Sell With Soul

You're ready to start your journey to 10K months!

Ever feel like you MUST be missing something?

You see all the other online coaches, consultants & freelancer crushing it... why can't success be yours too?

You've got a great idea but you just don't know where to start.

Maybe you've started but you've hit a plateau in your business?

Ever think there's some "secret sauce" to marketing and sales?

drastically change your life, dramatically change your life, change your life, how to change your life, sharon koenig
drastically change your life, dramatically change your life, change your life, how to change your life, sharon koenig

I'm going to let you in on a little secret:

All it takes to reach consistent 10k months, work from anywhere, and make a massive impact in people’s lives is confidently playing in your strengths and sharing your expertise…so why aren’t you?

None of that means anything if you're holding yourself back with...

  • The wrong marketing strategies
  • Sales techniques that don't convert
  • Fear + fear-based procrastination
  • Lack of confidence + self doubt
  • Limiting beliefs
  • ...And all the habits - inside and out - that sabotage your success before it can even begin!

Ready to get out of your own way?

Wouldn't you like to know the step-by-step formula to make money in your business AND feel soul-aligned too?

ANNOUNCING.... Sell With Soul

The online program for coaches, consultants & freelancers who want to shine bright online and be known for their expertise AND be in COMPLETE alignment WITHOUT the overwhelm. 


change your beliefs to change your life, eliminate limiting beliefs, sharon koenig, how to drastically change your life, how to dramatically change your life

Sharon Lee, Mindset & Business Growth Expert

Sell With Soul Program Modules

MODULE 1 (WEEK one): Organic marketing & visibility

Leads. Leads. Leads! If you want leads, this module will help you turn into a master at attracting them to you. You'll need to MASTER your marketing message and learn how to become visible WITHOUT all that hustle! You want to create content that literally attracts people to YOU and have THEM reaching out and hiring you!

Module 2 (week two): Mindset, confidence & energy of belief

Entrepreneurs get all up their head with marketing so just because you have an intellectual knowledge of all the "how to's" doesn't mean you'll actually take the steps you need to. Energetically, you may not believe you can do this online biz thing, believe in your own ability, your product/service or even this whole process. This lack of belief will keep you foundering and second-guessing yourself for YEARS if you let it so let's help you to create your own high-performing mentality.

MODULE 3 (WEEK three): positioning & branding

People are curious and they lurk at your content without even engaging. These people are trying to figure out if you're the expert they want to hire. It's our job to help them We need to make it SUPER easy for them to make their decision. This is done through positioning and branding. We don't want to leave any room for interpretation so let's really REFINE this aspect. After all, it's about solving problems for as many people as possible so we can make more money!

MODULE 4 (WEEK four): sales & objection handling

You probably know how important it is to get people on the phone. The problem for a lot of people is, when they do, they can't seem to convert them. There are many reasons for this but if you don't have the proper structure AND the ability handle their objections, it boils down to not being able to make any money. This module will help you to really feel confident in the whole process! 

Check Out These Bonuses!


The Facebook Groups Posting Schedule

With this planner, you'll be able to know which kind of post to put in which group on which day. No more guess work. Now, you can network, grow your awarness around your brand and best of all get clients from other people's groups!


The Facebook Livestreaming Checklist

Do what works! This checklist will help be prepared and master how to convert more of your viewers to high-paying clients!


[CALENDAR] How To Plan and Create Your Attention Grabbing Content

Who doesn't want to be more organized? Let's kick disorganization to the curb and plan the kinds of content that grabs your perfect dream client's attention.


[WORKSHEET] How To Plan and Create Your Attention Grabbing Content

Go through the process of KNOWING what your 5-start clients NEED to hear. They're spending money online so why not with you? The difference will be if you show them you've got the answers to their burning problems.


12-Month Marketing & Profit Plan

Let's walk through the next 12 months and how you'll promote yourself and whatever programs you'll be offering.


Map Out Your Discovery Calls

In one weekend, you'll know HOW to attract your soulmate clients to you and get them on a call. This will help you plan it all out!

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The time is now! This program is a game-changer and it's yours!


How much does it cost?

How long does the program last?

How will I get access to the material?

Will I get any support as I work through the program?

Will there be homework?

How can I pay for the program?

You want an answer. You want to get off the struggle bus and STAY OFF!!

If you want more clients so you can make more money, time and freedom to do what YOU want, then you need to know there is an easier way. You DON'T have to keep hustling! There REALLY is a way to create the wealth and freedom you dream about and I can show you how!

We've got to work on a few different aspects like your marketing message, your branding, how you position yourself, and the money conversations with your prospects.

The problem is, you need to work on your habits, your mind and the energetic vibes that you're putting out there in the world.

Now's your chance to get in on a special offer.

For a limited time, Sell With Soul is a beta program and that means you'll get the lowest price possible.


  • Get the organic marketing training you need
  • Feel confident you've got a high-performance mentality needed for online business success!
  • Learn how to position and brand yourself like a pro
  • Structure your money conversations for the optimal result of gaining a new client
  • Learn to be a master at overcoming objections

Just $558.00


  • A service-based entrepreneur...
  • Looking to genuinely connect with your clients and do work that makes a difference...
  • Ready to move forward despite your own doubts and fears so that you can stand powerfully for your mission...
  • Get the support + do what it takes to make your dreams a reality...
  • So ready for big sexy paydays in exchange for the service and gifts you contribute...

Then I invite you to join me in this incredible group program!

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The time is now! This program is a game-changer and it's yours!

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