Making Mistakes In Life: The University Of Mistake and Failure

Making mistakes in life

Making mistakes in life was always something that made her feel judged, my client intimated to me. Here’s this seemingly simple beauty sitting before me, her honey colored hair falling in her face as she looked down. It was as if she were acting out a new scene in a dramatic movie.

Suddenly, she is “doing” sad. Just moments before, she seemed more like a dynamic, happy person. It was clear to me that self blame, regret, and the critic in her mind were what started the war being fought inside her.

Discovering that this very intelligent, beautiful woman has been holding onto damaging feelings in her mind since she was a child was my opportunity to teach her that making mistakes in life is more to do with a journey than a meaning.

Making Mistakes In Life

Making Mistakes in Life: The Meaning That We Give Our Mistakes

The Campus of UOMF also known as The University Of Mistake and Failure is full of hills to climb, weeds to pull and exhausting tests, why would anyone want to go?

This school that we go to through out our lives shakes us up and shapes us into who we are. Making mistakes in life is the core reason we grow as humans. As a very young child, we are pure of mind and have no preconceived notions about what any particular mistake means.

As the mistakes mount, we tell ourselves a story. Some people with a “fixed mindset” will be those who make up the most damaging and negative stories in their mind while people with a “growth mindset” will welcome making mistakes in life as a challenge.

Making Mistakes in Life: “I Am Not Good Enough”.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this one. My friends, family and clients don’t know that they are so much alike. Surprisingly, most people will look at a perceived rejection or abandonment event in their life as a mistake that they themselves made. It couldn’t be further from the truth!

These are the words that fill the mind full of negativity and prevent us from living fully;

  • “I’m such an idiot, I make mistakes all of the time!”
  • “Will I ever stop making mistakes?”
  • “I tried so hard but nothing I do works!”
  • “I’m not pretty enough, I’ll never find a husband.”
  • “I’m not smart enough, I can’t get that job.”
  • “I’m not lovable, that’s why my husband left me.”

Not feeling as if you are good enough is really more of an epidemic these days, and we are blaming ourselves unnecessarily. Don’t let this be you. Decide right now that you really ARE good enough!

Making Mistakes In Life

Making Mistakes in Life: Praise and Celebrate The Journey

Imagine if you looked at making mistakes in life as if it where necessary. First of all, wrapping your mind around that statement isn’t easy for the super depressed or pessimistic-type of individual. I realize that, but work with me here. Ideally, you want to open your mind to accept a concept that is beyond where you are today in your understanding.

Perhaps you are of a “growth mindset”, or at least strive to be… Meaning, you are open to seeing a different way of thinking. Think of anything that has happened in your life and realize that along with whatever drama, crisis or pain that came out of it, you indeed are a better person in some way.

Perhaps it’s a bit of brain-washing or putting a positive spin on an event or conversation. Agreed, but it works for dealing and coping with situations.

I put limiting beliefs in my mind for many decades about abandonment issues, so I understand difficulty. I realize that I have become a stronger person out of being a homeless child. I blamed myself for many years and felt that I wasn’t good enough, but know that this journey that I had to go on is what fuels my passion. It’s what has ultimately led me to empower people all over the world.

Making Mistakes in Life: You’ll Never Stop Making Mistakes

The journey in making your own mistakes and experiencing failures in life is a necessary path. It’s inevitable that the University Of Mistakes and Failures will always be testing us.

Wishing that you could be perfect will never be a reality, however, you can continue to strive to be your very best. Making mistakes in life is important and necessary and a “right of passage”. The parent that pushes being perfect is really “screwing up” their kid. It’s not perfection, winning and intelligence that we need to celebrate in our children or in ourselves but rather it is the growth which comes out of the mistakes that is worthy of celebrating.

As humans, our challenge is to recognize the fact that we will never stop making mistakes. Instead, we should practice re-framing situations, so that you can come out of each one with a stronger mind every time.

Tell me what life lesson have you learned from making mistakes in life so leave your comments below.

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