Overcome The Fear of Being Visible Online and 3 Killer Visibility Strategies

Being visible online means that you’re doing what you need to in order to market your product or service. The problem is, many people have a lot fear around marketing their businesses online. There’s all sorts of thoughts that go into the fact they aren’t showing up.

What’s important to realize is that not showing up as an expert isn’t helping ANYONE. You’re not living in fulfillment of serving and your dream clients, well they’ll just go hire someone else.

“But Sharon, all this hustle feels icky”. Yeah, I’ve heard this many times and in today’s episode, I’m helping you work through all of this.

Plus, I’m walking you through 3 underused visibility strategies that if you use them consistently, will create massive buzz around your business and you know how that translates, right? Yup, your bank account balance will begin looking like what you dream of.

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Sharon Koenig, Life & Business Coach

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