Law of Attraction for Business Success: How to Use It

law of attraction for business success

Did you know that you can use the law of attraction for business success? Sure, that sounds like it could be great and all… but maybe not for you. It’s all just “fluff”, right?

Have you ever felt like mindset work and using the law of attraction was just plain silly?

What about “REAL” strategy? You’re only looking to get straight from point A to point B. You don’t care about the airy-fairy stuff that’s in between and all in your head.

There was a time when most of the mindset techniques I use today were something I considered to be “useless fluff” or “woo-woo”.

Deep breathing exercises. Journalling. Meditation. Oh, ESPECIALLY that last one. Extra bonus points for awkwardness when it’s a guided meditation. I felt so silly.

“I want you to visualize a glowing orb above your head.”
Excuse me, but… Are you kidding me?

Truthfully, the real reason I felt so ridiculous doing it was only because I focused more on what it looked like to the average person – including me – than I did on the potential benefit. It’s hard to follow through with something that you can’t take seriously.

Isn’t it funny how, when you decide that you’re willing to try ANYTHING to get to where you want to go, suddenly these things don’t feel so farfetched anymore? When you’re fed up enough, it’s amazing what you’re open-minded to trying.

Then, the real magic begins when you start DOING it. Seeing the benefits in ways large and small. Working at it long enough to finally step back one day, and see how far you’ve come from limiting beliefs and small mindsets that only led to limited, small results.

law of attraction for business success

If it all still seems useless to you… maybe you’re not fed up enough yet. We all give anger such a hard time for being an emotion we need to get rid of immediately. That’s only half of the story, however. Anger can actually be a useful tool for pushing yourself to get uncomfortable on the way to great change.

Are you fed up with your state of being and your self-imposed limits? Are you done holding yourself back?

If you’ve stuck around this long, it seems to me that you’re ready to explore this whole other side of doing business with me: the spiritual side. I’ll sum it up in 3 plain and simple tips for you below…

1: Get totally crystal clear on what you want.

Obvious as this sounds, so many of my clients aren’t at all clear on their end game. When you don’t know what result you’re working toward, it’s that much more difficult to visualize getting there. Set concise, defined goals for these two things:

How much money you want to make. (Be sure to create money GOALS, not CEILINGS.)

What that money will mean to you – because I’m 100% certain you don’t want money just for having money. Write EVERY reason, large and small, selfless and selfish.

  • Does having this money mean more activities for your kids?
  • Could it mean reinvesting into your business, to make it into an empire with life-changing retreats and events that leave a lasting impression on all of your clients?
  • Maybe it means buying and flying out to live in a beautiful beach home in Spain.
  • Would it mean being able to afford Invisalign or Botox? (Hey, I’m not judging. Go wild.)
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2: Belief in your purpose.

“Believe in yourself” is a common cliche that I’m sure so many of you frequent readers of motivation blogs are sick of hearing. As much as I, too, want to preach this – sometimes believing in yourself just isn’t possible right away! Impostor syndrome is always sure to make this feel more difficult than it needs to be.

Self-doubt and lack of confidence are rampant in society today, but you can still succeed while you’re in the middle of working through these limitations.

How? By believing in your purpose. To have a constant, unbreakable confidence while talking to the people who need you, sometimes having belief in your purpose is all it takes.

Know that it’s not just YOU that you’re selling. It’s not even a product. Nor a course. Nope.

It’s bigger than that. It’s a RESULT.

Believe in the result that you can and deeply desire to give to the world. Like motivation, self-confidence can be fleeting when times get tough… but nothing can stop the belief in your own purpose. Best of all, the universe will more than reward you for getting out there with an intention to give massive value and results by giving you the same.

3: Ask from the right headspace.

Are you asking for what you want from a place of desperation and lack? No amount of crying out, wringing your hands and DEMANDING success from the universe can bring it to you.

Instead, ask for more from a place of LOVE for what you want and what your life can become.

law of attraction for business success

4: Take ACTION.

Using the law of attraction without action is just wishful thinking. When you’re clear on the intentions you set in step 1, you’ve created belief in your purpose, and you’re in the right mindset to ask… now is your time to act. You’re ready now to have ALIGNED action, instead of spitballing.

Ready to get out there and make your dreams come alive? I’m here for you, gorgeous. Drop me a line to get started on mastering all of this, and plenty of the “real” strategy, too. 😉

You rock!

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  1. I really love tip number three. It reminds me of the quote “if you do what you love, money will follow.” If someone is trying to do something just because there’s a possibility you can make money from it, I think they need to step back and think about what they’re doing. But, if someone is passionate about something and continues to push themselves, then I think that’s where the really success comes in to play.

  2. Tab

    Great article. This was the reminder I needed!

  3. kim

    I love the idea of using the law of attraction for business success. It’s a must to believe in yourself first!

  4. What a great post with excellent advice. I am actually in the midst of starting an active income stream with a new business idea today, so your post couldn’t have come at a better timing. The business definitely aligns better with my purpose, and what I believe I have been sent on this planet to do (well, part of it anyway). Definitely going to be incorporating some of your advice as I move forward. Thanks!

  5. I love this. certainly, this is very insightful. 🙂 thank you for sharing this great advice 🙂 an awesome idea to use the law of attraction for business success.

  6. I like tip number 2. I need to keep reminding myself about that.

  7. This is very helpful for me. Even If I don’t have a business these tips are useful for my blog…

  8. Great tips and very inspiring! I am working on using the law of attraction in my life right now!

  9. Great tip and I love how you explained them. I suppose they are true for both career and personal life.

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