Mother’s Day 2017: Empowerment and Inspiration just for Mom

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Mother’s Day is almost here, and I want to talk to you about honoring all of the Mothers out there. Before we talk about that, I’d like to help you work through some common problems that plague Mothers today.

My goal is to inspire you, empower you, and help you to move past these unique limitations. You deserve to be able to see the beauty that lies within you!

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As Mothers, we tend to lose our sense of identity and something feels like it’s missing from our life. Even if you haven’t really looked at it that deeply, it’s likely that you’ll know what I’m talking about. We tend to create a new identity around our children, our house, and our husbands.

Simply put, we lose ourselves in our roles.

Instead of growing into our identity as human beings, we allow ourselves to become little more than our responsibilities.

The other thing that happens is that we start feeling guilty about every little thing that we do or don’t do. Women seem to corner the market when it comes to guilt, don’t they?

This Mother’s Day, I want to share some things that you can do to help you feel better as a Mother. Beyond that, I want you to honor and embrace yourself on this special day.mothers day, mothers day quotes, quotes for moms, mom quotes

First, I want you to understand that your identity is not tied to the roles and responsibilities that you have. You see, you’re who you are inside, and more than meets the eye.

You’re beautiful.
You’re a feminine Goddess.
You’re the boss of this household, and the brilliant mastermind behind many moving parts.
You’re sexy and lovely.
You’re a role model, and you’re looked up to.

I wouldn’t want a single one of you feeling as though you’ve forgotten any of this.

There is so much more to you, and I want you to embrace it today. Mother’s day should be about more than just appreciating how much your kids have tested your patience!

My challenge for you is to think of all the things that you loved to do before you became a wife and a mother. We need to focus on who we are deep down and get in touch with it again.

When we get so immersed in everything that we have to do to run the house, we tend to neglect our hearts, minds, and our souls. So not only are we going to be honoring you for what you’ve done, but I want you to sit and think about who you really are deep down. Not the flesh and the blood, but your soul. You need to get in touch with that now before you lose your identity in all that it takes to be a mother.

Your children need to see you beyond just “Mom”, and they need to know you for the lovely woman that you are inside.

Without saying “Mom”… answer this: “Who am I?”

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Think about all that you’ve overcome in your life. Remember everything that makes you uniquely YOU. Ask yourself what about you that you love about yourself. Meditate on it. Make it a part of you again. You are more than “Mom”.

What beautifully unique parts of you have you lost touch with, and can allow to shine through again? Passion? Enthusiasm? Silliness?

If you are not all that you want to be, write down everything that you want to become. Still, I want you to challenge yourself to leave “Mother” out of it. What else do you want to become? More loving and more giving? More vulnerable?

I want to honor the superwoman in you today, because I’m a mother of 3 myself. I know what it takes. I’m a single woman, a Mom, and a business owner. Of all the hats I wear, the biggest job is Mom. You need to take this day to see and embrace how amazing you truly are. Today is your day to shine as not just a Mother, but as YOU, for you and your family to see.

Happy Mother’s Day, my fearless reader. I hope it’s as beautiful as you are.