How to Sell on Social Media – Without Being Sales-y

how to sell on social media

Wondering how to sell on social media without it seeming as though “BUY MY STUFF!” is in neon lights all over the place? Ew, right?

This is a common question that comes to me from my clients. Each of them are afraid to get their value fully visible because they don’t want to scare off their fans – and potential clients.

I get it because that was ME – I didn’t even want to e-mail my own list!!

All of these ladies are internet-savvy enough to know that people on social media are already being assaulted left and right by ads, ads, ads…

Someone selling them Avon. Paid and promoted posts for apps or whatever cheap and trendy clothing site that happens to be hot right now. You get the picture.

So, what’s a girl to do? How do you sell without being sales-y?

Let’s put the ‘Social’ back in your Social Media marketing.

The secret? Being social! Allow me to explain.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see my clients making is that they think the purpose of social media is totally different just because their presence is one of a business, and not a person.

BALONEY! Here’s why…

You and your business are the SAME entity – not separate! YOU are your brand. Separating YOU from your brand means your brand will never be relate-able enough to attract your tribe!!

How to sell on social media without being sales-y

The keywords here: REALNESS and RELATIONSHIPS. Remember these 2 r’s and you’ll be killin’ it in no time.

People want to buy from YOU – not some disembodied business without the heart behind it! Learn from the social media manager behind the Wendy’s brand. There’s good reason they’ve gone viral lately.

Why? They’re making a splash by being a REAL, likable, and very-much HUMAN brand rather than some big box STORE that wants nothing more than to stuff as many mouths as possible with greasy burgers.

Now, I’m not asking you to be a master of sass and wit. Not everybody is quick like that. Heck, it’s totally okay if you’re not – I’m not either! ?

I’m human by using MY voice. What is my voice? Loud! In-your-face! Honest, sometimes to the degree of being harsh. Silly. A total DIVA!

Above all else, a Momma of 3 kids who homeschools… and I make sure to weave my lifestyle into every story I tell.

That’s something else to remember here: STORIES. Relate your posts not just to YOU and who you are – but to all the other bossbabes who are out there livin’ that life.

Think about how you can talk TO them and not AT them.

That’s how you get them to look at you and think, “Yeah, she gets me.”

Here’s the kind of questions you should be asking yourself to see if you’re building relationships with your peeps:

  • What are some ways I could show that I’m an authority on this?
  • How can I communicate that I’ve been where she is, and that I understand better than anyone?
  • What could I do to show her that she can be the hero of her story the same way I have been with mine?

Master all of these steps first, and THEN close your posts with asking for the sale. At this point, it’s super simple. It’s just telling her why you’re the solution.

In my free 60-minute Master Your Message coaching calls, this is exactly what I teach people. If you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself, you can get it by clicking below:

That all covers the first ‘r’ we’re calling REALNESS. Now, let’s talk about RELATIONSHIPS.

Talk to your fans! Show them that they matter in little ways like these:

  • THANK them! For their comment. For following you. For something they shared today that totally resonated with you.
  • Offer them a direct link to a free PDF in their DMsno strings attached or e-mail required – just to show them they matter.
  • From time to time, go looking for the people who are asking your competitors questions or seeking advice on their posts. Talk to them. You can find these posts by searching up keywords you commonly use to attract the same kind of tribe.
  • Offer to feature someone’s social media account relevant to your niche, asking for yours to be featured in return. Shower them with love and they’ll happily do the same.

See how you could easily build a friendship with every single one of your peeps this way? You’re using social media exactly as it was intended… for being social.

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  1. This made me see how bad of a salesperson I I guess those 3 points/questions are really important to know one’s market. I do hope I can be better at sales…I’ve been blogging for a long time but the affiliate part of it is something I’m so bad at… Thanks for this!

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