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What You Need To Optimize The Perfect
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When you want to create a sales page, one that converts like crazy, the secret sauce is formatting the copywriting around a focus that helps your potential customer or client feel like buying your product or service is what I like to call, a no-brainer.

When we're doing this to ultimately help them out of a problem and into a solution and benefit with some nice cash, we need to realize the process is a combination of research and creativity. The whole process is copywriting with a path that leads them into what they already want and THAT is what this course and planner will help you do.

In order to create a sales page that's optimized to convert into actual sales, you'll need to know who you're selling to. Knowing your audience is a primary focus on how to write your sales page.

What's your value proposition for your "thing" you're selling? Think of your value proposition. It reminds me of an elevator pitch. This is how you describe what you're selling in a well-described way.

The price of your product absolutely will have a big impact. Finding that perfect price point for your audience comes from knowing your audience well. For example: what do they normally buy?

Create a design that's all about building trust. When creating your sales page you'll definitely want to draw your audience down the sales page by creating curiosity and value.

Showcasing the details of your product is important but that's not what sells. It's ALWAYS about the benefits and the experience of your product when writing your copy.

Making your Call To Action (CTA) simple is critical. Don't over-complicate your sales page by adding too many distracting links. Stick to just ONE CTA.

This program takes all of the guesswork
out of the ENTIRE process!


Copywriting is a MAJOR component to designing a sales page that leads to an actual sale. This course and planner guide you every step of the way to creating headlines that captivate your reader.


It's not just about the headlines, it's about how you can come across as someone who understands your audience by using time-tested "marketing words".


You might be surprised to learn that there are aspects to a sales page that is a MUST to convert. This is why your previous sales pages might not have worked!


Your sales page should give your audience a reason to purchase. Once you have done this well, you'll need to seal the deal with a CTA that converts them!

Your Course Host:
Sharon Lee

Sharon is an online entrepreneur and top, international life and business coach. She is going on her 29th year in business and is absolutely passionate about creating a lifestyle of freedom and sharing the concepts with her tribe.
After starting her life over again almost eight years ago because of a divorce, she was finally able to pursue her dreams. Sharon has learned everything about online businesses including, affiliate marketing, copywriting, creating digital courses, e-books, meditations, writing books, SEO, and all of the technical behind-the-scenes work to pull it all together. Sharon doesn't hold anything back when it comes to encouragement, empowerment, and helping people change their life. She has many courses and continues to coach her clients privately as well as in group settings.
Her mission and goal is to help as many people as possible to live their dreams and work to show the world that anything is possible.

“Freedom doesn't happen until you create a strong entrepreneur mindset, create value, and have smart marketing practices to support it. An online business is the only smart choice in the digital age.”

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