How To Write The, “Right” Book With Catherine Gregory

Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
Fearless Pursuits: Breakthrough To Success
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Do you believe that you have a book in you? It’s often said that all of us do, it’s simply a matter of us having belief around actually doing it. We don’t think we have good writing skills, we don’t believe our words will make a difference, or sometimes we just don’t believe anyone will even buy our books so why bother.

In this podcast with my special guest, Catherine Gregory, we talk about why you should write a book, how to know if it’s a book people will like, how to actually write the darn thing as well as how to promote it so you can sell it too. Catherine is the founder of the, “Birth Your Book Program” and she’s a former journalist so this woman KNOWS her stuff. She’s even willing to let you bend her ear for a complimentary call so you can figure out what your next step will be!

She’s laying it all out for us and not holding ANYTHING back so if you’ve been thinking of writing a book, then episode #28, “How To Write the, Right Book” is an episode you’ll want to listen to all the through!

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