Make Money As A Life Coach: Overcome Objections On A Sales Call

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If you want to make money as a life coach, there’s definitely one thing you’ll have to get really good at and it’s overcoming objections on your discovery calls.

Most potential clients are out there searching on the internet because they have a very specific problem and want to work with a coach.  It all starts with your marketing efforts which lead into a discovery call. Let’s first answer the BIG question…

Can You Make Money As A Life Coach?

The short answer is… emphatically, YES! My clients are ranging from five figure years to multi-SIX figure years. You might be honing your attention to the multi-$ix figure comment but notice there is a huge range in income. 

You might wonder why. Well, it has everything to do with a student’s ability to follow through with the daily marketing tasks, their ability to apply what they’re taught but most of all, their mindset. 

I would have to say that mindset is the BIGGEST factor as to why a life coach is more successful than another. If you want to make money as a life coach, you’ll need to master your mind-FIRST!

How To Make A LOT Of Money As A Life Coach

If you can’t convert someone on a discovery call or even get discovery calls, you’re dead in the water. A lot of coaches, consultants and freelancers rely heavily on their ability to have successful discovery calls

These sales calls can seem really intimidating but I want to help you to relax and let you know that it’s not hard and in fact, it’s very empowering when you’re able to enroll your clients and know that your solution, i.e. coaching sessions will help to transform their lives. 

This is the very reason for you to get good at discovery calls. 

One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs & coaches struggle with converting their prospects on a discovery call or sales call is because they struggle with overcoming objections.

Usually the objections made are mere stumbling blocks and can be overcome easily if you are prepared for them and know how to professionally answer these concerns.

Overcome Objections In A Sales Discovery Call And Make Money As A Life Coach

Now let’s just dive right in and discuss the common objections you’ll likely experience in your own discovery or sales calls. This is how you’ll handle objections in a discovery call.

  • Objection: “I don’t have time.”

Possible Responses:

-“What are the causes for your lack of time?”

-“With such a busy schedule, your stress load is bound to become unhealthy.”

-“That’s what I like to hear! I’m here to help eliminate some of that stress.  My top clients are those who don’t have time for me.”

-“Fantastic!  That’s an excellent place for us to start.  How about we focus on getting you ahead of your busy schedule as our first task?”

  • Objection: “I can’t afford you.”

Possible Responses:

-“We can always afford what we really want.  What’s your goal for the success you really want?”

-“Is your current financial situation that extreme?”

-“Excellent!  Let’s get started on your financial reserve.”

-“I understand.  I would be willing to provide a discounted rate to you for the first 90 days.  What rate do you feel is fair and affordable so that we can get you on the track to success?”

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  • Objection: “I don’t know where to start.  I don’t know how to use a coach.”

Possible Responses:

-“I get that all the time.  That’s the place we start: figuring out what your goals are!”

-“Can you list three major challenges you are currently facing?”

-“What obstacles in your life are wearing you down?”

-“What could you lose if you don’t get in gear?”

  • Objection: “I don’t think a coach can actually help/be effective/is worth it.”

Possible Responses:

-“Why do you feel that way?”

-“Does that make you feel overwhelmed?”

-“Have you ever worked with a coach before?”

-“Can you explain what part of this relationship makes you uneasy?”

  • Objection: “I already have a support network/mentor/counselor.”

Possible Responses:

-“What are the things you feel you need help with that you are not getting from him/her?”

-“Do you have a specific goal you think deserves immediate, dedicated attention?”

-“That’s spectacular! What does he/she help you with?” (LISTEN to what your potential client says and try to pinpoint what you can offer)

Once you master your marketing message, your mindset and of course your discovery calls, meaning overcoming objections, you’ll make a LOT of money as a life coach

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