Positive Thinking Strategies: 5 Tips For Success In Life And Business

positive thinking strategies

Learn positive thinking strategies that are practical so you can gain clarity and confidence and have a great life. Today on the Life Coach blog, I will offer suggestions for positive thinking strategies that will help you connect with your brilliance!

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." ~Mahatma Gandhi

What do you feed your mind with on a daily basis?

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What messages do you allow into your mind? Are they uplifting messages? Are the messages in your mind inspiring? Are the messages moving towards your goals?

Are your thoughts consistently moving you in the direction of the life that you truly want? Are the messages holding you back and keeping you stuck?

Well let's get your life re-centered with strategies to help you with creating a more positive mind. Let's get started... Here are some positive thinking strategies that feed your mind.

Positive Thinking Strategies: The Morning Awesomeness Ritual Sets The Stage For Success.

What’s the first thing that you think, hear, or see in the morning after you wake up? Do you check your email first thing in the morning? Perhaps you see a negative email that puts your mind in a negative place. Do you turn to social media first thing in the morning and get stuck there? Feeling behind first thing in the morning adds a sense of rushing around that puts your mind AND attitude in a bad place.

Here are some alternatives. For example, I enjoy a quiet morning. I enjoy waking up before everyone else in the house so that I can relax before the day moves into the normal hustle and bustle. I have had my day move in a stressful direction when I don’t have that relaxing time so I always strive to create a quiet morning.

I like to use the quiet time of the early morning to feed my mind with uplifting books and music. Even before I get out of bed, while I am still in the Alpha state of mind (that’s when you’re eyes have just opened and you’re groggy), I begin my gratitude list which expands from my room out to the world.

As I lay in this groggy sort-of awareness, I say “I am grateful for a good night's sleep.” “ I am grateful for my health.” “I am grateful for my kids.” “I am grateful for my home.” “I am grateful for my beautiful neighborhood.” You get the idea, I will expand all the way out to the world. This only takes me roughly 2 minutes before I sit up and put my feet on the floor.

No, you don’t have to do a morning gratitude meditation as I do. However, morning meditations like this even if for a few minutes are powerful!

In this positive thinking strategy, first, I want you to consider what you can remove from your morning that upset you or doesn’t feed your mind in any positive way. Finally, consider what would add a positive, uplifting vibration to your morning.

Would it be to listen to your favorite personal development guru? Would you rather take your morning coffee out to the patio to listen to the birds today, rather than in silence or with the television? Perhaps you would rather add a morning walk to get your mind focused.

Try This! Want Some Positive Affirmations?

Power Of Positive Thinking: Tragedies in the world don’t feed your Mind.

What amount of news do you take into your mind during your day? Do you feed your mind all of the bad news that your local media coverage has planned for the day? You have completely lost control over what goes into your mind when you watch the news or read about it on the internet or in your emails.

Personally, I get my news through a few trusted sources of my choice so as to avoid the input that doesn't enrich my life in any way, and doesn’t impact my own world. I find out about important events through friends, family, and the people I meet.

Now you don’t have to go to the extremes that I do, however.

Most people want to read or watch the news on a daily basis so consider reading or hearing the news after you have fed your mind with uplifting and inspiring information. The middle of the might be a good time for this.

How To Have A Positive Mindset: Use your down-time wisely.

What do you listen to in your car on the way to work, or while traveling to run errands?

I spend the time in my car feeding my mind and soul with uplifting music most of the time. During very long trips, inspirational audiobooks do the trick. I love to listen to those role models who inspire me. My favorite is Tony Robbins.

Positive Thinking Strategies: The eyes are the window to the soul.

What shows do you watch on your TV or on the internet? Do you have a TV addiction? Personally, I like to “check out” a few times a week and turn into a vegetable (preferably a broccoli HA!) in front of Netflix for an hour or so a few times a week. I don’t see any harm in doing that. It doesn’t necessarily feed my mind in any way but it relaxes me. I consider myself on the opposite end of the spectrum than most TV viewers. I avoid shows that are extremely violent and have a vibe of “hate” as well as blood. That’s just me. You don’t have to go to that extreme. I certainly love the adventure and thrills of movies just like most of you.

My positive thinking strategy here is to find a balance with the types of shows that you watch. Make no mistake, what you are watching on a regular basis affects your mind so it is wise to strike a balance between watching shows that feed your mind as well as the mindless or exciting and adventurous shows and movies. What's more, it is important to keep tabs on how MUCH TV or movies you are watching. A few hours a week is far different than watching a few hours a day!

Positive Thinking Strategies: The people in your life may not have your back.

Sit and think for a second about who it is that you surround yourself with. Are these people toxic to your life? Do you have a lot of complainers around you? Do you have gossipers around you? Do you have people in your life who are constantly telling you that your dreams are too big? Sometimes it’s necessary to limit your time spent with these individuals. Yes, I understand how difficult this particular strategy is. Personally, I have had to do this in my own life and I completely understand what is at stake here.

Getting out of your comfort zone and reaching out to people who are succeeding at what you want to do, is a great strategy. You can learn so much.  We all need uplifting people in our life who can help to catapult us closer to our dream life.

If You're feeling behind in life...

Sometimes, you just feel like you should be further along in your life and feel bad about yourself. Here's a video where I talk about some positive strategies you can make use of when you feel like you're falling behind in life. 

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