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Are you wondering how to have a positive mindset, so that you can lead a happier life and reduce your day-to-day stress?

Being positive can seem impossible when it looks like nothing and nobody is on your side. It can feel like you don’t have enough support to even dare asking for what you want out of life. You’re far from alone.

You know this when you hear your friend confiding in you that she’s had a rough day. You know it when you hear your coworker talking about how this “just isn’t his year”.

We live in a world that, if we don’t take control of what we surround ourselves with and the thoughts that we have, we can so easily succumb to negativity. This can come through the media, the naysayers that we may talk to, and even our own destructive self-talk or limiting beliefs.

You do have full control over your own happiness. Your circumstances – no matter how difficult – don’t define your happiness unless you choose to let them. On this page, I will provide a variety of resources for you to reset your attitude, then start attracting the people and opportunities you need to take back the joy that’s rightfully yours.

how to have a positive mindset, positive mindset, think positive, positive thinking

Helpful and powerful content to check out for learning how to have a positive mindset

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest heading over to the life coach blog for tips, strategies, and inspiration on a variety of topics, many of which address some important aspects of positive thinking.

How to Be Happy
Wondering where to begin first? Here, you’ll find a variety of resources that will help you on your way to learning how to have a positive mindset, starting with one of the most important parts: Getting rid of the bad habits and limiting beliefs you already have that prevent you from being happy, and creating better ones in their place. 

Dealing with Negative People
Staying positive when you’re surrounded by naysayers and pessimists can be a challenge. As a matter of fact, numerous studies have concluded that emotions – positive and negative alike – are contagious. Read on to find out some powerful strategies you can use to cope with negativity.

“I Suck!” – Conquer Your Inner Critic
If you think there’s no harm in the sarcastic comments you use to “make fun” of yourself, you and I both know that this can become a defense mechanism to deflect negativity… but over time, these comments still sting just as badly as the “real” ones. Check out these tips for re-learning how you talk to yourself, so that you can start feeling more confident.

How to Feel Happy: 11 Awesome Tips to Be Happier Right Now
Did you know that you can change your day-to-day habits to change your mood? It’s true! Learn how you can change your behaviors to change your mind, so that you can stop “doing” sad and start doing happy instead!

See Your Vision in Color with MindMovies!
So many people have touted the vision board as being an amazing tool to visualize and create their success, but what if you could have a vision board with moving pictures? MindMovies takes visualization to the next level, with “movies” that you can easily build yourself, for an immersive meditation experience.

Positive Affirmations
Positive Affirmations help to boost our mood, as well as provide the inspiration and strength we need to face our day-to-day challenges with confidence. Affirmations become much more powerful when used in regular meditation!

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