From Laid Off To Creating An Empire

Creating an empire isn’t an easy feat… at all! It’s not so much that it’s hard, it simply comes with a lot of sacrifices.

Such is life. The truth is, when we want to create something from nothing, there’s a basic formula that goes into it and it involves some grit.

The rigors of entrepreneurship demand sacrifices, and if you don’t make those sacrifices you’ll never be able to succeed. Every business builder I know has made sacrifices in order to start and grow their businesses. It’s a key characteristic
 of successful entrepreneurs.

By definition, a sacrifice is the act of surrendering something highly valued for the sake
 of something of even greater importance.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do almost anything for it? Well, in today’s episode, my special guest Asia Cash talk about what she had to do to turn her life around. 

Listen in now to episode #18 as we talk about what she’s done to go from laid off to creating a successful empire.


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Sharon Koenig, Life & Business Coach

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