Money, Freedom and Abundance: Longing To Have It All

money freedom and abundance

For so many years I struggled to create a lifestyle that fulfilled me in every way. I knew that money was something that I needed but I had mental blocks that prevented me from having any more than what I needed to just “get by”. What I soon learned is that I wanted so much more!

Giving myself “permission” to have abundance didn’t come easy.

I came from a world of destitution, poor morals, few values and poor health. This unfortunately made me believe that I was not destined for greatness or abundance. I never knew I could do anything with my life.

That day that I sat on the blue milk crate in the make-shift tent in the empty field, I knew I was homeless but something inside of me knew I would have more in my life. Dreaming of escaping the pain of my life when I was just 13 years old was a daily occurrence. As if I was obsessing, I began formulating an alternate reality of a better life.

The “American Way”: A goal that turned into overwhelm.

Realizing that a whole class of people in the world living a rich abundant lifestyle was a strange thing for me. “That lifestyle isn’t for me,” I said.

money freedom and abundance

Accepting that this is just the way things were was comforting at the time, even if it was limiting. It certainly wasn’t doing me any real favors, however. Neither was the meaning of greed and selfishness I’d placed on money itself.

I filled my mind with these ideas as a way to protect myself, so I wouldn’t judge myself. Being poor and uneducated was just something that some people experienced. Seeing it as normal made me feel better about it.

I just wasn’t dealt a good deck of cards in life like some people were. That happens sometimes. Oh well.

You see, I truly did judge myself. Deep down, I knew that I had more control over my situation, but growth was frightening. It scared me because I wasn’t clear on where to begin. It scared me because I’d never done it before.

I judged myself for far more than my financial situation, too. I made up stories in my mind that I wasn’t pretty enough, tall enough, skinny enough, or smart enough. Like many women, I compared myself to other people’s standards for themselves.

Now, we live in a generation dominated by media. It’s easier than ever for people who are in the same place I was to find “proof” for these lies. All because of the standards that the media and its dedicated following has set for these things.

I held myself down. The American Way isn’t for me. I am destined to stay poor.

The limitations that I put on myself is really quite sad. Holding on to these beliefs set the tone for most of my life to be a struggle through fear, overwhelm and self-doubt.

Remembering where I came from and the lessons that being homeless gave to me, have been a gift that I hold close to me. When I say this out loud to people, they become confused.

You see, I wouldn’t know what I had to give if I hadn’t hit rock-bottom at 13. If I hadn’t struggled to overcome the fear and self-doubt, I wouldn’t know what bravery was. I wouldn’t know how to teach you how to be brave in your own dark times.

money freedom and abundance

Wanting money, freedom and abundance isn’t enough!

For those of you who want it all, you must know you can have it! It’s a lifestyle that is available to those who take action and put their dreams to work. Abundance doesn’t discriminate. It didn’t discriminate against me, a poor girl with no education. Abundance is for everyone!

You must remember though, in-action comes from overwhelm, fear and self-doubt. Getting clear creates a path to your passion. To transition from in-action to passion, you need to dare to dream… BIG! This once poor girl now lives an unconventional lifestyle surrounded by love, freedom and a thriving business.

Putting a plan into action works only if YOU do!

I had had enough of NOT being enough! Just wanting, hoping and dreaming isn’t enough to create everything that I wanted. I had to take action!

Here’s a question  which will help to determine if you’re on track. Reaching your goals will enable you to make an action plan that will get you all that you want in life.

“If an invisible person followed you around all day, what would they see?” Would they see you wasting a lot of time? Can they see you working toward your goals, even just a little each day? Would they see someone that is just going through the motions? Here’s a great article about what to do with an extra 15 minutes each day which can help you to experience more abundance.

One of the lessons that I have learned in the school of hard knocks is that our lives are largely the result of the actions that we take each day.

  • Are you taking actions that move you forward to the future you desire?
  • Are you engaged in time-wasting, worthless activity?
  • What would that invisible person logically conclude about you, your life, and your future?

Lifting the limitations that we hold so strongly in our minds is the key. Sometimes it isn’t clear what we are doing wrong in our journey to creating abundance and freedom. Knowing that anything is possible will help you. I wish someone would have told me that. Because they didn’t, that’s why I write.

I didn’t have that person to show me what is possible, and I want to be that person for YOU.

If I as a single mom can create freedom with a business which can be done anywhere in the world while spending time with my children, then you can create your dreams too. If I can rise out of the depths of despair with nothing and create abundance and wealth, so can you! I realize my rock bottom is a different story than most but I share it to give you hope. You can rise to the level in your life and business no matter what the circumstance!

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