehensive, all-encompassing tool that solidifies your brand, shows off your expertise (and personality, too) and (finally) makes sales. 

Never thought copywriting was so important? It is. Just take a look at everything you’ll learn inside.

Writing That Connects, Helps—and Sells

This is the heart and soul of good copywriting—the connection. Without it, your sales messages will fall flat. In the first portion of this challenge, we'll take a good look at just how you can turn everything you write into a meaningful message your clients will be compelled to read. 

You’ll discover…

  • The first step in everything you write—miss this and it’s a guarantee your message will miss its mark nearly every time.
  • ​2 considerations when you’re crafting a call to action—with a firm understanding of these two simple principles, you’ll be well on your way to better conversions.
  • How to painlessly monetize your blog posts—because there is more to sales copy than letters and email!
  • How to ensure your content is shared again and again—when you get this one thing right, you’ll never worry about making sales again!
  • Three strategies to engage your readers—any one of these will dramatically improve your conversion rates, no matter what type of content you’re creating.
  • How to discover (and use) your authentic voice—without this key component, your branding will feel contrived.

Writing Effortless Emails That Get Opened and Read

This is the heart and soul of good copywriting—the connection. Without it, your sales messages will fall flat. In the first portion of this challenge, we’ll take a good look at just how you can turn everything you write into a meaningful message your clients will be compelled to read. 

You’ll discover…

  • 3 easy steps to creating your first email sign upif you don’t make list building a priority, you’ll never achieve the success you deserve.
  • The number one list killerand how to easily fix it!
  • How to build an instant rapport with your subscribers—this one trick will make your email marketing stress-free and even fun!
  • How to pre-qualify your email subscribersthere’s no sense in building a large list of people who aren’t interested in your products.
  • Why you must have an email scheduleand the dangers of not sticking to it faithfully.
  • Two ways to craft subject lines that demand to be openedgetting your emails opened is the most critical piece of the puzzle, so don’t skip this step!
  • 7 proven ways to make sure your message hits its markthe more of these you master, the better your results will be.

Why Writing for Social Media Doesn't Have to be Like White-water Rafting

  • This is where a lot of coaches get hung up. Either they’re spending far too much time on Facebook and Instagram and the like without seeing any real return, or they’re stuck, and simply don’t know what to post, when, and to whom.

    This section will show you exactly how to manage your social media accounts for maximum efficiency, while still making a great impression.

    • How to choose where to spend your time—because let’s face it, you can’t be everywhere. 
    • Knowing the different types of content to post—as well as where each one will be the most effective.
    • The critical differences between social media content and other types of content—and how to leverage those differences to your advantage.
    • How to keep up with the continual (and fast) changes social platforms undergo—miss this and you’ll wind up using outdated strategies that no longer work, while your competitors continue to evolve and grow.
    • Today’s hottest social strategies—at least one of these will shock you, but it’s oh-so-promising!
    • How to find your social media voice—there’s more to this than just “being yourself,” so don’t skip this section!
    • Why Facebook groups are an important part of your overall marketing plan plus an easy way to create yours, even if you’re fresh out of ideas.
    • The business page you cannot afford to ignore—and no, it’s not Facebook.

    Better Sales Pages and Squeeze Pages—Get Your Programs Sold! 

    With a solid content marketing plan in place, it’s time to dig into those sales pages at last, and I have just the information you need to create better converting sales and squeeze pages. 

    The final section walks you through it, including...​​​

    • Why consistency is more important than ever before—and how to easily achieve it in your sales and landing pages.
    • The number one tool for creating landing pages—and it’s super easy to use, too, so you can concentrate on copy instead of tech!
    • 10 essential steps for simplifying your landing pages—keep these in mind every time you create a sales or landing page, and you’ll be ahead of 99% of your competition.
    • How to test every element of your sales message—so you can find out exactly what works, and what doesn’t.
    • The two major causes of sales page failure—the first one you already know, but the second will surprise you.
    • How to provide “social proof” in your sales copy—this one change can make all the difference in your sales figures.
    • Understanding “hot spots” in your copy—pinpoint these, and you’ll be in a position to amplify your message across all your content channels, resulting in far better results!

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