Get clients, get Known and grow a thriving online business, Confidently!

The easy-to-follow course that will take you from frustrated, unknown to a fully evolved, financially secure entrepreneur... even if you're new in business!

Are you D-O-N-E being clueless on when and where to spend your energy to attract potential clients, make sales, and get where you want to be.

> Let's get you SKILLED in the physical strategies of MAGNATISING your perfect, soulmate clients to you.

BEYOND ready to see this business take flight, and to be FREE of your financial stress!

>Let's identify your limiting beliefs and blocks so you can RELEASE them and feel FREE to be who you PREFER to be AND have the relationship with MONEY by working on your wealth consciousness!

Tired of spinning your wheels, seeing others crushing it in THEIR online business wondering HOW you're going to see those 5-figure months?

>Let's teach you the inner, energy work that are TRULY the answers to why you don't have the motivation, the inspiration to do your soul's work.

Creating Success in your online business requires you to learn, do and Be many things.


Branding, Positioning & Marketing

Learn EVERYTHING you need to position your brand so that it ATTRACTS the RIGHT people to you. No more second-guessing yourself and wondering if your content has what it needs to do the "pre-selling" and helping you to convert your soulmate clients, "ahead of time". If you're not saying something COMPELLING in your copy, no one will buy into what you have to offer. When you get this right, you'll have people reaching out to you! This is critical for attracting leads to you.


Your mindset & confidence (EMBODYMENT)

When you're doubting why you're not making sales or why your prospects aren't reaching out to you, your energy becomes, "graspy" and even... desperate. Everything we do, the actions we take, come from our level of confidence and yet, an underlying belief system will either radiate and attract or repel your ideal clients to you. Believe it or not, THIS is what millionaires know and practice more than just about any other task. Learn how to be in FLOW and EASE every day to DO the INSPIRED actions that make you feel fully in peace with yourself AND your business.


Sales & High-Ticket Conversion

The ACTUAL SALES CONVERSATION is really uncomfortable for a lot of people because they don't understand how to lead. Most entrepreneurs are in the, "money making" energy and not able to close the gap and show how you can help the prospect. Learn the ENTIRE process of overcoming objections in ANY sales or discovery call so you can feel confident and GROUNDED each and every time!


Wealth Consciousness

High-level money manifestation - Money blocks and beliefs about money are at the root of so many people living in poverty. That scarcity mindset only sets us up for pushing money away from us. It's that ENERGY that we can't see but we all know exists which is REPELLING money. Identify and shift any and all limiting beliefs that are blocking the natural flow of money in your life. Expand your earning and receiving potential. This is MANIFESTATION that is taken to the NEXT-LEVEL!

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Is This Program Right For You?


  • If you KNOW your mind is more powerful than you're allowing it to be
  • If you're looking for online business strategies to help you grow your business online, create wealth and freedom
  • If you're DONE having a crappy relationship with money and want to learn how to manifest wealth and abundance
  • If you're ready to level up your confidence and release your blocks and embody the energy of that future you who lives and works in ease and FLOW
  • If you want a step-by-step "how-to" on doing sales calls including sales objections and an actual sales script too!

  • Still trying to download all the free pdfs and do it alllll yourself and stay in overwhelm and frustration
  • Not ready to do the inner work of healing and identifying limiting beliefs
  • Those who don't understand the connection between their mind and their energy which creates their reality
  • Too scared to invest in themselves or their business
  • Ready to embrace a fully-booked, peaceful life of freedom and flow.

    I've learned a LOT from being homeless. Those many decades of living in poverty taught me SO much but having to start my life over again with three kiddos in tow was even tougher. I've had to overcome all the noise in my head that created a TON of stories that kept me small.

    It didn't matter about my background in business and marketing. It didn't matter about my successes working in the corporate world helping them to succeed. It didn't matter about how I managed to grow my own brick and mortar stores from ZERO to multi six-figures!

    Somehow, I ALWAYS struggled with money and self worth. I call it, "my shadow". This took me on a journey over the last several decades into personal development then onto bigger concepts like: NLP, hypnotherapy, deep identity work, and manifestation practices.

    Sharon Lee

    What Others Say About Working With Me

    Your higher mind wants something different. She’s asking for a life of ease... of grace... of flow that fills her with peace and love.

    Why don’t you listen? Why don’t you give that to her?

    Your programmed mind, that conscious mind that keeps you feeling fearful, always telling you to stay small is energetically in the quantum Realm creating a version of you that doesn’t have the life or business that fuels your soul.

    There’s a deep inkling that you wake up to each day. That dull thought that somethings wrong... something is missing and you just get out of bed only to live the same, empty existence as the day before.

    Your soul cries for more. “There MUST be more!”

    I hear your cries.” I want more!” “ I want a life of freedom, joy and wealth!” “ “ I just want to be a confident, successful woman!”

    The answer? Well that’s ALWAYS been inside of you but you don’t listen to the still, quiet voice of your inner... higher mind.

    And so you shrink.

    This life you lead is only a shadow of what you’re truly capable of and it hurts so bad to know this doesn’t it?

    I know because I see your spirit. She wants to flyyyyy!

    But you listen to the loud voices in your head telling you...

    Don't be Left Behind:
    Level-up your mind, energy, spirit and grow your business online Today!

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

    If, you are not getting results and tremendous confidence improvement in your sales after applying everything that I'm teaching you in this program within the first 30 days, simply ask for your money back.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get the mindset of a ROCKSTAR entrepreneur. This training TOPS it all because it’s where you learn to BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

    Sales does NOT have to feel “icky” or “salesy”. In these trainings, you’ll learn how to DO the process but mostly how to feel ABSOLUTLY proficient at running a sales conversation as well as overcoming ANY objection.