fearless pursuits, manifesting abundance, law of attraction, positive affirmations

Positive affirmations will add inspiration, and motivation to your day. Best of all, they work within your subconscious mind to create healthy habits and behaviors.

These FREE positive affirmations are not only helpful for boosting your mood, but they can be used as powerful reminders to move your focus back in the right direction. What a great way to start your day!

positive affirmations, manifesting abundance, fearless pursuits

Perhaps you’re experiencing a time in your life where you need to improve your perspective on your circumstances, or even simply boost your mood. We’ve all been faced with difficult phases in our lives before.

Life is filled with challenges on a day to day basis, and positive affirmations help to provide strength and clarity of mind, so that we can get back on track quickly and easily.

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Often, we need someone to set our sights from problems to solutions, and from thoughts of lack to thoughts of gratitude. With consistency, these affirmations can help you do just that.

Our beliefs, and how we react to our circumstances largely shapes the outcome of them. It’s also a major determining factor of how willing and committed we will be to resolving them.

That’s why most of the affirmations I’ve provided go above and beyond simply making you feel good right now – they help you to change your mindset to keep feeling good.

Those of us who believe strongly in the law of attraction know that an important part of it’s effectiveness is consistency. We need to devote focus and energy to our affirmations and beliefs every day.

When paired with meditation, the effectiveness of these affirmations will likely increase ten-fold, too!

You can return to these as often as you’d like, and I encourage you to do so, because I will continue to add more as time goes on. With time, I hope to provide something that anyone from any phase of their life can benefit from.

Next time you feel like you’re in need of increasing your vibration, or if you just need an inspirational lift, browse through the list of weekly affirmations below to find one that resonates with you.

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